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This biography by Edmund Morris the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Awardwinning author of The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore Rex marks the completion of a trilogy sure to stand as definitive Of all our great presiden Volume 3 and the finale of the TR series took a little longer to get through compared to the first 2 in the series Nonetheless it did not make it that much enjoyable There are 2 parts to the book though seemed like 3 This takes us from TR post presidency 1910 1919 His vigor for adventure and exploration are captured in the 1st part of the book going through Africa and in part 2 in the His political aspirations has him run for the Republican nomination in 1912 but loses to Taft in the primary thereby setting up the Bull Moose Party or the Progressives This section was slow for me President Roosevelt became of a progressive and his positions would be complex in today's political arena but in all he would be considered a moderate Liberal on some issues conservative on othersThe latter half of the book dealing with WW1 and his kids and involvement of trying to light a fire under Woodrow Wilson to get the US to build up an army and send volunteers to Europe was readable and faster pacedDuring this time we see TR's health decline especially after the visit to the jungles of South America Morris does a good job of showing the positive and negative emotions of Teddy His love of nature and children eclipsed at times by his disdain for those who do not agree with him and usually TR is right in the endToward the end of the book we see TR lose his youngest in WW1 and he starts to decline fasterThe epilogue covers the funeral and what happens to the rest of the Roosevelt clan following Teddy's death in January 1919 as well as TR's place in history written by other authors As with history opinions of the day change on how our leaders in the past acted and what they did or didn't doIn the end Teddy was complex and for me a bright spot in American History I highly recommend this 3 volume series by Edmund Morris

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Colonel Roosevelt Theodore RooseveltLonger than the Rhine? Packed withadventure variety drama humor and tragedy than a big novel yet documented down to the smallest fact this masterwork recounts the last decade of perhaps the most amazing life in American history Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th American President and the youngest person to assume that office JFK is the youngest to be voted into the position Edmund Morris has written a three part biography of his life The first book examines the 42 years till he assumed the Presidency The second book looks at the 75 years he was in office This book looks at the 10 years after he left the White HouseThe series is an interesting group of books You'll learn a lot about one of the four occupants of Mount Rush and discover why he induced love amongst his supporters and loathing amongst his opponents and members of his own party in this book in particularAs I said this book looks at the 10 years after he left the Presidency Anyone who knows something about Teddy Roosevelt will probably know that he went on a safari and then made an abortive run for the presidency 4years after he left office Both those areas are covered in detail hereWhat people probably won't realise is that he tried to live a positively heroic and packed life after leaving the Oval Office When he wasn't discovering the origins of rivers in Brazil or shooting animals for the Smithsonian he was an iconoclastic politician journalist and author who was predicting the start of WWI and the conseuential need to re arm long before most other American politicians realised there was a problem His iconoclasm split his party and might have cost it the Presidential Elections in 1912 and 1916Morris thoroughly covers all these aspects of a man called Roosevelt in the series This book is as interesting as either of its' predecessors because you'll see what sort of man and character it takes to split a party and return to it later You'll learn what he did how he thought why he behaved as he did in the later stages of this book and understand the sort of man who was prepared to send all his sons to warIn short read this book if you want to understand one of the great American leaders of the the 20th Century and comprehend how a man can be both war hawk and social liberal at the same time

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MOBI · DOC Colonel Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt ´ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ç [PDF / Epub] ★ Colonel Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt) Author Join or create book clubs – This biography by Edmund Morris the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Awardwinning author of The Rise oTs Theodore Roosevelt is the only one whose greatness increased out of office What other president has written forty books hunted lions founded a third political party survived an assassins bullet and explored an unknown river I reviewed very favourable the first two volumes 'The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt' and 'Theodore Rex' of Edmund Morris's biographical trilogy on the life and times of the 26th President of the United States I reviewed them favourable because I thought that they were great works I have been looking forward to reading the third and final volume 'Colonel Roosevelt' and it's just as the others are greatThe paperback book itself contains 766 pages of which about 150 are devoted to source notes This is proof in itself that Mr Morris has done a massive amount of research much of it original and hitherto unpublished Research is vital to success in biographies no matter how well known the subject of the biography Hundreds of books have been written about the first President Roosevelt a distant cousin of Franklin Delano Roosevelt the second one and this trilogy must be the definitive study and it is in my opinion by far the best that I have read'Colonel Roosevelt' takes the reader through the subject's extraordinary adventures some of them not for the sueamish in Africa his 'state visits' to many European nations and his failed attempt to regain the presidency as a Progressive in 1912 The campaign included a serious assassination attempt which 'Bull Moose' Roosevelt brushed off he just carried on speaking He succeeded then in humiliating his own Republican protégé the fat and lazy William Howard Taft and letting in another political enemy the then less progressive Democrat Woodrow WilsonSmarting from the 1912 election the Colonel took off for a tour of South America which came close to killing him again He campaigned unsuccessfully for the Republicans in the 1916 election and against the over intellectual and over idealistic President Wilson subseuent to the electionDespite illnesses stemming in part from his jungle trips Theodore Teddy Roosevelt was still considered a likely winner for the GOP in 1920 This was not to be for the Colonel died of a broken heart ? at his home Saga Hill Cove Neck New York on the 6th of January 1919 at the age of only 60I'm not an enthusiast for the Republican Party but Colonel Roosevelt the progressive was its most remarkable leader He was truly progressive well ahead of the thinking of his times He was almost European in his outlook and his sophistication and though an enthusiast for the Allies' cause in the so called 'Great War' he was also a lover of peace There has not been a Republican like him since his sad passing Subseuent GOP and Democrat leaders including cousin FDR himself appear as pygmies when measured in historical termsEdmund Morris's extraordinary and extraordinarily researched and well written trilogy is an essential for any serious student of American politics and world affairs in the 20th centuryA footnote I was probably mistaken in my suspicions regarding the relationship of Colonel Roosevelt and Major Archibald Willingham de Graffenreid Clarendon Archie Butt The latter uite possibly a 'gay' left his former boss and close friend to become just as close to the fat and lazy Taft Butt went down with the Titanic in 1912 and Taft was truly bereft as was Theodore Teddy Roosevelt