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DOC · READER Discovering the Glorious Gospel ✓ Biblical Foundations for the Christian Faith ¹ PAUL DAVID WASHER ¹ ➼ Discovering the Glorious Gospel (Biblical Foundations for the Christian Faith) Download ➻ Author Paul David WashTudent to navigate through the Scriptures in search of the gloriously rich truths of the gospel of our salvation that lie there A phrase that often comes to mind when thinking about the state of theology in today's church is a mile wide and an inch deep Preaching from the pulpit may often cover many different topics but theological depth is not a focal point The results of this shallow teaching can be seen anytime a major survey is done Ligonier has a helpful survey here The State of Theology Many of the results are alarming and show a great lack of knowledge about God man man's condition Christ how salvation is accomplished etc There is clearly a great need in today's church for a study that digs into God's Word and provides the church with a firm foundation It is this need that the Biblical Foundations for the Christian Faith Series is very capable of meeting Published by Media Gratiae and written by Paul Washer this series when complete will cover five volumes of workbooks These workbooks areKnowing the Living GodDiscovering the Glorious GospelDiscerning the Plight of ManUnderstanding the Discipline of FastingStudying the Holy ScripturesRecently I received the second volume Discovering the Glorious Gospel to read and review The first thing I noticed about this workbook is its size It is a 85x11 book that while shorter than the first volume is still over 180 pages The very next feature that I noticed was the amount of blank spaces for the student going through the workbook to fill in This isn't a study that is intended to be undertaken halfheartedly Every page has multiple uestions to answer and Scripture references to look up and work through I do not believe that I came across a page without multiple Scripture references usually 3 4 at a minimum which is very encouraging After all if one wants to learn about God what better book to explore than the Bible? The introduction states this well when it saysThe great goal of this study is for the student to have an encounter with God through His Word Founded upon the conviction that the Scriptures are the inspired and infallible Word of God this study has been designed in such a way that it is literally impossible for the student to advance without an open Bible before him or herThe Introduction provides an optional study schedule for Discovering the Glorious Gospel The books 34 chapters are divided up into a nine week study with notes for the student as to what chaptersections is to be completed Discovering the Glorious Gospel focuses on the Divine Dilemma How can God be just and the justifier of wicked men? The Father and Son's motives in saving man Christ's deity His incarnation His perfect life Christ as the sin bearer for His people His death His suffering the wrath of God Christ as our propitiation our redemption our reconciliation Hist burial resurrection and ascension Christ as our mediator King Lord Advocate and coming Judge The depth of this study is simply outstanding From the very beginning the tone is set for this study Almost all focus on the gospel in modern day western Christianity focuses on God's love for man While this is true that God loves man Washer points the reader to God getting glory for Himself and Christ glorifying His Father as the greatest motivations which are often completely overlooked Another focal point in western Christianity is what the one who believes will escape hell and what they will get heaven Again while both of these are true for the one who believes this truncated thinking robs God of much glory and does not show the splendor majesty and worth of Christ but rather focuses man on himself As Washer works his way through who Christ is and what He has done the student will no doubt have his focus turned from himself to his majestic Savior The Son is certainly the focal point of this book and He is certainly worthy to be focused o

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ – the “good news” that He has made a way for the salvation of sinners – is of utmost importa Excellent study Sometimes seems repetitive in parts but that is intended to really drive home his points Eye awakening in parts We did this as a young women's mom's Bible study and we plan to continue with the rest I am very thankful for the boldness of Paul Washer We did some of his other studies as individual studies and as a family and they are excellent even life changing for one of my children Highly recommend

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Discovering the Glorious Gospel Biblical Foundations for the Christian FaithNce for the believer In this book the second of his Biblical Foundations for the Christian Faith series Paul Washer helps the s Awesome book