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Hope Against Hope doc è Hardcover ´ join or create book clubs ´ ❰Read❯ ➪ Hope Against Hope: A Memoir Author Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk The story of the poet Osip Mandelstam who suffered continuous persecution under Stalin but whose wife constantly supportEd with exciting cover design make these an ideal gift to be cherished by the avid reader Of the eighty one years of her life Nadezhda Mandelstam spent nineteen as the wife of Russia's greatest poet in this century Osip Mandelstam and forty two as his widow The rest was childhood and youth So writes Joseph Brodsky in his appreciation of Nadezhda Mandelstam that is reprinted here as an Introduction Hope Against Hope was first published in English in 197 The book is a detailed commentary on what it was like to live in the Soviet Union during the 1930s and the purges It doesn't discuss the show trials of the Old Bolsheviks which surprised me but the widespread arrests of nearly everyone else created an atmosphere of constant fear The book is an important document

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0 It is Nadezhda Mandelstam's memoir of her life with Osip who was first arrested in 1934 and died in Stalin's Great Purge of 1937 38 Hope Against Hope is a vital eyewitness account of Stalin's Soviet Union and one of the greatest testaments to the value of literature and imaginative freedom ever written But it is also a profound inspiration a love story that relates the daily struggle to keep both love and art alive in the most desperate circumstances As nearly every reviewer points out the main theme of this book is what it was like to live under Stalin and the author's penetration into what terror did to the character of the Russian people can scarcely be bettered by any other commentator I have read Like plums in this pudding there are also chapters on Osip Mandelstam as an essayist and public intellectual fields where he was possibly as distinguished as he was in poetry I was grateful for the many assessments the author made of the importance of various literary figures some uite obscure It can be so difficult to obtain the cultivated Russian's viewpoint of various creative artistsI have the p back edition with an introduction by Clarence Brown a competent and prominent Slavist The translator Max Hayward states that he is responsible for the notes at the end of the book Curiously in the notes he uses a false cognate procurator which he correctly translates as prosecutor in the main text Hayward's reputation was tarnished by his hasty translation of Doctor Zhivago which he admitted to being ashamed of and I cannot ascertain whether this translation is accurate Be that as it may Hayward had a great feeling for language and his elegant text reads rapidly There is a good index and this book can serve as a reference book on a time and figures now rapidly vanishing into obscurity

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Hope Against Hope A MemoirThe story of the poet Osip Mandelstam who suffered continuous persecution under Stalin but whose wife constantly supported both him and his writings until he died in 1938 Since 1917 The Modern Library prides itself as The Modern Library of the World's Best Books Featuring introductions by leading writers stunning translations scholarly endnotes and reading group guides Production values emphasize superior uality and readability Competitive prices coupl Very enlightening on the Russian mentally Long range thinkers like Hitler