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Of such flora as the pineapple local legends all pointed to an early migration from South America At the time this theory was considered outrageous Heyerdahl would later prove it not only possible but likelyList of IllustrationsFarewell to CivilizationBack to NatureWhite Men Dark ShadowsExodusTabooOcean EscapeOn HivaoaIsland of Ill OmenIn the Cannibal ValleyCave DwellersInd Another fascinating glimpse into the disappearing native culture of the south Pacific islands written between the two World Wars cf Head Hunting in the Solomon Islands by Caroline Mytinger Although Heyerdahl wrote it after Kon Tiki it describes events and discoveries that led to the later voyage I'm glad I read both books in the same order he wrote them

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På Jakt efter ParadisetA young Heyerdahl spent 1936 with his bride Liv on Fatu Hiva in the Maruesas Islands They wanted to escape civilization live strictly according to nature Without medical supplies they came within inches of losing their lives but they also found the serenity they were seeking They built a bamboo cabin lived off the land struggling against myriad diseases They lived to tell o I can't be the only one who finds Thor Heyerdahl one of the most incredible real life adventurers This guy is crazy Packing off to a little island with the intent to stay? Forever? Thus it happened that in a biting wind on a Christmas morning we left for Fatu Hiva on our honeymoon Mr and Mrs Blue Sky as the natives called them only 22 and 20 years oldWow That's what I thought every time I turned a page Is it just me or are the Norwegians the most insane people on earth? Fridjtof Nansen Amundsen Thor Heyerdahljust to name a few of my heroes That Viking blood seems to run pretty cool and steady Heyerdahl is not the most amazing of the list but he has the advantage of being a rather decent writer This book is a ripping good read for those who like tropical islands adventure and the thought of saying goodbye to civilization I highly recommend it

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PDF ☆ BOOK På Jakt efter Paradiset FREE æ ❄ På Jakt efter Paradiset kindle Epub ❦ Author Thor Heyerdahl – Eyltransferservices.co.uk A young Heyerdahl spent 1936 with his bride Liv on Fatu Hiva in the Maruesas Islands They wanted to escape civilization live strictly according to nature Without medical supplies they caF hazardous inter island voyages their idyllic month long stay with the last surviving Polynesian cannibal their mixed relations with the islanders their failures successes in an entirely natural world Fatu Hiva was a turning point in Heyerdahl's life It was there that he began to pick up a trail that would lead to the Kon Tiki expedition Ancient stone figures the presence In the late 1930's Heyerdahl and his wife left western civilization right after their wedding to live on the South Pacific island of Fatu Hiv and try to return to nature Their plan and dream was to live a simple life without any modern inventions or worries Fatu Hiva gives a detailed background to Kon Tiki as Heyerdahl begins to hypothesize about South Americans making their way to the South Pacific as he comes across carvings in the rocks and hears the stories of the islanders' ancestors It's not as exciting as some adventure stories because there are no major life or death near escapes just a lot of exploring and eating fruit and lounging in streams The most amazing thing about the book is how relevant it is today when many people are trying to return to a natural way of living Heyerdahls final consensus is that it’s sadly impossible to return to nature For example at one point he and his wife get horrible infected sores on their legs and leave the islands briefly to get medical treatment and avoid losing their legs There’s much discussion of the ways in which colonialism changed the ability to live in nature Plus there's just not enough room for us all to be sustained by foraging for fruit In his conclusion Heyerdahl discusses how we invented progress and now it’s pulling us along without regard to what is actually good for us The idea of returning to a simple carefree life of fishing and living in a bamboo hut on the beach really only works from the perspective of a man living on a tropical island While we have really crapped up the planet and made things very complicated I don't think that the natural life of our ancestors was necessarily an easier or carefree life I'm thinking about women giving birth in the snow then bleeding to death then the baby starving Still the message of the book resounds today we need to find balance