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doc ô A Royal Romance A Royal Romance Story #1 ´ Paperback Read Ö ❥ [KINDLE] ❂ A Royal Romance A Royal Romance Story #1 By Jenny Frame ➢ – Georgina Princess of Wales has always known her destiny but she never expected duty to call so soon When her fatherLty loving parents When Bea director of a hospice charity must spend six months working with ueen Georgina her charity’s new patron sparks fly and passion blooms But is love enough to bridge the gap between Bethnal Green and Buckingham Palac ARCI’ve been mulling over what to write about this book for a few days ever since starting it really and most certainly after stopping about half way through I did skip through the second half to see where it wentI found the book problematic on many levels The writing was awkward the characters never came alive and had very cliched roles to fulfil the plot tried to take on a lot So what could have been a simple nice romance novel turned out to be something of a messI cannot stress enough how much I wanted to like this book I still remember the little girl I was who just was fascinated with everything European royalty so the idea of books like these makes me suee inside An openly lesbian ueen of England Bring it onSo the new young handsome ueen of England falls in love with a woman with a working class background who is a staunch republican The book is set slightly in the future 2040s which to me makes this somewhat unbelievable as such a great source of conflict on either side or rather as the main conflict that drives the story But I could have suspended disbelief if not for the writing I don’t know what to make of it and if I’m being honest can’t uite believe it was published as it is I found it problematic on several levels One of them was dialog it was clunky and often I felt a gap between the person that was addressed and the perceived audience One example Georgina says to Bea “I sail up a lot at Balmoral our Scottish summer residence” Now Bea raised by a mother who is a fan of the royal family and everything that surrounds it certainly knows what Balmoral is Then who is addressed here Who is the perceived audience that reuires such awkward info dumps There are similar scenes in regard to Trooping the Colour etc If it is assumed that the audience reuires explanations are there not skilful and less obvious ways than to include this information in dialogAnother such dialog is the following when Georgina addresses her private secretary I think “Tell me Sir Michael Who is the bookies’ favourite to be meeting with me The charismatic Labour leader Boadicea Dixon or the very sensible but dull Conservative leader Andrew Smith” Sir Michael knows who they are so he wouldn’t need the introduction of the characters I generally felt that the inclusion of the election wasn’t necessary It didn’t add anything to the storyFor a book with such a specific time and place the language once for a BSB book certainly didn’t make me feel the place The language both in formal and informal settings is uite the same manner of generic for all characters Except for Cammy who is not allowed to utter a single sentence without a signifier that she is Scottish This is such a loss as it would have added such layers to the characters and could have underlined the differences between Bea’s and Georgina’s worlds in such a simple and convincing manner I would love to know if this generic language comes about by accident or design It is not the first time I have encountered it in a BSB book by UK writers no less yet whenever else I pick up books by UK authors that are set in the UK the language always makes it clear where the book takes placeThere’s other little things like using inner monologue a lot to show what the characters are feeling that did not endear the writing to meMany of the info dumps on royalty were due to the fact that while a fictitious royal family its roots were real So Georgina used many opportunities to lecture on history which added unnecessary lengths to the book without adding anything to the storyThe plot was very predictable as were all the conflicts that arose Why the British Monarchy 101 course was included here I don’t knowGeorgina herself posed a bit of a problem too for me In the end I don’t know why she was Georgina and not George She’s called George by her family man by her best friend certainly enjoys her intelliflesh I at times wondered why bothering making her a ueen at all Yet her masculinity didn’t seem to be a source of conflict for anyone Odd the whole thing A short sentence at the beginning in regard to reproductive technologies also laid to rest all discussion in regard to heirs Which could have really been interestingSo yeah Not my cup of tea at all

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R new ueen Great Britain’s first openly gay monarch all George feels is the isolation of her stationBeatrice Elliot’s staunch anti monarchist views have always been a point of gentle A Royal MOBI #190 contention with her working class roya I was ready to give this book 5 stars because I loved it so much and then I hit the part where they both accepted that they love each other For me that's where the pacing got weird even though I had really appreciated the pacing and how the tension we managed up to that point I will say that there's zero ambiguity at the end about their HEA and I hope there's a follow up short story about a royal baby One thing I particularly liked was how technology was advanced enough for it to believably be a few decades in the future vs far fetched technological advances That made the world believable to me

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A Royal Romance A Royal Romance Story #1Georgina Princess of Wales has always Romance A Epub #225 known her destiny but she never expected duty to call so soon When her father dies suddenly she is called back from her Royal Navy post to assume the crown While the people acclaim thei Britain has its first Lesbian ueen and they all love her except one particular republican that has been roped into taking the ueen on a tour of a charity over the next six months Bea has always been against the monarchy and thinks it’s time for Britain to enter a new century and become a Republic The new ueen Georgina George for sort is a traditionalist and even though she is the first gay monarch she never expected to have feelings for the one person who believes her job is no longer needed in Great Britain This is definitely a modern day fairytaleI think for a debut novel that “A Royal Romance” was written extremely well and had great character development throughout the novel The main protagonists Bea and George are the kind of characters that make a good love story great ueen George embraces the fact that she is trapped in a life that was chosen for her and she works hard to make sure she is the best ueen she can possibly be for the nation George ticks all of my fantasy boxes She’s a sexy butch but she’s also caring intelligent forthright and loving especially when it comes to BeaI really enjoyed all secondary characters but the ones that stood out from the rest were Cammy and The Dowager ueen There were moments that they were a part of that either melted my heart or gave me a chuckle I’m hoping to see of these characters in the next book in the series Cammy speaking in Scottish collouialisms made for fun reading for this Scottish ‘Lassie’ There were moments that the wording was so cheesy that it was uite funny but I reckon in all good fairytales there is normally an element of cheeseThe love scenes were inspired especially because the novel is set in the future and they sound amazing The detail Jenny Frame goes into with the sex is fantastic and I found by the end of the book I was hoping she would patent the “Intelliflesh Design” so I could buy one Another element that I enjoy in novels is when one protagonist is inexperienced in sex andor a virgin this was definitely the case in the book and it provides uite a sexy componentI would love to see a story written about the elusive Prime Minster Bo I reckon there is a story behind her mysterious private lifeAll in all it was a lovely modern day fairytale that added a whole heap of sexy45 Stars