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read doc ´ Wicked Dix Hard Love Romance #2 Kindle Edition Ú [Reading] ➶ Wicked Dix Hard Love Romance #2 By Monica James – I’ve always been a bad boy with a very wicked reputationBut then I met Madison – sweet vulnerable innocent Madison She makes me feel as if there is hope for S is my chance to prove that I can But it’s going to be one hell of a ride Are you ready?Seriously sexy and totally addictive Wicked Dix is the second in the Hard Love Romance series Find out how it all beganDirty Dix OUT NOW 45 HEARTS Here we are with the continuation of Dixon and Madison's story We were left with a major cliffhanger in book one where Dixon got himself in a predicament If you haven't read book 1 then I suggest you go and do that before reading Wicked Dix The book starts off right where book 1 ends And let me tell you you don't want to miss a thing Juliet has dropped a major bomb on Dixon and he's trying to figure out a solution to his dilemma That's where Plan B is hatched and the wheels start turning Oh no we can't go the simply way and just tell all parties the secret that is looming over all of their heads That would be too easy and there would we no interesting story to read I DO NOT I repeat DO NOT like Juliet at all She's an evil manipulative self centered wench There were plenty of times that I just wanted to reach into my kindle and choke her She had no remorse for anything she did to hurt others I love Hunter He was hilarious and a great friend to Dix I love the sentimental scene he had with Dix He had me laughing and swooning for him I see there's potential for him and Mary I think Mary would be a perfect match for him She seems like someone that won't shy away from telling him how she really feelsMonica wrapped this series up well I love how she left things If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Dr Dixon Mathews yet I recommend you go out and grab this series and settle down for a fantastic read

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HeThere’s just one problem Juliet She’s a temptress who won’t take no for an answer If I resist her she’ll use our dirty secret to ruin everything with Madison I don’t want to lose Madison but can I really change? Thi Wicked Dix Hard Love Romance #2 by Monica James5 stars “We are never so defenseless against suffering as when we love” Wicked Dix is the second and final book in the Hard Love Romance Series This book carries on from the end of book one Dirty Dix formerly released as Addicted to Sin Therefore you need to make sure you have read Dirty Dix firstFor those that have read my review of Dirty Dix you will know that Dr Dixon Matthews really got to me He was a man I should have hated yet ended up loving A man who was in a position of trust and yet abused that for his own sexual gratification A psychiatrist whose speciality was addiction and yet was a self confessed sex addicta total recipe for disasterand it was However Dixon’s addiction was borne from a broken heart and now that he had found his forever love he was a reformed character however his past boasts a tonne of skeletons and it is these skeletons that have come back to haunt him “And now my hands are tied Tied by Juliet Hart – the Antichrist in heels” I have to be vague unfortunately as this whole book is a spoiler and ties up all the loose ends from Dirty Dix Dixon tries to do his best to protect Maddison from his past indiscretions I was begging him to just be honest from the start “With hindsight I would have done so many things differently But that’s the fucked up thing about hindsight It’s useless” Juliet was the devil incarnate I seriously hated her with a passion and if anyone deserved to be hurt in this whole story it was her As you can gather from Dirty Dix this woman had serious issues and these really come to the forefront in this book however Dixon in all his foolish wisdom decides to play the devil at her own game and throughout I was just waiting for the whole sorry tale to just implode with devastating results Monica James keeps you waiting though I was beginning to think she was the devil herself “Romance truly is dead Juliet Harte killed it the day she opened her venomous mouth and I happily stuck my dick into it” The change in Dixon from the beginning to the end of this series was dramatic and just goes to show how the love of a great woman can totally change someone’s life around Dixon wanted to be better he wanted to deserve Maddy and most of all he wanted to love her While he was economical with the truth he was only trying to protect Maddy from his past and even though he goes about it the wrong way he always had the best intentions “But she has no idea who she’s playing against She never did” Maddy also grows up a lot in this book and that is one of the things that I have loved about this series how the characters grow before your eyes how they learn from their mistakes how they try to change for the better and most importantly how they desperately try to better themselves Maddy finally goes to counselling and this was the stepping stone that she needed to really find her back bone and be able to finally stand up for herself and most importantly stand up to her family “You arethe strongest bravest person I know” Although this book has its fair share of angst and edge of your seat heart pounding oh no expletive expletive expletive scenes Monica James perfectly balances this with the wit and humour I have loved from the start with Dixon and his two friends Hunter and Finch literally the devil and the angel on Dixon’s shoulders The relationship that these three share is a real bromance and I seriously want their stories too especially HunterI will say kudos to Monica James because there was one scene in this book that deserves a specific mention It was one scene that I will never forget and tore at every heart string I had This scene was so emotionally charged so pivotal it had me in floods of tears but she nailed it If ever someone needed to hit rock bottom it was Dixon and Monica James delivered it in style and with a ferocious soul crushing intensity But after all once you hit the bottomthe only way is up Some lessons just need to be learned even if they are the hard way A fantastic end to an amazing series I just loved everything about it “So once upon a time I was Manhattan’s biggest man whore But now I’m justme wwwtheromancecovercom

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Wicked Dix Hard Love Romance #2I’ve always been a bad boy with a very wicked reputationBut then I met Madison – sweet vulnerable innocent Madison She makes me feel as if there is hope for me As if I could be a good man I need her than I need air to breat Overall Rating 45 Stars First and foremost I liked the original title better And the old name of the series fit better as well With that being said it doesn't affect my rating However I almost missed this one because I wasn't aware that it was a part of Addicted To Sin Wicked Dix is a continuation of Dirty Dix formerly known as Addicted to Sin This story picks up where the last ended I fell deeply for Madison and Dixon; even if Dixon did make it difficult at times lol It was almost as if he liked the torture With each decision he made I found myself cringing and groaning It's like he was allergic to the right way I felt like as he was digging his hole that same dirt he dug up was burying him at the same time I found myself yelling at Dixon to stop with the web that he was weaving for himself I just knew that eventually the web was going to get so big that he'd have no way to untangle himself from it Who wants to be good when it feels so good being bad?” Madison's rebirth was something commendable With Dixon's support and also deceit she was able to let the real Madison anchor and disentangle herself from the weak chaste vulnerable and timid Madison the one who lived in fear and paranoia I loved Madison's character Despite her dark past she for the most part was able to push forward with her life and not let a nauseating and contemptuous parasite latch onto her progression I was debating if I wanted to give Juliet recognition in my review or not But ultimately the story wouldn't be complete without her Monica James has perfected the villain Juliet's pores seep with vileness She's pictured in the dictionary next to EVIL And even in all of her pollution I think I would read her book if she was to ever get one Inevitably Dixon's transgressions come back to haunt him with a vengeance I knew the shit was going to hit the fan and I found myself anxiously awaiting the blowout And even as I was condemning Dixon for his bed of lies and Juliet for her waves of terror I knew that it was only adding fuel to the implosion I was anxiously awaiting “Romance truly is dead Juliet Harte killed it the day she opened her venomous mouth and I happily stuck my dick into it” Once again Monica James managed to have my feelings battling because I wanted to dislike Dixon But I Just Couldn't Maybe that just proves I'm a masochist The flow of the story is flawless and I connected with the characters so easily I loved the development of the secondary characters as well I got to know a lot about these people who meant so much to Madison and Dixon I'm hoping Hunter gets a book I'd like to see his transformation He seems like a fun character to unfold My speculation is that Mary Madison's best friend will whip him into shape This series is a def rec for those looking for angst steam and isn't afraid of a little self torture ;