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FREE DOC Æ READER Until We Are Lost ´ LESLIE ARCHER ✓ [KINDLE] ❅ Until We Are Lost Author Leslie Archer – From the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl at the Border comes a haunting thriller about one woman’s journey into the painful truths threatening to destroy herWG the only lifelines she has leftThe Tara uncovers about her sister’s disappearance and the dark side of the rich elite the less certain of the truth she becomes As Tara reaches the center of the mystery spanning from her childhood home in Georgia to a Southern California beach she has to decide whether the truth is a price she’s willing to pa Disturbing Dark Mostly Delicious Drama Ok I gotta put this up front This book has both rape and child molestation on screen It works within the story being told but if you can't handle those two issues for whatever reason this book isn't for youThose two things both fairly deep in the book with the child molestation around the 75% mark aside this was truly a solid if dark twisted drama that presents as one thing and then winds up with something completely different One of the darkest books I've read in the past few years but again within the story being told the darkness works well If you're looking for a light and fluffy beach read this ain't it If you're looking for of a snowed in want something that can absolutely consume me for a while read ala a deep winter read when this book will be releasing in Feb 2021 this is near perfect for that Overall an excellent tale with the caveats noted at the top of this review Very much recommended

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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl at the Border comes a haunting thriller about one woman’s journey into the painful truths threatening to destroy herWhen Tara Peary’s twin sister Sophie goes missing Tara dives into New York’s underbelly to find her Sophie is the one person who’s ever truly understood her and Tara know Tara is in therapy with Dr Christie Lind following a series of traumatic events which occur to her family which led to memory loss for six months She’s searching for twin Sophie who vanishes two years ago Tara is working for Seventh Haven a charity which helps troubled teens I don’t want to reveal too much about the plot in the book as it will spoil the element of shock and surprise of going in blind The story is told by Tara and Sophie Well this is certainly sex drugs and rock n’ roll The first two thirds of the book are terrific both girls stories are absolutely fascinating and as the truth dawns on you it’s an excellent plot concept and contains many intriguing twists Tara’s story is very interesting and we get a massive internal dialogue with plenty of turmoil especially as of her parents back story is revealed making the storyline darker and darker All I’ll say about her parents is that their story is very different which I like This is a story of guilt lies buried secrets a truly dysfunctional family and abuse Sophie’s story is particularly dark the things that happen to her while she’s in la la land are mesmerising and horribly fascinating as she is in dangerous territory which comes back to haunt her They both get used and enter frighteningly murky worlds The two stories work well the writing flows and it’s gripping as you hang in every word There’s suspense tension and mystery to ponder on However I find the last part of the book very different to the first three parts It’s much disjointed the author has built up this huge plot and I find the conclusion to be a bit messy and somewhat unsatisfactory leaving loose ends rather than tying them up Overall though this is well worth reading as it’s a really good premise and an intriguing read With thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC

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Until We Are LostS her sister isn’t the only one who Until We PDFEPUB or needs helpTara is also on the run emotionally from her complicated childhood Her memories are threatening to overwhelm her emotions and derail the hunt for Sophie A psychotherapist keeps her afloat but when Tara begins dating her therapist’s young tech millionaire neighbor she risks losin When the story begins I was not exactly sure what is going We have a young woman Tara deeply troubled and traumatized by her past But though she is seeing a therapist whom she trusts she doesn't trust her enough yet to reveal the secrets she's hiding The opening scene Tara tells her therapist Dr Lind that about a year ago somebody killed her dog then a few weeks later her mother died and not long after that her father died in a house fire And her sister Sophie disappeared; she hasn't seen her since then Tara says she thought her dog being shot was an omen This is complicated story we know Tara is hiding something but we don't know what She certainly had a horrible childhood but what does she deal with now I like that each section begins with a famous uote One of my favorites is the uote from Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde and each uote fits in well with the plot This novel to me was like an onion it has many layers and only as we learn Tara do we find out the secrets The title too seems appropriate for the story Thank you to the author Net Galley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book as an early read Check out it for an intriguing and entertaining read