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read kindle Õ Tithe author Holly Black Paperback ´ eyltransferservices ç ❴PDF❵ ✓ Tithe Author Holly Black – Welcome to the realm of very scary faeriesSixteen year old Kaye is a modern nomad Fierce and independent she travels from city to city withOon finds herself an unwilling pawn in an ancient power struggle between two rival faerie kingdoms a struggle that could very well mean her death Ugh I don't know where to start with this one so I'm gonna jump right in I didn't like it It was all just a raging bunch of WTF for me I mean it was random My brain hurts so this isn't going to be a very coherent reviewBefore I go to my detailed ravings it's best if I gave a brief overview of what this book was about It's the story of Kaye a changeling who was put under a glamour to hide her true green skinned self and lives with her rockstar wannabe mother Ellen Her life ultimately changes when her mother was almost murdered in a pathetic lame excuse of an attempted stabbing and having nowhere else to go they return to their home townHere Kaye suddenly finds herself reunited with her childhood imaginary friends who needs her to help them plot against the unseelie court and win the freedom of the faeries Narrative It was painful It's like listening to a child with ADHD jumping from one thing to the next Everything seemed so rushed that you don't get a single connection to the storyFirst example of it popped up right there in the freaking prologueFrank Stepping Razor's drummer grabbed Lloyd's arm Lloyd had just enough time to punch Frank in the face before other patrons tackled him and somebody called the policeBy the time the cops got there Lloyd couldn't remember anything He was mad as hell though cursing Ellen at the top of his lungs The police drove Kaye and her mother to Lloyd's apartment and waited while Kaye packed their clothes and stuff into plastic garbage bags Ellen was on the phone trying to find a place for them to crashHoney Ellen said finally we're going to have to go to Grandma'sSo a bit of background info that's the scene where Lloyd the dude Kaye's mum is dating the dude they live with tried to kill Kaye's mum And that is literally the single paragraph where it is mentioned I don't know about you but if my boyfriend suddenly lost his marbles and tried to kill me I'd be in a state of hysteria I'd be wondering what the flying fook was that all about I'd be dedicating at least an extra paragraph or two to explore the psychological damage that's done me and probably wrap things up a little smoothlyBut nope; not this Apparently they're happy with We're going to have to go to grandma's and the next scene they're living with Nana and Kaye's off to some rave like some whacko never tried to gut her mama Like wtf is wrong with you peopleAnd this sort of thing continues persistently throughout the rest of the book I guess what I'm trying to say is the narrative came out as choppy and rushed; it was emotionally detached from the readers like an exposition of events This was happening and then this this followed by a whopping amount of this Characters And this is the second reason why I simply couldn't like Tithe I just couldn't relate or even respect any of themI'm sorry Black was I supposed to root for Kaye and her friends Was I supposed to care view spoilerwhen Janet died hide spoiler

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Welcome to the realm of very scary faeriesSixteen year old Kaye is a modern nomad Fierce and independent she travels from city to city with her m DNF just not for me lol

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Tithe author Holly BlaOther's rock band until an ominous attack forces Kaye back to her childhood home There amid the industrial blue collar New Jersey backdrop Kaye s Read #4 probablyStarted on June 4 2019Finished on June 5 2019 “If you would help me draw this arrow His eyes narrowed and he shook his head If not then push it in as deep as you can and hope it kills me” Still a hoe for Kaye and Roiben and I'm not sorry about itThis masterpiece made me do a re read My eyes will never be the same Petition for KayeRoiben fanartOG REVIEW THAT I'M STILL AMAZED SO PEOPLE HAVE LIKED SO THANK YOU IF YOU'RE ONE OF THEM↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓I'm going to be up front this series You will either love it or hate it Personally I absolutely love gritty real lifefantasy stories when they're written well and I think Holly Black does the combination so much freaking justice It doesn't try too hard to be overly badass Kaye is such a great lead although I don't always see myself in her actions throughout the book I still liked her because she was real I never got the sense that Holly Black was trying to impress me; she was just writing about a real girl And honestly when I compare female leads in other books I always think about Kaye and if they live up to her standards which is not often enough for meSo many people cut down Tithe for its objectionable content but I was actually able to find a lot of realism in the way most of the characters behaved As I was growing up the teenagers I knew cursed like sailors and were always trading stories about sex Unfortunately or not it's a way of life nowadays teenagers are naturally curious I think in this case Holly Black's choice to include these situations and words make her characters come alive However that's not all Tithe is about people want to focus on that but it's only a small portion of the entire book Tithe is different and some people just don't enjoy or understand how YA can fit that profile But that's the one thing I appreciate about Holly Black her ability to take YA to another level She proves that the genre doesn't have to be a complete trope fest with beginnings and ends that fit together perfectlyFor me Holly Black's writing in Tithe is really hard to pin down It's like a combination of trippy and poetic The way she describes things you feel like you're reading poetry I love the detail she pours into Tithe I think my favorite sections have to be when she describes the faeries and where they live she makes it all gothic y and enchanting and it just makes me feel like I have a spell cast over me that forces me to be in this complete daze I can't get out of it if I wanted to I just keep reading every sentence she writes and loving them