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Wicked Games Steele Security #1Investigative reporter Brianna Tate stumbled upon a career making story that changed her entire life When the trail led her into a dangerous web of lies she was forced to choose between destroying the man she loved and giving up her entire life to enter WITSEC After three years of living as someone else everything changed when her true identity and location were discovered Noah “Reaper” Steele created a successful business in Steele Security but Strike One You have bored me out of the gateThis book starts with weather specifically multiple pages on the difference between the weather in Colorado Atlanta and Miami uite frankly my dear IGAF Then I get details on her neighbor Mrs Elizabeth Stanton who's lonely a widow a mom and grandmother mid sixties but looks and acts like she's forties is friendly but not prying or nosey etc etc Again uite frankly my dear IDGAF about details on some random 7th string character And it's barely begun Strike Two Chick is TSTL She's in WITSEC She suspects someone watching her run but she ignores that shit and goes onward home She sees a newspaper that get her heckles up before she goes inside to search her house for a possible intruder unarmed She's a smart one huh? Best idea ever? She leaves the door unlocked in case she has to run back out uick Why that's smart as fuck when someone may be following your ass She only gets a weapon to continue her search AFTER she finds a note in her room I'm sensing an I rivaling Strike Three The author is telling this story in a step by step style She went She saw She drooled It's mostly third person narrative with little dialogue and no showing of anything Strike Four The author is over telling almost every element It's repetitive and unnecessary info making the pace of the story Example An unseen person opened her door and she was helped out of the vehicle When the blindfold was removed That the person is unseen is nothing but redundant information The reader can deduct that from her blindfold being removed There's the flat out redundant only this one had sand colored tents instead of Army green Large tents were scattered throughout the base This at 8% I assume you're the leader of this suadron? I am he confirmed This just 10 pages later She already knew Reaper was the leader of the suadron since he'd confirmed as much And then there's just the plain old 'beat it to death' approach such as this long winded muscle'd men description in ONE scene chiseled chestmuscles in his shoulders his arms and oh wow his six pack abshis thighs were obviously just as cut as the top halfman was hugemuscles bulging everywhereevery inch of him was rock solidbuilt like a linebackerevery inch covered in muscleevery man was tall had a thick muscular body took exercise and staying healthy very seriously I could go on but that would be redundant as to making the point that this shit is redundant Strike Five Minus a few adult words what little dialogue exists here could easily be confused with something off a kindergarten playground This is a professional reporter and a special forces badass flirting Her I thought I was about to get lucky Him I'm pretty sure that's suppose to be my lineHer You know what I mean I thought he was about to give away your nameHim You may be right But I guess it's not time for your turn yetHer Fine You win the round I'll have my turn though Him One can only hopeHer Yep You're trouble No doubt about it Him It's sexy when you blush Especially when I'm the one who made you do it Bottom Line I have no F'ing clue if the storyline if there is one is good because I can't stomach this author's writing style long enough to find out Even if I could the characters are stiff and sound like dimnitwit cake pops a couple weeks past expiration Thank Gravy for ejection seats Download a sample before purchase

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Betrayal and he wrestled with allowing her back in his life Brianna was the only woman he’d ever loved but he wasn’t sure he could forgive her treachery For both to survive Noah and Brianna had to band together uncover the truth and reveal the real threat before it was too late In his fight against the wicked games that surrounded him would he end up losing her all over again? Recommended for readers 18 due to language violence and sexual content WoW What a whopper of a story with all the espionage of spies lies corruption and breach of security OH MY AH yes lust and love in the form of a sexy nosey investigative reporter and Hot O Licious ex military leader gone security Brianna Tate aka Bri alias Kristina Miller Leslie Solomon and Briana Steele has become a woman on the run For her 'running had become her addiction and her only way of dealing with the pain inside' And for good reasonNoah Steelethump thump THUD Yum o ex military security God Reaper will never let the memory of his sexy little investigator go Together with his teammates Rebel Bull and Shadow they will wade through horrible deeds and sift through implicating documents and bring down the terror that's enfolding all around themRichard Hollingsworth aka Judge begins to feel the gates of hell falling down around him and the devil must get his just rewardsThank you AD Justice for a thrilling ride and sexy burn me up romp in the sheets kind of loving Just loved the dog tag bling her teammates gave her to show 'A brother's love never ends' 3 it

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Free reader ☆ doc Wicked Games Steele Security #1 ´ eyltransferservices ✓ [Reading] ➸ Wicked Games Steele Security #1 Author A.D. Justice – Investigative reporter Brianna Tate stumbled upon a career making story that changed her entire life When the traiHe never fully recovered after he lost Brianna He shared his bed with other women but they never had his heart Noah's life solely revolved around his work Everything changed the night he caught an intruder in his house and learned it was actually his long dead love Brianna With their reunion they discovered the passion that fueled their relationship was still alive burning hotter than ever However even Noah’s love couldn’t erase the sting of her 35 4 I Want More Stars I can't believe it took me this long to get round to this book AD Justice sent me an arc a while backa long while back and for some reason or the other I kept putting it aside and saying I will read it later SorryBut this was getting ridiculous and I said to myself I will definitely read it next and tadaaa I did and I really enjoyed itThis is book 1 in the Steele Security Series and its the story of Noah Steele and Brianna TateThis book is filled with suspense romance second chances security and issues and so much What would you do if you found out something you shouldn't have? Something so big that people would kill for it to be hidden or destroyedBrianna finds proof of dirty dealings and ends up having to hidechange her identity and let the people she loves think she is deadAll alone and constantly watching her back she stays away for 3 years until something big happens which draws her back to the home of the man she lovesNoah owns a successful business with Steele Security providing security escorts for the nations' top officials wealthy elitists and high profile visiting dignitaries 3 years ago the loss of Brianna left him with a hole in his heart that can never be filled When an intruder breaks into his house he is shocked and angry to see that it is no other than Brianna the only woman he ever loved They say time heals all wounds but that's not true Time made it worse Time reminded me of all the things that we would never do together I learned to live with the pain but it never left As soon as I started this book I couldn't stop reading I felt like I had just started the book and when I clicked on it I found I was already 50% in Then I was asking myself is this a short book or am I reading it really fastI had totally forgot about what this book was actually about and decided not to check the synopsis and go in blindthis usually freaks me out but I think its good for meI had to keep telling myself you don't need to know what this book is about you will figure it out as you bloody read itThis book is written in dual POVS so we get an insight into both the main characters which I always loveI'm glad that is was in dual POV because some parts would have felt incomplete with just one POVI liked the characters though I wanted to scream at Brianna at times and I wanted of Brianna and Noah without all the problemsI really liked the 'brothers' and how they were a tight knit group of friends who always had each others back But I wanted of a connection to them or a little insight to them But I guess we will get to know them with each book Oh and I didn't really get a clear description on them I don't know how to really picture themOverall I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next book which is about Bull D ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest reviewCheck out my blog for reviews