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read epub Ë Theodore Rex Audio CD á ❮Epub❯ ➜ Theodore Rex ➛ Author Join or create book clubs – The most eagerly awaited presidential biography in years Theodore Rex is a seuel to Edmund Morriss classic bestseller The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt It begins by following the new President stAms John Hay and Elihu Root Theodore is never sober said Adams only he is drunk with himself and not with rumTRs speed of thought and action and his total command of all aspects of presidential leadership from bureaucratic subterfuge to manipulation of the press make him all but invincible in 1904 when he wins a second term by a historic landslide Surprisingly this victory transforms him from a patrician conservative to a progressive responsible between 1905 and 1908 for a raft of enlightened legislation including the Pure Food and Employer Liability acts Evensurprising to critics who have caricatured TR as a swinger of the Big Stick is his emergence as a diplomat He wins the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing about an end to the Russo Japanese War in 1905 Interspersed with many stories of Rooseveltian triumphs are some bitter episodes notably a devastating lynching that remind us of Americas deep prejudices and fears Theodore Rex does not attempt to justify TRs notorious action following the Brownsville Incident of 1906 his worst mistake as President but neither does this resolutely honest biography indulge in the easy wisdom of hindsight It is written throughout in real time reflecting the world as TR saw it By the final chapter as the great Teddy prepares to uit the White House in 1909 it will be a hard hearted reader who does not share the sentiment of Henry Adams The old house will seem dull and sad when my Theodore has gon Edmund Morris writes an excellent book on Theodore Roosevelt's presidency He comes across as probably the best US Presidentbeing probably Democrat than Republican in his ideas and used Congress to get those ideas passed as well as using executive powers to by pass Congress when necessary He was not anti business just against businesses using their power unfairly and he was not pro labour per se just wanted labour to be treated fairly He set the USA on course to become the world power that it now isA book is well worth reading giving and insight to Roosevelt's opinion of Germany and Japan that were becoming aggressive and an interesting episode is the tactics used to put a stop to illegal Japanese immigration

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The most eagerly awaited presidential biography in years Theodore Rex is a seuel to Edmund Morriss classic bestseller The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt It begins by following the new President still the youngest in American history as he comes down from Mount Marcy New York to take his emergency oath of office in Buffalo one hundred years ago A detailed prologue describes TRs assumption of power and journey to Washington with the assassinated President McKinley riding behind him like a ghost of the nineteenth century Trains rumble throughout this irresistibly moving narrative as TR crosses and recrosses the nation Traveling south through a succession of haunting landscapes TR encounters harbingers of all the major issues of the new century Imperialism Industrialism Conservation Immigration Labor Race plus the overall challenge that intimidated McKinley how to harness Americas new power as the worlds richest nation Theodore Rex the title is taken from a uip by Henry James tells the story of the following seven and a half years years in which TR entertains infuriates amuses strong arms and seduces the body politic into a state of almost total subservience to his will It is not always a pretty story one of the revelations here is that TR was hated and feared by a substantial minority of his fellow citizens Wall Street the white South Western lumber barons even his own Republican leadership in Congress strive to harness his steadil This second book in the series by Edmund Morris on the life of Theodore Roosevelt focuses on his two terms as President of the United States Roosevelt did not actually serve two terms as President at least not as we recon it today His first term was in his ascension to the Presidency when William McKinley was assassinated only six months into his second term TR thus was elected in his own right as President to only one term Recognizing the custom that a President only serve two terms in office the 22nd amendment limited the President to two terms had not been enacted yet TR vowed upon his election to President in his own right that he would not seek a second term The fact that he remained true to his word even though he was extremely popular and could have been reelected easily to a second term is an indicator of the character of Theodore RooseveltRoosevelt was a political paradox As a Republican he favored a strong national defense and was responsible for modernizing and increasing the size of the United States Navy He also strongly favored capitalism and was against any hints of socialism in any form yet he was pivotal in ushering out the era of laissez faire economics and fought for stronger government regulation of business through the new Interstate Commerce Act of which he was a major driving force In direct opposition to Republican doctrine both of his era and today he favored a much stronger centralized governmentAbove all Roosevelt was both a man of strong character and moral values and he was a man of action

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Theodore RexY increasing powerWithin weeks of arrival in Washington TR causes a nationwide sensation by becoming the first President to invite a black man to dinner in the White House Next he launches his famous prosecution of the Northern Securities Company and follows up with landmark antitrust legislation He liberates Cuba determines the route of the Panama Canal mediates the great Anthracite Strike and resolves the Venezuela Crisis of 1902 1903 with such masterful secrecy that the world at large is unaware how near the United States and Germany have come to warDuring an epic national tour in the spring of 1903 TRs conservation philosophy his single greatest gift to posterity comes into full flower He also bestows on countless Americans the richness of a personality without parallel evangelical and passionate yet lusty and funny; adroitly political winningly natural intellectually overwhelming The most famous father of his time he is adored by his six children although beautiful willful Princess Alice rebelled against him and accepted as an honorary member of the White House Gang of seditious small boys Theodore Rex full of cinematic detail moves with the exhilarating pace of a novel yet it rides on a granite base of scholarship TRs own voice is constantly heard as the President was a gifted letter writer and raconteur Also heard are the many witticisms sometimes mocking yet always affectionate of such Roosevelt intimates as Henry Ad I am not a fan of biographies at all but I bought this first of three books on the recommendation of a friend whom I trust implicitly I was not disappointed In fact I was uite surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this book and before I was even halfway through this first book I bought the other two books that make up this trilogy of a biography These books are the best across all literary categories I have read in years