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READ & DOWNLOAD Æ Straight To Hell Û ❮Download❯ ➻ Straight To Hell Author By John LeFevre – Straight to Hell Straight to Hell.Ght t. The title is appropriate The worst part about this book was that it ended I could not put it down and was entertained throughout This even pushed my curiousity further into the business and other books of this natureGlad I bought it and I hope he writes

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Strai. John is not a very likeable person in most of these vignettes As a result the funniest story by far is when you picture him sitting on the toilet in a corporate jet for once humiliated himself instead of dishing it out Otherwise he comes off as an entitled elitist rich boy who never outgrows his immature prep school ways and suanders his career Other reviews hint at proven exaggerations after fact checking and he himself name drops several times that he was later hired as an MD by Goldman Sachs conveniently omitting that although offered it fell through and he never actually worked for GS So add embellisher to the listNot surprising then that he was assigned to the second tier markets of Europe and Asia not in New York with the true masters of the universe Maybe being a coked up blackout drunk does limit one’s career My other complaint was how he openly disparaged Filipino women as little brown love monkeys and yet he was too afraid to print the punch line to a joke about Blacks which he himself didn’t even tellOn the positive side I did find one or two of his tweets at the start of every chapter pretty funny Finally it would have been nice to end the book less abruptly No brief update on the rest of his career certainly no reflection on what he did and what he learned from it You know he’s smart enough to realize what a jerk he was yet there are no apologies and one senses he would do it all over again

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Straight To HellO Hel. By way of background prior to reading I had seen the Wolf of Wall Street film but had not read Liars Poker or the myriad of other books on the excesses of the financial world pre 2008 I enjoyed the larrikin esue story telling and the walk throughs of office life in a big Asian investment bank It's an empty plot with no real beginning or ending but a humorous and easy read I uiet enjoyed the GSE tweet intertwined too Would recommend if you likeare not fed up with these kinds of Wall Street baller narratives