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Download Anastasia and Her Sisters Mobi ✓ 320 pages ¼ Carolyn meyer ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Anastasia and Her Sisters Author Carolyn Meyer – There’s a heavy price to pay for royalty in this compelling—and true—story of Anastasia Romanov and fellow Meet Crown Prince Carol and his parents It seems like a fairy tale existence for the four grand duchesses dressed in beautiful clothes traveling from palace to palace But it’s notLife inside the palace is far from a fairy tale The girls’ younger brother suffers from an excruciatingly painful and deadly blood disease and their parents have chosen to shield the Russian I was not impressed with this one It did not feel original and I didn't get anything new out of it it was simply another retelling There was no hook no fixed plot line nothing I finished the book and tried to remember what I'd read nothing stood out The whole thing was lackluster for me The only reason I gave it two stars is because I thought the idea was a good one and the writing itself was decent enough that I didn't give up on the book altogether

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People from the severity of the future tsar’s condition The secrets and strain are hard on the family and conditions are eually dire beyond the palace walls Peasants chafe under the burden of extreme poverty and Tsar Nicholas’s leadership power weakens And when the unthinkable happens Germany declares war on Russia nothing in Anastasia’s world will ever be the sam To begin I didn't expect much from this book There are already a good number of books about how Anastasia sees her country's descent into war and revolution and this book followed the same lines as all the others I have seen In addition Anastasia isn't the best choice to narrate the entire story because so much is kept from her by protective parents and older siblings If Anastasia hadn't been such an object of media attention I think that Tatiana or Olga would have been chosen to narrate the Romanovs' story because they had romance in their lives and knew about what was going on The one original idea Meyer used in this telling was to start the book in 1912 instead of 1914 giving readers stories of Olga's ill fated romance with a sailor and mentioning the Titanic an apt metaphor for the Russian monarchy However the reason most books based on Anastasia's life begin in 1914 is because their prewar life is just not interesting which showed in Meyer's telling While her facts are good the story just falls flat so I can't really give this anything higher than 25 or 3 stars However its historical accuracy brought my rating up to three So many books just can't get it right I have to give Meyer some credit She also fixed the masculinefeminine name problem she had in the earlier Anastasia book she did Honestly though she was a lot better in the poor neighborhoods of mid 19th century Paris Marie Dancing

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Anastasia and Her SistersThere’s a heavy price to pay for royalty in this compelling and true story of Anastasia Romanov and fellow grand duchesses of Russia from an award winning novelistIt’s summer in 1914 and the Romanovs are aboard the Standart the Russian royal yacht Tsar Nicholas Tsaritsa Alexandra their four daughters and the youngest child Tsarevitch Alexei are sailing to Romania to Anastasia and her sisters live a sumptuous life in the palace with their father the tsar and there are many intrigues that catch Anastasia's attention She is enthralled when she finds her older sister Olga's journal in which Olga details her star crossed love of a guard as well as some of the family secrets Covering a number of years from well before WWII until the family is exiled and later executed the traveling back and forth to different palaces the family dynamic with relatives Alexei's illness and eventually the Russian and world events that lead to the family's downfall are all covered Strengths If you want to lose yourself in Anastasia's world this is the book I loved all of the details from the sisters having outfits to wear to tea that matched their mother's sitting room to the war work the mother had the sisters do to all of the events that occurred this is beautifully researched and presents a wealth of information I've read Meyer's Royal Diary about Anastasia but she has another book on her as well There must be a huge trove of the family's writings still extant Weaknesses A bit lengthy for middle grade especially since it is detail driven rather than plot driven mainly because most people know how the story ends A few details about various affairs than needed as well What I really think Anastasia is still intriguing even almost 100 years after her death I think I will buy this as it really is THE definitive novel about her While reading I realized the Olga was two years younger than my grandmother That gave me an entirely new perspective on the events Did not happen that long ago