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Read & download · China's Son: Growing Up in the Cultural Revolution Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❴Ebook❵ ➥ China's Son: Growing Up in the Cultural Revolution Author Da Chen – A candid memoirFate is hopeless Da responds by dropping out Das life takes a dark turn and he soon begins hanging out with a gang However all is not lost After Chairman Maos death Da realizes that an education and college might be possible He begins to studyall day and into the night His entire family rallies to help him succeed working long hours in the rice fields and going into debt to ensure that Da has an education Their struggle would Son Growing Up eBook #8608 not be in vain When the final exam results are posted Da has one of the highest scores. Excellent

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In the region earning him a place at the prestigious Beijing University and a future free from the scars of his past This inspiring memoir adapted for young readers from Colors of the Mountain is one that will rally readers to defy the oddsPraise for Chinas Son Humor and unflinching honesty inform the narrative which is shot through with lyrical descriptions Publishers Weekly Da Chens Son Growing Up in the PDF or narrative moves smoothly communicating setting and character with an immediacy that will draw young readers in Kirkus Reviews.  本書はランダムハウス社の青少年向けシリーズの一冊。中国の文化大革命時の回想記は海外在住中国人により少なからず出版されているが、本書もその一冊であり、少年時を回想し、会話などはおそらく多少の創作で補って生き生きした物語に作り上げている。親の背景(元地主)のせいで、家族皆が理不尽な抑圧と迫害を経験するところは他書と共通しているが、Da Chenさんはなかなかユーモアがあり、毛沢東をコケにしたりして、ストレートな悲憤ばかりでないところが読みやすい。英語も青少年向けとはいえ見事で、決してレベルを落としているわけではない。希望のない境遇から抜け出すためどれだけ英語を勉強したか、痛々しいくらいの努力が伝わってくる。当時の中国大学入試事情はかつての科挙試験並で驚き!!見事合格した著者は(1980年、昭和55年あたりか)、北京へ行くため、生まれて初めてバスと汽車に乗った!!くらいの田舎出。受験のとき素足だったとは、なんだかAngela's Ashesみたいだし、英語を学んで将来を切り開いてゆくところはThe Good Earthを思い出させる。最後は目が潤む。 続編もあるようです。

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China's Son Growing Up in the Cultural RevolutionGrowing Up PDFEPUB #195 A candid memoir of growing up during the Chinese Cultural Revolution that is sure to inspire Da Chen grew up as an outcast in Communist China His familys legacy had been one of privilege prior to the revolution but now in the Chairman Mao era they are treated with scorn Son Growing Up in the PDF or For Da Chen that means that all of his successes and academic achievements are nullified when one teacher tells him that because of his familys crimes he can never bethan a poor China's Son ePUB #187 farmer Feeling his. A great book from a time of turmoil in China The cultural revolution A young villager proved to the world that with hard work you can be what you dream of Easy to read and very enjoyable Loved it