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The Divine Romance Collected Talks and Essays Volume 2 Self Realization FellowshipParamahansa Yogananda's Collected Talks and Essays present in depth discussions of the fast range of inspiring and universal truths that have ca I love this book and the other two volumes in the series They are full of knowledge about God and our purpose for being in this world Paramahansa Yogananda gives us useful information about how to live our lives so that we can experience God first hand and to mould our behavior into ways that would be pleasing to God Even though these books are based on talks given by Master Yogananda in the early 1900s they are still relevant today It doesn't matter what religiousspiritual path you follow You can gain much from reading this book One of Master Yogananada's teachings is that all religions are seeking the same truth

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read The Divine Romance kindle Í Collected Talks and Essays Ó eyltransferservices Ø [Read] ➪ The Divine Romance - Collected Talks and Essays. Volume 2 (Self-Realization Fellowship) By Paramahansa Yogananda – Paramahansa Yogananda's Collected TalksAnd love for humanity that have made the author one of our era's most revered and trusted guides to the spiritual lifeIn this anthology of talks Having studied world religions Yogananda's essays like letters of guidance from a beloved brotherwere discovered and found to be deeply inspiring comforting loving non judgmental and one of very few tomes worthy of re reading Have since read most of his published works and he is a gentle teacheras is White Eagle whose wise words can be applied to daily lifemaking one's inner and outer world a happier place Thorougly recommended

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Ptivated millions in his Autobiography of a Yogi Readers will find these talks alive with the uniue blend of all embracing wisdom encouragement Paramahansa is one of the clearest spiritual writers that I have ever read This beautiful book is divided into chapters that are complete unto themselves You can choose to read a chapter by subject matter and find a wealth of knowledge for many of the uestions that plague us as humans We are very fortunate as Westerners that he was called to the West to develop our spirituality His Self Realization Fellowship is easy and inexpensive to join As a member you receive a written course in your mail It comes every few weeks and is a continual source of clear concise spiritual teaching I highly recommend all that Paramahansa has written and beueathed to us in his all encompassing love