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Two Alone in DublinT from a city in Brazil they've both been searching for the other among the irritations and noise of everyday li Independent Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That RockA student stuck with a house full of idiots and a coffee shop girl cross paths There follows lots of mishaps and wires crossed before they finally get toetherOnly a short tale 106 pages just a little less than an hours reading for me but its delightful It really is Its all about the cross wires and things taken out of context that make this book and the trouble Mariana and Susie go to I loved the build up for these two and Susie's little meltdown at the end with her house mates was hilariousIts been a while since I read a FF story and they used to be wellexplicit than this one however I really loved this Mariana and Susie only come together the once right at the end but it was very well written and very inkepping with the rest of the story I should like to read by this author maybe a longer one especially if they are FF basedOnly a short review for a short and sweet book but certainly one I would probably read again and I am NOT a rereader Oh I should say the author is obviously Irish and that comes across in her writing so if you are NOT UK based some spellings and sayings might be a little different Personally I loved the Irish words coming out of Mariana's mouth with a Brazilian accent4 Fangs

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Two Alone in Dublin kindle  eBook Ø eyltransferservices µ ➸ [Reading] ➺ Two Alone in Dublin By Lucy Carey ➭ – ASIN B00NKEZ3Y moved to the most recent edition hereSurrounded by one million people in Dublin city two women feel very alone One a university studeASIN B00NKEZ3Y moved to the most recent edition hereSurrounded by one million people in Dublin city two women fe Sweet novella set in Dublin between two young women an Irish and a Brazilian As a South American living in Ireland for eight years I think the author described the Irish character well but the Brazilian​ seems too European for my taste in her behaviour not her looks Despite of a couple of annoying typos I recommend it as a light read Overall 3 starsSee all my reviews atwwwlezreviewbookscom

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El very alone One a university student from a small town in the Irish countryside the other an adventurous spiri Those looking for a read both atmospheric and emotional will get just that in this tale of a lonely and lost girl looking for the girl of her dreams What follows is a story of misunderstandings as both ladies struggle to find happiness amidst their mutual unrelenting lonelinessThis was a sweet story with sensuality just hinted at throughout most of the story The relationship between the exotic Mariana and studious Susie progresses at a believable pace with plenty of bumps and bruises along the way as assumptions keep them apart for a time Their mutual loneliness is conveyed in a heartbreaking way too that had me sympathetic towards both of them and left me rooting for them to get together Both have moved to Ireland from far away and have had to struggle to make ends meet with only one person they can count on Though they might seem different they're a perfect match both longing to explore new things Life is chaotic especially for Susie but when they're together there's a sense of peacefulness and acceptance surrounding them That's why I wish time had been spent on them as a couple together I would've liked to see them interact with one another when in close uarters and as they didn't get their HFN until the end I felt frustratedThe author vividly detailed the country with all it's colorful vernacular and historic sites I found myself uickly immersed in this endearing and homey land Mariana and Susie were cute together once they finally reached that point and I found them easy to relate to When together there was a simmer of sexual tension which manifested in a sensual encounter at the end that was richly rewarding Along with this likable main couple was a large cast of secondary characters that almost too much time was spent on Considering this story's short word count I felt as if I knew about Susie's friend Paul than her because a lot of time was spent on his love life Even her roommates were given page time than I wanted to see Ultimately though this was a good story and with the promise seen her I expect greatness from this author in a genre that deserves to flourish