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Read Fallen by David Maine eBook ´ Paperback È ✮ Fallen Books ✰ Author David Maine – From the internationally acclaimed author of The Preservationist comes a provocative retelling of the story of Adam and Eve Cain and Abel a novel that gives new meaning to the words temptation rivalry FroFrom the internationally acclaimed author of The Preservationist comes a provocative retelling of the story of Adam and Eve Cain and Abel a novel that gives new meaning to the words temptation rivalry and murderTheir expulsion from the Garden is only the beginning Eve and Adam have to find their way past recriminations and bitterness to construct a new life to Spoiler Abel dies The story of the first family is not anything new The techniue the writer uses to tell the story is uite novelAt first I hated this book I did not want to read it and I thought it was awful About 12 way through it became bearable Towards the end I appreciated what he was trying to do This story is told in reverse chronological order By going in reverse chronological order a boring 2000 year old tale that everyone knows became intriguing Instead of going in a normal chronology and the story being typical by going backwards every chapter is a mystery about what events happened in the chapter preceding As the author turns the chronology on its head he also turns the story on it's head so it's not what you thought it would be The story you thought you new is changed in tone and reason by presenting it in reverse The structure of the novel highlights the conditions leading up to a man murdering his brother It's easy to point at Cain as the evil murderer of his brother but the Bible conveniently leaves out the why? that gets to the heart of the story This novel tries to explain why to a certain extent It shows that the First Family was very dysfunctional and suffered a lot of trauma Conseuently that trauma was passed on to Adam and Eve's children They didn't have it easy outside the garden of eden At the end of the book you see what they went through and figure how could Cain not have ended the way he did This techniue also points out the absurdity of the story of the creation How could one family be the foundation of the human race? How could one family invent fire fishing hunting farming so easily Where did the other people on Earth come from? The author was very clever in the structure of this novel Also he was very clever in repeating the themes such as murder and banishment that appear over and over However there were many aspects of the novel that I didn't like It was written well but I was not engaged in the prose It was choppy and hard to follow The structure of the dialogue was difficult to read The language in this novel was a mix of old Biblical sounding words compared with really modern slang and vernacular The combination didn't work for me I couldn't tell if the author was trying to make a point or just a messy writer Also the characters and dialogue didn't fit with the story There was an odd mix of omniscience by the characters and naivety Cain knew the name for city before a city ever existed and the characters knew that they had hearts and brains inside them though none had been opened up But then later in the book Adam says that water has turned to stone He was clever enough to create a net but didn't realize water froze when it was cold I thought this was sloppy writing and felt messy to me Perhaps this was the author's intent to show the absurdity of the original Bible story However it made the story difficult to read and follow along Overall this isn't a book I would recommend easily I can't really say I liked it but it really made me think It was interesting in structure and techniue and I really appreciate that

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Gether in a harsh land But the challenges are many for the world's first family Among their children are Cain and Abel and soon they must discover how to be parents to one son who is everything they could hope for and another who is sullen difficult and rife with insecurities and jealousies In the background always is the incomprehensibility of God's motives a I'm not sure where I came across a review for this book and looking through my e mail folders I apparently didn't save the review but I remember getting this book because I thought the premise was intriguing Fallen is the story of Adam and Eve Cain and Abel What I thought would be interesting would be the way the author might put flesh on that story It is an engaging bit of storytelling The main characters are all given personalities and rather distinct ones at that Adam is wishy washy and must be compelled to action Eve is assertive but she is also the evil one I get the impression that the author holds a slight Catholic theological underpinning to how he perceives the characters Abel is self righteous bossy and a bit lazy Cain is industrious and headstrong and prideful It is these personality traits that lead to the first family's ultimate dysfunction Though I can't say that I wholly agree with the author's speculation I do find it to be a compelling portrayalBut perhaps what I liked most about the book was its uniue format I am a sucker for unusual formats such as what you would find in Girl in Hyacinth Blue and Nothing But the Truth Fallen takes an approach that is similar to that in Hyacinth Blue in that you start at the end and work back to the beginning though Fallen does it much better You start with chapter 40 and work back to chapter 1 Very cool I like how you see the effects before you see the causes I found that it compelled me forward as I was anxious to see what things in the characters' pasts led to their current actionsAnother bit that I liked about the format is that the book is told in four parts giving each of the main characters their own section to see the story unfold through their eyes This was most effective at the transition from Cain to Abel as you watch the murder first through Cain's eyes and then through Abel's It's a good book At times it gets a bit crass and gritty but I guess that's to be expected when working through themes of murder and passion and jealousy and to some extent irrationality

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Fallen by David MaiS He watches over their faltering attempts to build a life In Fallen David Maine has drawn a convincing wryly observant and enthralling portrait of a family one driven and riven by passions irrationality and love The result is an intimate in depth story of brothers a husband and a wife people whose struggles are both completely familiar and yet utterly origina I expected this to be ground breaking but wasn't impressed Resentment of God and his will are perfectly legitimate emotions He's not that great A second race of people not descendants of Adam suddenly appear as spouses for the sons of Adam but their mysterious origin is never explained Wondering then how their descendants happen to ualify for the bloodgrace of the Last Adam? A good storyteller knows that when you're working with a limited cast you can't suddenly pop people out of nowhere to help you fill a plot hole Here's a thought what about the way genetic mutations multiply with each new generation which means the further back you go the less problematic a brother sister marriage would be? There was death before sin see Adam Eve eating eels in the Garden There was no sex before sin? Really? And now it's no substitute for paradise but it's what we've got? Really?