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Read doc Ì Without a Second Thought ↠ eyltransferservices ☆ ✮ [PDF] ✩ Without a Second Thought: A Memoir of Life in Franco's Madrid By Join or create book clubs ✻ – Diane knew nothing about the Spanish Civil War and the only thing she knew about the dictator Part loved it Diane filled her letters home with happy anecdotes about affectionate in laws a fascinating language the Byzantine bureaucracy and doormen she thought were out to get her But underneath the comfortable exterior lingered vague images of Francos police and ghosts of the Civil War the war no one spoke about or mentioned only superficially except for Alberto who h Whether you’ve succumbed to the siren song of living in a foreign land or merely been tempted you will love Without A Second Thought A Memoir of Life in Franco's MadridIn her richly detailed memoir Diane Lorz Benitez tells the story of her journey from her small town Catholic girlhood in Pennsylvania to her life as the wife of a Spanish engineer and mother to two daughters in Madrid during the last years of Franco’s fascist dictatorship As an Army brat during World War II Benitez is drawn to anything ‘foreign’ the gifts her officer father sent home from Europe and the Pacific a thank you letter from a French refugee child for the gift of a sweater a grandfather with a German accent It’s a fascination that only grows as she leaves home and makes her adult way into the urban world of fashion and retail she’s drawn to anyone with a foreign accent When she agrees to a blind date because he’s a Spaniard she meets a highly accomplished intelligent charming man —“the most fascinating man on the planet”— and when he asks her to come to Spain with him she takes the plunge just as her seven year old self jumped into the deep end of the pool in the book’s opening chapter trusting she would learn to swim once she was in the waterThis memoir with its keen descriptions of food neighborhood streets and buildings and full of unexpected eccentric details captures for me the experience of being an American living abroad—an expat however fluent in the language however well integrated however desirous of blending in There’s something about the way Benitez describes the mix of family and friends expats and ‘natives’ that captures the sensation—a joy to those blessed or cursed with it—of being both insider and outsider a contradictory consciousness which is both strength and fragility that opens you up to seeing things others take for granted and makes you vulnerable to their lossAnd we are at her side as her marriage begins to unravel Benitez lets the reader understand the warning signs before she does We suffer with her as the man who has been her guide and protector slips into unreliable and even dangerous behavior; and as she comes to the painful realization she will have to fill that role herself in a country where women have no rightsAfter having been with her on streets of Madrid along the fog shrouded back roads of Galicia at dinners at the homes of her in laws or the one cooked by an ancient campesino in a stone barn we share the feeling of loss But that’s the wonderful secret of this compelling memoir the Spanish husband is gone but the other love affair the one with Spain lives on She will be back

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Diane knew nothing about the Spanish Civil War and the only thing she knew about the dictator Franco was that Alberto the worldly successful Spanish engineer she wanted to marry called him benevolent Set in the 1960s and 70s the adventure of this SpanishAmerican marriage during the final years of the Franco regime could only be told by someone who lived it And for the most Benitez writes in a style that is in turns dryly humorous breathtakingly heart wrenching and simply beautiful This is a rare memoir that brilliantly takes you on two simultaneous spell binding journeys Benitez will give you the full savor of Spain’s extraordinary culture its regional foods unsurpassed art and churches even a forgotten one tucked against an isolated coastline While she vividly draws you into life in Spain in the final years of Franco’s rule she also tells the page turning story of a young American woman who falls in love with this foreign world but discovers a soul harrowing crisis hiding at the core of that beloved life It is a crisis both personal and particular while also reflecting the unresolved silent shadow left by the Civil War What a luxury to find in one book both an immersive travelogue and an utterly engrossing tale told in such masterful prose I highly recommend Without a Second Thought

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Without a Second Thought A Memoir of Life in Franco's MadridAd recounted his harrowing experience as a teenager fleeing the siege of Madrid It was Albertos increasingly alarming behavior that made her fear for her marriage and ultimately made her fear for the safety of her daughters When she saw no other way out she dealt with the fear the only way she knew how The story is told with humor and heartache and an enduring love for Spai People ask me why I have a Spanish flag in my office—which is a reasonable uestion since I am not Spanish don’t work for a Spanish company and have never spent than a few weeks at a time in Spain The answer is that Spain holds a special place in my heart because after dreaming wishing and planning for all of my young life I finally had my first opportunity to leave North America and spend a few weeks with a friend living overseas—in a flat in Madrid on a street named for Menendez PidalFor nearly 30 years I’ve heard bits and pieces of the story of the American woman who married a Spanish man and lived in that flat with their children and finally the whole story is available in print Part American abroad travelogue part mother’s love note to her daughters part testament to realizing the power of your inner voice Without a Second Thought has a little something for everyone I was lucky enough to read a review copy—but if you’re looking for a memoir to cozy up with in front of a fall fire this is the book for you