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Found brutally murdered Suspicion falls heavily on young Philemon and by Athenian law his cousin Stephanos is elected to defend his name in courtIn desperation Stephanos seeks assistance from Aristotle his former mentor and Aristotle turns DetectiveThe young inexpe Stephanos is a naïve young Athenian in a tight position His father has recently died; his only surviving male relative Philemon has fled into exile after killing a man in a fight; his property is encumbered by a debt he can’t repay; he has a house full of women to support and little to manage it with When cousin Philemon is accused of a murder that Stephanos has stumbled upon by accident one morning Stephanos must dodge the charge of collusion while assuming the role of defender lining himself up against Athens’ richest and bestBut Stephanos has assets he greatly underestimates – a slumbering intelligence; an unexpected gift for rhetoric; obstinacy; a latent talent for petty deceit and an unexpected ally in his old teacher AristotleIn the absence of a formal police force and faced with the thorough process of Athenian law Stephanos finds himself asking Aristotle for help Students of Ancient Greek philosophy might be surprised to learn that Aristotle son of Nichomachus famous for his writings on ethics politics biology metaphysics and aesthetics has an interest in detection But will the worthy pedagogue get the better of Stephanos’s foes? And will Stephanos survive long enough for Aristotle’s suspicions to reach a conclusion?Margaret Doody’s first crime novel first published in 1978 and recently reissued by Random House combines her twin interests of ancient history and detective fiction in an account of Ancient Athens rich in authentic detail

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Aristotle DetectiveRienced boy and the great philosopher form a classically uneven partnership Their efforts culminate in the gripping trial scene when Stephanos uses all the powers of rhetoric and oratory instilled in him by Aristotle to clear his family’s name of this bloody murder ARISTOTLE DETECTIVE is a fun straightforward mystery novel set in Athens during the reign of Alexander of Macedonia Margaret Doody appropriates Aristotle arguably the second greatest of all philosophers as her leading character in this detective series In this the inaugural story he enables a former student to clear the name of his cousin who is falsely accused of murder The plot is fairly predictable but yet good enough that I will read further in this series

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Read Aristotle Detective doc Ð Paperback ☆ Margaret Doody ↠ ❄ [EPUB] ✼ Aristotle Detective By Margaret Doody ➝ – The greatest philosophical mastermind turns detective in this witty and dramatic whodunit which takes place in Athens 332BC an unhappy city undeThe greatest philosophical mastermind turns detective in this witty and dramatic whodunit which takes place in Athens 332BC an unhappy city under the rule of the Macedonian ‘barbarian’ Alexander the GreatIn the midst of this unrest Boutades an eminent citizen is I've stumbled upon this book by chance as when making an online purchase I was offered the second volume of this series As I do not like to read series starting by the middle namely in this genre as though not always the older cases are needed to understand the background of characters there are some mentions from time to time that help to understand of the stories It happened to me once while reading Steven Saylor's A Murder on the Apian Way and since then I always try to read a series in its straight order However although I uite liked the said book I feared this historical mystery wouldn't match my expectations as another previous book Nick Drake's Nefertiti was a disappointment In this book we follow Stephanos who tries to defend his cousin Philemon from the murder of an important figure in the city of Athens Their defence is focused around the fact that Philemon wasn't in town because he had been voted into exile for manslaughter incurring in the death penalty if he ever came back But Stephanos finds a very thick plot thus reuiring the help of his former master Aristotle I liked the main characters Stephanos and Aristotle and found their dialogues very entertaining and philosophical It reminded me some of the interaction between Poirot and Captain Hastings or even Sherlock and Watson I could not stop laughing at some lines likeIf Philemon did not do it someone of the class non Philemon did it Goodbye Stephanos and by the way say nothing of that last purchase of mine or I'll do you a mischief Think of the lewd jokes it would cause But if ever I seem overbearing and foolishly proud of my intellect you may always murmur to me 'That leather bag contained stones'I also thought it curious the interest of Aristotle in pottery and some of his conversations around that topic seemed too similar to others I had while attending classes He seemed just like one of my teachers but when Aristotle discoursed on Greek pottery my teacher would have talked about Roman terra sigillata D The story despite having a somewhat predictable end the killer seemed obvious to me had sufficient twists to make one stuck to the book The only drawback I can point out is the lack of notes to clarify some of the terms used as the months or prodikasia However the context makes it easy to understand what they mean so it isn't such a fault as that Certainly a book I advise one to read especially those who like mysteries set in Classical Antiuity