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The Velvet Collar Velvet Lies #3; Pony Tales #9 kindle Ý eBook Free ☆ eyltransferservices ä [BOOKS] ⚣ The Velvet Collar Velvet Lies #3; Pony Tales #9 By C.P. Mandara – I made a bet with my newlywed submissive wife I told her that if she coE to achieve and yet somehow she did it It looks like I'm in for a fun night doesn't it? If that wasn't bad enough Kyle has been spotted near our home It scares me I can feel the net closing in and I'm still no closer to unravelling th There has to be Please tell me this is not the end of Mark and Jennifer cause that ending is one I’m so curious about I want to know what it’ll be like when they have a new addition I’m so glad this series is worth reading

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I made a bet with my newlywed submissive wife I told her that if she could behave herself impeccably for a week she could wear the trousers for a day That included being able to dominate me The bet was almost guaranteed to be impossibl Genre EroticaType Book 3 of 3 from Velvet Lies trilogyPOV First Person DualRating Mark Matthews knew marriage to Jennifer Radcliff wasn’t going to be a walk in the park There had never been a dull day even a year later especially when both their enemies and his in laws were out for his blood Mark and Jenny had been through so much throughout their marriage But amidst all the chaos they always found time to indulge in each other One of my favorite scenes in the book is the “pet show” scene I wanted to adopt one haha Do you want the flogger or the crop next darling? Or perhaps you want to beg for mercy? I also loved Jen’s “special night” but I really wanted to see the real action with my favorite attachment lol instead of the teasing There was a lot of built up but when it actually happened it didn’t match the anticipation level After a year of being married to her I suspected she wasn't all that jealous I think she just liked being slammed up against the wall while I dominated her to within an inch of her life I enjoyed learning about Jen’s parents and the reasons behind the couple’s predicament However I felt the book was too long in the middle Thankfully I loved how intense it was towards the end Jen you do this and I'll never forgive you The Velvet Collar is the conclusion to the Velvet Lies trilogy This series would appeal to fans of kinky erotica with suspense elementsBooks in the series 🔌 ⛓ 🔌 FBR With Twinsie CC 🔌 ⛓ 🔌 For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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The Velvet Collar Velvet Lies #3; Pony Tales #9E pieces We need to figure out what Redcliff wants and fast In order to do this I'm going to have to talk to my mother in law who still isn't speaking to me I have no idea what her problem is She tried to kill me not the other way arou After about a year of marriage both Jennifer and Mark believe they are pretty well past the terror of the last book They are greatly in love and enjoying the kinky aspects of BDSM But danger in the form of Kyle trying to capture Jennifer is surrounding them at all times She does not know she is being followed but she definitely is This story is twisted and confusing It is full of suspense and excitement; and the plot kept me wondering why how and if it will somehow work out Will Jennifer be captured? Will she be the one who forces her husband into the turmoil? And how do the two other important characters in this riddle fit together? More information would only lead to spoilers so you will need to read this stimulating enticing book for yourself