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FREE DOWNLOAD Bad Blood î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Î ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ Bad Blood Author John Carreyrou – The full inside story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of a multibillion dollar startup by the prize winning journalist who first broke the story and pursued it to tEmployee and started asking uestions both Carreyrou and the Journal were threatened with lawsuits Undaunted the newspaper ran the first of dozens of Theranos articles in late By early the company's value was zero and Holmes faced potential legal action from the government and her investors Here is the riveting story of the biggest corporate fraud since Enron a disturbing cautionary tale set amid the bold promises and gold rush frenzy of Silicon Valle. This was fucking BANANAS

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Ould make blood tests significantly faster and easier Backed by investors such as Larry Ellison and Tim Draper Theranos sold shares in a fundraising round that valued the company at billion putting Holmes's worth at an estimated billion There was just one problem The technology didn't workFor years Holmes had been misleading investors FDA officials and her own employees When Carreyrou working at The Wall Street Journal got a tip from a former Theranos. Bad Blood Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou is a 2018 Knopf Publishing Group publication ‘Super high turnover rate means you’re never bored at work Also good if you’re an introvert because each shift is short staffed Especially if you’re swing or graveyard You essentially don’t exist to the companyWhy be bothered with lab coats and safety goggles You don’t need to use PPE at all Who cares if you catch something like HIV or Syphilis This company sure doesn’t Brown nosing or having a brown nose will get you far How to make money at Theranos1 Lie to venture capitalists2 Lie to doctors patients FDA CDC government While also committing highly unethical and immoral and possibly illegal acts This is the story of Elizabeth Holmes’ meteoric rise and her swift and spectacular fall from grace I didn’t closely follow this case in the same way I do some true crime stories but I did keep up with it enough to get the gist of what had transpired who some of the players were and why the company was sued So when I saw this book I knew I wanted to read it I had to know all the details the how when where and why because it was just such a bizarre situation However after I read this book I sat back in complete shock Sometimes I just could not believe what I was reading I also couldn’t believe all the names that popped up in this book Before anyone starts pointing fingers at one side of the other people from all political stripes were misled by the charismatic Holmes These people are supposed to be the best and the brightest but frankly every one of them left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach For those who many not have kept up with the news stories Elizabeth Holmes barely out of her teens was behind a Silicon Valley startup called Theranos The company claimed to have invented a device that could take a very small amount a blood usually from a single finger prick and perform as many as eight hundred different tests on it often promising instant results or diagnosis The demonstrations showed mixed results so to be sure the results wowed the potential investor the tests were often rigged Any unfavorable statistics were simply tossed out or ignored The device and its potential capabilities were pitched to Safeway Walgreens and even the Military Elizabeth’s magnetic personality was enthralling and she had a way of convincing people to do what she wanted them to persuading even the most skeptical to put their faith and trust in her However multitudes of her employees found out the hard way what might happen if they challenged her or her Svengali like lover Ramesh ‘Sunny’ Balwani Many people were disturbed by the false claims Elizabeth made and were very concerned about the false positive results the blood tests produced on real patients Employees at the company dropped like flies Eventually one employee Tyler Shultz grandson of former secretary of state George Shultz became a whistleblower bringing down a nine billion dollar operation in the process This story is utterly chilling and mind boggling I marveled at the gullibility of people we entrust our lives to not only at the base level of health care but at high levels of the government and the military I’d have thought some of the people were smarter than that Apparently not Look even someone like me from Podunk Texas would know better than to take a medical claim such as this one at face value I wouldn’t invest in it promote it or test it on patients until the thing had been approved by the FDA or whoever else had to put the seal of approval on it I damn sure wouldn’t allow our military to be subjected to something so unreliable Good God Is common sense dead in the water It just seemed too far fetched to me and I really struggled to believe so many wealthy and even powerful people fell under Holmes’ spell so completelyWhich of course brings us to the core issue At the center of all this is Elizabeth Holmes a greedy sociopath a megalomaniac or whatever word you want to use This woman’s behavior is unconscionable She really should be behind bars This is a crazy story just nuts You will have to read it to believe it Now as far an investigative or true crime book goes this one is above average especially give the journalistic background of the author At times all the medical testing and lab jargon was a bit dry and sometimes the information or patterns of all the players felt repetitive The organization of the material was well done but not as tight as I would have liked Still I am thankful the author pursued this story for the WSJ writing an article which helped to bring down this dangerous company before any truly horrific damage was done Theranos ceased operations in August of 2018 Thank God Holmes and Balwani face up to twenty years in prison 4 stars

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Bad BloodThe full inside story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of a multibillion dollar startup by the prize winning journalist who first broke the story and pursued it to the end in the face of pressure and threats from the CEO and her lawyersIn Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes was widely seen as the female Steve Jobs a brilliant Stanford dropout whose startup unicorn promised to revolutionize the medical industry with a machine that w. I don’t read a lot of page turners I often find myself unable to put a book down—but they’re not the kinds of books that would keep most people glued to their chairs Still I recently found myself reading a book so compelling that I couldn’t turn away Bad Blood Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou details the rise and fall of Theranos If you aren’t familiar with the Theranos story here’s the short version the company promised to uickly give you a complete picture of your health using only a small amount of blood Elizabeth Holmes founded it when she was just 19 years old and both she and Theranos uickly became the darlings of Silicon Valley She gave massively popular TED talks and appeared on the covers of Forbes and FortuneBy 2013 Theranos was valued at nearly 10 billion and even partnered with Walgreens to put their blood tests in stores around the country The problem Their technology never worked It never came close to working But Holmes was so good at selling her vision that she wasn’t stopped until after real patients were using the company’s “tests” to make decisions about their health She and her former business partner are now facing potential jail time on fraud charges and Theranos officially shut down in AugustThe public didn’t know about Theranos’ deception until Carreyrou broke the story as a reporter at the Wall Street Journal Because he was so integral to the company’s demise Bad Blood offers a remarkable inside lookSome of the details he shares are—for lack of a better word—insane Holmes would invite prospective investors to the lab so they could get their blood tested on a Theranos machine The device had been programmed to show a really slow progress bar instead of an error message When results didn’t come back right away Holmes sent the investors home and promised to follow up with resultsAs soon as they left an employee would remove the blood sample from the device and transfer it to a commercial blood analyzer Her investors got their blood tested by the same machines available in any lab in the country and they had no ideaThere’s a lot Silicon Valley can learn from the Theranos mess To start a company needs relevant experts on its board of directors The Theranos board had some heavy hitters—including several former Cabinet secretaries and senators—but for most of the company’s existence none of them had any expertise in diagnostics If they had they might have noticed the red flags a lot soonerHealth technology reuires a different approach than other kinds of technology because human lives are on the line Carreyrou writes a lot about how Holmes idolized Steve Jobs and his unwillingness to compromise on his vision That approach is okay for consumer electronics—if a new phone doesn’t work as promised no one gets hurt—but it’s irresponsible for a health company Holmes pushed a vision of what Theranos could be not what it actually was and people suffered as a result Bad Blood is also a cautionary tale about the virtues of celebrity On the surface Holmes was everything Silicon Valley loves in a CEO charismatic and convincing with a memorable personal story made for magazine profiles There’s nothing wrong with that on its own A rock star CEO can be a huge boon for a startup But you can’t let fame become the most important thingTheranos is the worst case scenario of what happens when a CEO prioritizes personal legacy above all else—but I hope that people don’t use it as an excuse to write off the next young woman with a big idea I also don’t want Bad Blood to scare people away from next gen diagnostics Theranos went to extraordinary lengths to get around uality standards The industry is highly regulated and new diagnostics undergo rigorous testing Bad Blood tackles some serious ethical uestions but it is ultimately a thriller with a tragic ending It’s a fun read full of bizarre details that will make you gasp out loud The story almost feels too ridiculous to be real at points no wonder Hollywood is already planning to turn it into a movie I think it’s the perfect book to read by the fire this winter