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To resurface He knows Abby will never forgive him But as they spend time together they begin to discover the lies that kept them apartand that some reunions are meant to last forever. This was so good I took away half a point because I totally guessed the twist way before it happened 45 rounded down to 4

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The Cowboy's HomecomingThe Cowboy's Reunion Seeking redemption from his troubled past cowboy Lee Bannister returns to his Montana hometown He's not looking for love just to prove he's not the same reckless. I enjoyed this tale of a man returning to a small town where he is not well regarded Our hero caused a car accident some years ago while drunk and went to jail then came out and worked elsewhere to help repay his parents for the compensation they paid an injured man I was actually puzzled by this aspect because in Ireland we have driver insurance for accidents Maybe the insurers would not pay out because of drunk illegal driving Then there's a bare minimum compensation board Nobody ever mentions insurance losing a driving licence or anything else which would be standard points of discussion here I expect America is differentThe heroine is also now working elsewhere but has returned to cover a wedding as a photojournalist The hero is here for that family wedding and an anniversary occasion When they meet it's awkward because the heroine's father was the injured man who then gambled all his money and divorced Can they settle their differences Can they forget that they dated briefly as students before it all went wrongThe heroine gains no marks from me for being unable even to consider changing a flat tyre She has another girl with her they are fit and well they are on an isolated road Tyres are not difficult to change and should not be left to men Nor does she impress anyone by wearing sandals she must have had other shoes with her while hiking and climbing a small tree She sustains two injuries naturally The tale settles down to a spread of attitudes about blame and forgiveness lies and bitterness At the end it does feel rather preachy with us being told to forgive everyone and we'll feel much better I would say it depends on the circumstances However I like the author's style and there are nice outdoor landscape scenes There are also characters from earlier books in this series; those of us who have not read earlier books tend to gloss over all the introductions and follow the main thread of the tale

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The Cowboy's Homecoming Read ✓ 102 ↠ ➸ [Reading] ➺ The Cowboy's Homecoming By Carolyne Aarsen ➭ – The Cowboy's Reunion Seeking redemption from his troubled past cowboy Lee Bannister returns to his Montana hometown He's not looking for love—just to prove he's not the same reckless guy whoGuy who broke Abby Newton's heart and destroyed her family But when Abby a magazine photographer is assigned to cover the story of his family ranch's th anniversary old feelings start. received 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Refuge Ranch