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READER Ö DOC Trailblazer ´ 1471181839 FREE ã EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ¾ ❮KINDLE❯ ➚ Trailblazer ❦ Author Marc Benioff – Urgent and compelling Richard Branson The gold standard on how to use business as a platform for change Ray Dalio For too D be regulatedin the same way you regulated the cigarette industry he found himself at the centre of a storm This was not what people expected to hear from a hugely successful tech entrepreneur and some industry leaders began calling him to say how he had betrayed them But Benioff shows how he created a company committed to shared values in everything they do creating a model for others to follow if they want to thrive in todays business environment where criticism of corporate greed is br A lot of what he has achieved in business in being mindful of social issues and acting on them within the company is admirable However this book does tend to feel like nothing than a vanity project on his part For this reason I struggled to get to the end No earth shattering insights to be found I'm sorry to say And I am genuinely sorry to say that I'd hoped for a little

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Inging new pressures on industry At Salesforce the aim was to take decisions that were not only good for business but also for society as a whole and this book will show you how to make these positive steps Benioff believes that in future the only businesses that will thrive are those that take an active role in making the world a better placeTrailblazer is a guidebook to help leaders employees and customers to prepare for the next phase of global capitalism the arrival of business for goo Fantastic read great guy

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TrailblazerUrgent and compelling Richard Branson The gold standard on how to use business as a platform for change Ray Dalio For too long many have felt that business focuses too much on profit and not enough on its responsibilities but now in Trailblazer Innovator of the Decade Marc Benioff shows how all of that can change for the better When Salesforce chairman and CEO Benioff called forregulation on the tech industry during the Davos World Economic Forum and followed it up by saying Facebook shoul This is an insightful read for anyone who wants change in their lives It has a content you want to grab with both hands yet still dissect for your own needs The chapters on homelessness especially appealed to myself as I've volunteered in this area personally Be it business or personal I'm going to reopen this book to remind myself why I have it five starsI felt akin to Marc Benioff when he talked about the great technological change he has witnessed in his lifetime My first home computer was a Commodore Vic 20 with 25 kilobytes of memory For those of you wondering yes I did mean kilobytes I upgraded this to a Sinclair Spectrum 16in and spent additional money on a 32kb expansion pack making 48on in total Software came on tapes You may wonder where I'm going with this and I'll explain that being able to reflect from personal experience allows one to remain grounded with this blistering pace of change Marc said historians felt historians may not agree when he said he thought the Fourth Industrial Revolution was coming to an end I agree with him My take on what is going to be the central theme of the Fifth Industrial Revolution is mindfullness to allow us not only to heal from our experience of Covid 19 but to move us all forward the right way and to help prevent this from happening again We need to remember we have one planet and can be silent andor ignorant no