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Free download Przez kraj ludzi zwierząt i bogów ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Przez kraj ludzi zwierząt i bogów By Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski ➺ – Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski podróżnik szpieg awanturnik wojownik uczony dyLudzi zwierząt PDFEPUB #195 Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski podróżnik szpieg awanturnik wojownik uczony dyplomata poliglota Przez kraj MOBI #190 dziennikarz i wielki erudyta Podobne określenia można by przytaczać bez końca kraj ludzi zwierząt PDF #9734 Jest drugim po Henryku Sienkiewiczu najbardziej znanym polskim pisarzem na świecie czego dowodem są przekłady jego książek na języki obceNajgłośniejsze dzieło Ossendowskiego Przez kraj ludzi zwier. In the heart of Asia lies the enormous mysterious and rich country of Mongolia From somewhere on the snowy slopes of the Tian Shan and from the hot sands of Western Zungaria to the timbered ridges of the Sayan and to the Great Wall of China it stretches over a huge portion of Central Asia The cradle of peoples histories and legends; the native land of bloody conuerors who have left here their capitals covered by the sand of the Gobi their mysterious rings and their ancient nomad laws; the states of monks and evil devils the country of wandering tribes administered by the descendants of Jenghiz Khan and Kublai Khan—Khans and Princes of the Junior lines that is MongoliaThis book is about the author's journey through Siberia into Mongolia and Tibet and finally into China during the Russian Civil War This book is also about Buddhism as it was practiced in Mongolia and Tibet in past times The themes of mystery and prophesy surface again and again and I couldn't help but feel as though he has dramatized parts of his journey for the reader's entertainment Then again reality is often stranger than fiction There is one portion of the book which I found particularly interesting at the tail end about the King of the World who reigns over the subterranean parts of the world a theme that is echoed in Western esotericism in general Overall uick and entertaining read

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Ierając się przez tajgę góry i pustynię Ossendowski dotarł w miejsca gdzie nie stanęła jeszcze noga białego człowieka i doświadczył życia ludzi od stuleci bytujących w pełnej symbiozie z naturą i jej wielkimi mocamiPrzez kraj ludzi zwierząt i bogów świadectwo autentycznych przygód i doznań autora napisane jest z taką pasją że trudno nie poddać się magii wyprawy do głębi rozgorzałego namiętnościami politycznymi azjatyckiego kotł. It's amazing how many twists and turns of circumstance Ossendowski lived through It seemed like he had a mystical protection about him throughoutThe second half or so was a bit less action probably because he was out of Russia by then but a lot of political intrigue and Buddhism Which is fine; it was his experience

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Przez kraj ludzi zwierząt i bogówZąt i bogów to zapis przeżyć jakie były jego udziałem gdy w czasie wojny domowej uciekał przed bolszewikami przez Syberię Mongolię i Chiny Autor zyskał zaufanie mongolskich lamów i w niezwykłych okolicznościach zawarł znajomość ze słynnym krwawym baronem von Ungern Sternbergiem bałtyckim Niemcem w służbie carskiej który zamierzał zrealizować idee stworzenia na terytorium syberyjskiej kolonii carskiej Rosji Imperium PanmongolskiegoPrzedz. I've picked up this book because I would like to gain some direct knowledge about a traditional mongolian way of livingIt seemed to me that the author is a good source of it One hundred years ago he was escaping from the bolshevik Red Army across teritory of Central Asia So this book is based on his own experiences which in these times weren't so common There weren't so many travellers as nowadays Such a trip in very often hostile environment reuired courage good health and determination But after finishing this book I was disappointed The author had really great adventures but couldn't reflect them in his writing It looks like he didn't want to reveal everything When he and his troop were crossing dangeorous places or a new battle was about to come we began to expect something involving but instead of it everything was simply overFor me the most interesting is the third part of the book when he was travelling through a mongolian steppe visiting various places and people If somebody is interested in how tibetan buddhism looked like in old Mongolia from this part can learn something – especially about the Living Buddhas meaning abbots of main mongolian monasteries send to Mongolia from Lhasa We can learn also about their sacred misthycal ritual objects every – with magic historyIn the book there is not uite at all descriptions of nature wich I admire so much in literature Ossendowski is also writing about local people as somebody who stands higher who is better then they are – beacuse of his education social status origin race In our times I think it would not be possible to write in such a way Fot me this two matters are serious disadvantageous of this book