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DOC ê READER Chloe By Peter McCarty ☆ 9780061142918 õ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES » ❮Reading❯ ➳ Chloe ➬ Author Peter McCarty – Chloe has ten older brothers and sisters and ten younger brothers and sistersShe’s in the middle and sheThey all gather for family fun timeBut when Dad brings home a surprise one evening Chloe finds she is not in the middle any but no Chloe the bunny the object of Henry's affections in authorillustrator Peter McCarty's Henry in Love returns in this second picture book Here she is the middle child in her family with ten elder siblings and ten younger Although normally an enthusiastic participant in group activities Chloe isn't thrilled when her father brings home a television and family fun time turns into everyone sitting together staring at the screen Fortunately Chloe has an empty box and lots of bubble wrap to keep herself entertained and to draw her relatives' attention away from the televisionIt's been a few years since I read Henry in Love but looking over my review I see that I loved McCarty's artwork but was unimpressed by his story With Chloe I once again loved the illustrations but was also favorably impressed by the story As someone raised without a TV during my formative years I appreciated the message implicit in the story here that actual familial interaction and group play beats out passively watching televised entertainment I also appreciated the ending in which Chloe imagines that she is hearing bubble wrap being popped in her dreams when the artwork makes it plain that Daddy Bunny is busy popping downstairs Recommended to fellow Peter McCarty fans and to anyone looking for children's stories that take a less than positive view of television

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T for longWith gorgeous colored ink drawings and funny spare text Peter McCarty tells a winning story of family imagination and lov Chloe is a bunny – the middle bunny – in a large family she has 20 older and younger siblings Chloe loves her family and especially loves when they have “family fun time” together When Dad brings home a new television however Chloe is upset She doesn’t think watching TV is fun at all She and her tiny little sister Bridget find a way to have fun anyway – using the box and the bubble wrap that once packaged their TV Soon the rest of the family has joined them and the TV – mostly – is forgottenPeter McCarty’s illustrations are amazing He uses textures patterns and shading to make Chloe and her family pop off the pages you may be familiar with his style from Caldecott Honor book Hondo Fabian I liked the values expressed – uality family time brothers and sisters who care about and for each other and who don’t bicker and fight all the time and TV is the devil or there are a million things you can do – that are fun – besides watching TV The bunnies might want to consider family planning – a 22 bun family is a lot of rabbits to support The story is so so but the artwork is lovely and features bunnies – an added bonus in my opinion

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Chloe By Peter McCarChloe has ten older brothers and sisters and ten younger brothers and sistersShe’s in the middle and she loves it especially when Chloe by Peter McCarty is an adorable story filled with family and love Words that inspire sharing time as a family with imagination interaction and laughterFor me the pictures held the magic though Pages filled with warm rich colors pulled me right into the book The clear crisp illustrations flowed swirled and almost hopped around the page capturing the bunny family’s energy and cuteness perfectly I so wanted to reach in and scratch their cute bunny ears Fun for the whole family I also recommend having bubble wrap on hand as a sure fire way to capture your audience’s attention Bubble wrap plays a key role in this tale The pop and snap of the bubbles in the book and out will make this a memorable experience for any reader Who doesn’t love bubble wrap D81912