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La ciudad de las bestiasFifteen year old Alexander Cold is about to join his fearless grandmother on the trip of a lifetime An International Geographic expedition is headed to the dangerous remot Gah I was really disappointed with this little series from Allende I love her books so much but she did NOT successfully make the transition to writing for younger readers The plots of all three in the series were very interesting and could have been a lot of fun but the writing was often awkward and forced especially the magical bits The characters were a little two dimensional and even the dialogue was strained She had some nifty ideas but it seemed like she was trying to dumb them down for younger readers rather than just letting them flow

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E wilds of South America on a mission to document the legendary Yeti of the known as the BeastBut there are many secrets hidden in the unexplored wilderness as Alex and hi 425 stars Dutch paperback I have dyslexia Aldo this is a young adult novel for teenagers from 14 years and up this book is a literair thriller witch only Isabel Allende could put down on to paper A young boyman travels with his grandmother who wants to be called Kate to the Their part of a group travelling for National Georaphic They meet up with Nadia the daughter of the guide of the group Not all attendees of the group have the best intrest for the forest and its inhabitants And Alex and Nadia discover the deep secrets of themselfs and this forest inhabitants Who is friend or are the all enemy's? 🌺🌺🌺

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Mobi á La ciudad de las bestias ´ 408 pages ✓ Eyltransferservices õ [Download] ➼ La ciudad de las bestias Author Isabel Allende – Fifteen year old Alexander Cold is about to join his fearless grandmother on the trip of a lifetime An International GeogrS new friend Nadia soon discover Drawing on the strength of their spirit guides both young people are led on a thrilling and unforgettable journey to the ultimate discover When I first got that book for Christmas and in german a couple years ago I really didn't knew if I should like it At that time I did not liked reading that much But it was a present so I started it And couldn't stop I loved it The way Isabel Allende made it so understandable how life in a Rain forest could be and is It is truly amazing The story of Nadja and Alexander how they became best friends and thought they would never see each other again after that miraculous adventure fascinating The only think I was really sad about is the part in the mountain The intoxicating plot of the main characters is opening with Alexander and the story how he came to his Grandmothers Apartment without money in NYC and why he came at all His family is hit with illness and without ideas how to fix it they try everything One of them is that the male Main Character is leaving with his Grandmother to the Southern American Jungle What he doesn't know at that time is that he finds than just a cure for his mother He is finding himself and his totemic animal his best friend and the journey of his life As soon as they touch down in Manaus he is also overwhelmed with the heat of south America Soon he was about to meet the young Nadja at the age of his annoying little sister so it is wierd for him to be around her at first But Nadja is much mature at the same age The young soon to be friends are about to start a expedition with a team of Journalists Alex's Grandmother and Photographers and so on Nadjas Father is the guide for the expedition The team is standing out to than just one challenge and is supposed to find animals who are probably older than any human ever remembered Within that journey both of the teens are reaching over their biggest fears and exploring new territory in their minds and untouched earth