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review Clean Break Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Å ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Clean Break Author Lionel White – Johnny Clay an ex con determined to strike it rich has worked out a fool proof scheme to knock off a racetrack payroll The two million bucks should be enough to last him a lifetime or two But a twD dame has another idea Let Johnny do the work then she'll grab the swag for herself and her boyfrien. Lionel White is not a great WRITER his prose style is merely serviceable and at times inelegant but he is one hell of a STORYTELLER THE KILLING originally titled CLEAN BREAK retitled after Kubrick's film adaptation details a brilliantly audacious heist robbing a racetrack of all its winnings during the main event Through a wide variety of characters and subtly shifting perspectives White keeps the reader on the edge of the seat right through to the violent finish I have to imagine this book was a huge influence on Donald Westlake's Richard Stark's meticulously plotted Parker series as well as John Godey's brilliant THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE In fact probably just about every heist narrative since THE KILLING probably owes something to it whether it realizes it or not

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Johnny Clay an ex con determined to strike it rich has worked out a fool proof scheme to knock off a. I’d say THE SNATCHERS has echoes of Richard Stark’s Parker novels—but I can’t because it was first published in 1953 seven years before the first Parker book The Hunter What’s the opposite of echoes Beats me but the feeling was there the whole way throughThe author doesn’t fool around here As the story begins the crime has already taken place and tensions are rising The plot is simmering on page 1 and keeps getting hotter until—on the final page—well you’ll have to read it and see It’s the kind of thriller that keeps your eyes glued to the pageOur hero is Cal Dent the guy who masterminds and bankrolls the kidnapping of a little rich girl As Parker will do so many times in years to come Dent chooses the crew then struggles do deal with their potpourri of personality disorders to keep the job from going off the rails And while each member of the gang has a skill Dent reuires each has a nasty uirk that worms its way to forefront By the end of the story all four uirks are uirking full blast and Dent is battling an unexpected one of his own I don’t remember Parker ever having it this toughLionel White manages to shift point of view anytime he wants and gets away with it immersing us in every scene from multiple angles We know what each of the Snatchers is thinking and feeling about the situation—and about each other—at every step of the way Instead of being distracting it heightens the tensionAs you’d expect Cal Dent is the clearest thinker of the lot and the closest to a normal human being Though a career criminal he has scruples—even a conscience—and has carefully planned this kidnapping to be his last job the one that sets him up for life Commensurate with his management skills he expects to walk away with half the take a cool 250000Under Dent’s skin right from the start is Pearl a hard edged dame who oozes sex appeal and wields it like a weapon At the moment she’s hooked up with a brutal and ignorant thug named Red who seems to be on hand chiefly as a driver Hating everyone and being hated in return is an even brutal bestial and utterly merciless thug named Gino Aside from Dent the only member with any brains is Fats an unkempt foul smelling rat who proves too smart for Dent’s own goodAlso on hand and a major factor in the proceedings is the kidnapee’s nanny a hot but clean young babe who fires the blood of every Snatcher but PearlThe whole bunch are lot are holed up in a beach front house in a rural area of Long Island which presumably still existed in 1953 from which they venture out for sustenance and the needs of Dent’s scheme and where they are bedeviled by a small town cop who’s a lot smarter than he lets onIt all comes to a boil with a slam bang finish with plenty of surprises along the way This was White’s first book with 35 or so to come and was filmed in 1968 as The Night of the Following Day with Marlon Brando Richard Boone and Rita MorenoCLEAN BREAK published in hardcover in 1955 was White’s third book It’s another caper novel and the goal this time is much ambitious as a gang of unlikely conspirators plot to rob a race track—at the height of the racing dayWhite unwraps the plan one tantalizing scene at a time as he introduces the various co conspirators and hints at their connection to the man behind it all Johnny ClayJohnny is fresh out of prison after a four year stretch on a robbery rap He spent that four years plotting what appears to be the perfect crime and the plan is just now getting into motion The trouble with crime he’s discovered is that it’s usually committed by criminals Criminals are already on the police radar limiting their movements and—by their very nature—they can’t be fully trusted Johnny’s cunning plan is to use amateurs dependable honest citizens with what he recognizes as a touch of larceny To that end he recruits four men miluetoast Marvin Unger who’s just flush enough to finance the operation; Racetrack bartender Big Mike; a cop named Kennan who’s betting habit has put in deep with a loan shark; and racetrack cashier George Peatty who can’t afford—or satisfy—his hot pants wife With a crew like that what could go wrongSurprisingly little as it turns out until Peatty tells his wife what’s going on and she tells her boyfriend then two times or it is three times him and tries to vamp Johnny White walks us through the whole operation shifting point of view with each short scene and cranking up the tension as the big job draws ever closer The day of the heist gets even closer attention occupying than a third of the book It’s riveting stuff keeping you guessing until the very endThe story retitled The Killing was filmed by Stanley Kubrick in 1956 with screenplay assistance from Jim Thomson The movie starred Sterling Hayden Vince Edwards Marie Edwards and Elisha Cook JrTogether The Snatchers and Clean Break pack a one two punch and will leave you wanting from the pen of Lionel White

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Clean BreakRacetrack payroll The two million bucks should be enough to last him a lifetime or two But a two face. This audibobook was courtesty in exchange for an honest reviewListening to The Killing originally titled Clean Break is like listening to a fantastic crime noir movie from the 1940’s It was written in 1955 by Lionel White and made into a film titled The Killing by Stanley Kubrick in 1956 I have never seen the film and probably will not It cannot possibly top the audiobookThe Killing takes place in New York City and on Long Island It is a heist novel meaning a huge robbery is central to the story There are several characters who could be considered the main character because of the parts they play but I feel Johnny Clay is it Johnny has spent the last four years in jail planning the perfect heist Not only does he have the perfect plan but he has the perfect crew to pull it off Johnny’s crew is made up of non criminals The beauty of his plan is that no one should be an immediate suspect by the police Even Johnny himself has not a record that would make him a usual suspect for that type of crimeThe heist is to rob the cashier’s office at the track immediately after the start of the biggest race of the year but right before the armoured truck shows up to collect the expected 15 to 2 millions dollars Everything must go off exactly at the time planned and every man must do his job exactly as planned This is Mission Impossible with a clock and silencer on a rifle as the high tech If it works they split the money each about a half million each If it doesn’t Johnny is probably the only one caught and sent to jailJohnny’s gang consists ofBig Mike a bartender at the track clubhouseGeorge Peatty a cashier at trackRandy Kennan a cop with a need for cash to pay off loan sharksMarvin Unger a court stenographerMarvin is the respectable man who has never done anything wrong He gives Johnny a place to live and hold the planning meetings He also fronts the money needed to pay off individuals and buy weapons Johnny’s motivation is his girlfriend Fay Fay waited for him while he was in prison His plan is to pull this one job and then for he and Fay to leave the country and start living the good lifeAll of this is going great until Sherry Peatty George’s wife finds a ticket stub with an address and time written on it in his jacket pocket She suspects he is up to something based on his recent behavior George is a poor soul who thinks he has somehow won the luck lottery by convincing beautiful Sherry to marry him two years ago Actually in the vernacular of the time Sherry is a tramp looking for the easy life and lots of money George keeps a roof over her head and all she has to do is be “nice” to him when it suits her She uses her hold over him to find out the minimal details on the heist She then goes to visit Val her boyfriend Val is a gangster who drives a Cadillac and has a real gang of hardened criminals at his disposal He and Sherry plan to get the details of the heist let Johnny do the work and then rob the robbersMike Dennis’s narration is first rate He has a wonderful voice in just doing the descriptions When it gets to the characters speaking his talent really shines Listen to the gravely voice of Randy the cop which conveys his large size Marvin truly sounds like a fussy little man who alternates drooling over the thought of the money and regretting he ever got involved Mr Dennis brings all of those emotions out in his narration The accents are fantastic His command of the different shades of a New York City accent is incredibleThe novel does a great job of introducing each character and their motivation to join the heist or try to get it for themselves The language is full of 1950’s slang It really is addictive I found myself listening every chance I got Would they get away with it Who would end up with the money