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Bullshit Jobs: A Theory review ´ 3 Ö [PDF] ❤ Bullshit Jobs: A Theory Author David Graeber – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Spectacular and terrifyingly true Owen JonesThought provoking and funny The TimesUp to 40% of us secretly believe our jobs probably arent necessary In other words they are bullshit jobs This book show Spectacular and S happened In doing so he looks at how rather than producing anything work has become an end in itself the way such work maintains the current broken system of finance capital and finally how we can get out of it This book is for anyone whose heart has sunk at the sight of a whiteboard who believes workshops should only be for making things or who just suspects that there might be a better way to run our world. John Maynard Keynes had great confidence that capitalism will improve not only the wealth but also the well being of all in society One of the specific predictions he made that sadly did not come true was that by the end of the twentieth century the major Western societies would have achieved the fifteen hour work week because technology would have alleviated hitherto long menial hours Why has that not happened and instead employees are working longer and longer hours Graeber blames the creation of what he calls ‘BS jobs’ I had to shortened the word to pass censorship rules and the ‘BSization’ of proper jobs Graeber’s defines a BS job as ‘a form of paid employment that is so completely pointless unnecessary or pernicious that even the employee cannot justify its existence even though as part of the conditions of employment the employee feels obliged to pretend that this is not the case’ He also says that ‘Hell is a collection of individuals who are spending the bulk of their time working on a task they don’t like and are not particularly good at’ He provides plenty of examples cabinetmakers compelled to fry fish is one of them There is the story of a corporate lawyer who went on to become a happy singer in an indie rock band when he became disillusioned with his job as a corporate lawyer He had taken ‘the default choice of many directionless folk law school’ but has found his job as a lawyer to be ‘utterly meaningless contributed nothing to the world and in his own estimation should not really exist’ Some such BS jobs are so pointless that no one notices even if the employee vanishes One case involved a Spanish civil servant who skipped work for six years to study philosophy and became an expert in Spinoza before he was found out In another case an employee had been sitting at his desk dead for four days before his colleagues realised that he had died BS jobs can also be defined by the scope of work People who are employed in jobs that exist primarily to make someone else look or feel important are known as ‘flunkies’ Doormen are examples in this category There are also ‘goons’ who exist only because people employ them – soldiers for example; and ‘duct tapers’ who are employed to help one part of an organisation communicate with another in the same organisation In addition to financial consultancy middle management is where one might find BS jobs aplenty A sign that you have a job like this is when you are designated to provide ‘strategic leadership’ This is what Graeber has to say in middle management in academia‘Now those of us toiling in the academic mills who still like to think of ourselves as teachers and scholars before all else have come to fear the word “strategic” “Strategic statement” or even worse “strategic vision documents” instil a particular terror since these are the primary means by which corporate management techniues – setting up uantifiable methods for assessing performance forcing teachers and scholars to spend and of their time assessing and justifying what they do and less a

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Spectacular and terrifyingly true Owen JonesThought provoking and funny The TimesUp to % of us secretly believe our jobs probably arent necessary In other words they are bullshit jobs This book shows why and what we can do about itIn the early twentieth century people prophesied that technology would see us all working fifteen hour weeks and driving Bullshit Jobs ePUB #187 flying cars Instead something curious. This book describes a world that nobody should want to live in We live in it accept illogicality lunacy imbecility as if we're trapped in a maze of mirrors not knowing there's a world outside It's brilliant eminently sensible infuriatingly correct

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Bullshit Jobs A TheoryHappened Not only have the flying cars not materialised but average working hours have increased rather than decreased And now across the developed world three uarters of all jobs are in services finance or admin jobs that dont seem to contribute anything to society In Bullshit Jobs David Graeber explores how this phenomenon oneassociated with the Soviet Union but which capitalism was supposed to eliminate ha. This book is very relevant and easy to read Sad to hear about David Graeber's death in 2020 His book Debt the 1st 5000 Years is one of my favourites