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Existential Psychotherapy Read & Download ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ [Read] ➯ Existential Psychotherapy ➸ Irvin D Yalom – Eyltransferservices.co.uk The definitive account of existential psychotherapy Existential therapy is practiced throughout the world But until now it has lacked a coherent strM provides an intellectual home base for those psychotherapists who have sensed the incompatibility of orthodox theories with their own clinical experience and opens new doors for empirical research The fundamental concerns of therapy and the central issues of human existence are woven together here as never before with intellectual and clinical results that will surprise and enlighten all reader. As described

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The definitive account of existential psychotherapy Existential therapy is practiced throughout the world But until now it has lacked a coherent structure In Existential Psychotherapy Irvin Yalom finds the essence of existential psychotherapy synthesizing its historical background core tenets and usefulness to the practice Organized around what Yalom identifies as the four ultimate concerns of li. As a clinical psychologist who has been practicing doing research on and teaching assessment and therapy for than 25 years I have encountered many books and many articles and research papers on psychotherapy While some have real value most do little than take up space and help the people who wrote them advance their careers All too rarely one comes across a book that changes one's way of looking at things and helps one to approach this field in a new and ualitatively better fashion Yalom's book on Existential Psychotherapy is one such book I first read this when I was in graduate school in the early 1980's and just learning about psychotherapy and about life This book opened my eyes and gave me an over arching way of thinking about myself my patients and the things that I was doing Unlike most texts on therapy it was not limited to the parochial theoretical orientations and mechanistic models of therapy techniue that I was learning then and have seen proliferate ever since Since this time I have re read this book many times and each time I have gotten from itYalom tries to go through the collected wisdom of mankind not just in the narrow world of scientific psychology but in philosophy art and religion to explain how everyone must face certain existential realities such a mortality temporality resonsibility and isolation and how the struggle to face these basic issues underlies many of the symptoms and complaints that lead people to seek the help of mental health professionals Unfortunately as Yalom points out all too often we fail to see these as such and offer help in the form of superficial pseudoscientific psychologizing technical trivialities and medications that often do harm than good While used humbly and wisely these things are not without value their value is often fatally limited by their failure to see the larger context of life and its challenges Once having read and really thought about Yalom's book that becomes much harder to do; and thereby inevitably enriches one's practice and one's lifeRegardless what kinds of therapies and what kinds of patients one works with or even if one's practice is limited primarily to assessment or research this book provides a philosophical and conceptual bedrock that can inform and enrich what one does I am so happy to see that this book is still in print and I would encourage anyone who plans to make a living trying to be seriously involved in other people's lives to avail themselves of this book It is a treasure and a masterpiece I intend to us it in my classes this year and for as long as it remains in print

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Existential PsychotherapyFe death freedom isolation and meaninglessness the book takes up the meaning of each existential concern and the type of conflict that springs from our confrontation with each He shows how these concerns are manifested in personality and psychopathology and how treatment can be helped by our knowledge of them Drawing from clinical experience empirical research philosophy and great literature Yalo. I am a layperson so those who read this review should consider that I have read this book slowly very slowly and as a layperson have found it to be so very very enlightening This material has such depth and there were sections that I read that caused me to put the book down and consider what I had just encountered Life is not a simple journey especially when we pick up so much detritus on the way For years I knocked on so many variously colored doors entering and finding myself wantingnot them mind you but myself Reading this pointed me to a gate that swung open to a garden area albeit very overgrown untended It is here now that I work some of what I thought were weeds are not Some of what I thought were flowers are not I just want to be free and am willing to accept that responsibility Thank you Dr Yalomyou sage of my generation