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Foundations of GMAT Math 5th Edition Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guide Foundations of MathDeveloped for test takers who need a refresher Foundations of Math provides a user friendly review of basic math concepts crucial for GMAT success Manhattan GMAT's Foundations of Math book provides a refresher Overall this is an extremely good resource for reviewing the GMAT uant methods which will end up tripping you up even if you know some of the harder concepts If like me you needed background and importantly PRACTICE in applying these methods then this book will be very helpful for you as it is full of exercises to bring the point homeI have been working with the kindle version in which the formatting from page to page can be awkward and also some powers look like normal numbers though most of them seem fine This has not taken away from the value I take from the book but it's annoying so be prepared Also using the kindle version when you look at the answer sheets for exercises use the location feature to get back to the uestion page as the scrolling becomes extremely tedious very uickly otherwise

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Foundations of GMAT Math kindle à Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guide read Ì eyltransferservices Õ ➷ Foundations of GMAT Math, 5th Edition (Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guide: Foundations of Math) Free ➭ Author Manhattan GMAT – Developed Epts to example problems With ten chapters and over 700 practice problems this book is an invaluable resource to any student who wants to cement their understanding and build their basic math skills for the GMA It's a good book It certainly helps with all of the things we learnt at school but need to brush up on 4 star because I prefer the Kaplan Range I think they're slightly better but this book seemed to be the best option to recap on the foundations of maths

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Of the basic math concepts tested on the GMAT Designed to be user friendly for all students this book provides easy to follow explanations of fundamental math concepts and step by step application of these conc Fantastic book Been using others to prepare and this is by far the most usefulclear Highly recommend if like me you need to brush up on core maths skills before you can really make progress in the Math section of the GMAT