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The Speed of Light kindle ☆ Kindle Edition read ☆ elissa grossell dickey ´ [Reading] ➶ The Speed of Light Author Elissa Grossell Dickey – A compelling and provocative debut novel told in intersecting timelines over a tumultuous defining year in one womaOlidays the sights and sounds of winter in South Dakota only prick memories of better years gone by Then on a December morning at the university where she works jarring The Speed ePUB #241 gunshots pierce the halls In a temporary safe place and terrified Simone listens and pretends this will all be over soonAs she waits for silence her mind racing Simone’s We are all living on the edge of a cliff without even knowing it and one fragile movement can push us over the edge or pull us to safetyThis is a novel for everyone but most especially for anyone who is in doubt of the next day or perhaps the next year How do you live with a new diagnosis Will you be able put one foot in front of the other each daySimone is trying to find her way as she is diagnosed with MS and wonders what the days will hold for herHow will her life transition How will her friendships and loves adjust as limitations may happenA horrid tragedy occursthat may be the life lesson Simone and we all needThis is a wonderful debut novel and I certainly look forward to from Elissa Grossell Dickey

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Past year comes into focus Falling in love and missing it Finding strength in family and enduring friendships Planning for the future fearing it and hoping against hope in dark places Her life has been changing at the speed of light and each crossroad brought Simone here to this day to endure the things she can’t control and to confront those that she can I am simply amazed I absolutely loved The Speed of Light The Speed of Light discusses very serious and important topics like mass shootings and the chronic illness Multiple Sclerosis Elissa Dickey approaches these important topics elegantly and with care The way that this book is set up makes you want to keep reading Bouncing back and forth between the shooting and the events in Simone's life in the months leading up to it was an excellent decision It left the reader on a cliff hanger for fear of how the shooting will unfold–will Simone be okay Will Nikki be okay Elissa incorporated a theme into each part of her story that is not only reflected in the sections where Simone is trapped in the shooting but in Simone's life before the shooting as well This choice allows us to get to know Simone better and how her life experiences shape her actions during the shooting It also gives us insight into the other characters of the book who were at the college during the shooting–and even the shooters themselves Because Chet was a major douche I saw that one coming But Stan That partnership Until the title card for the 10th part Betrayal I didn't figure that out The plot twists in this book were amazing Ariel dying her hair red was so perfect for a twist It's that rom com feel of when one character looks back just missing the other's gaze Emmett never saw Diana so he could've only identified her by the fiery red hair And Connor and Ariel just happened to come to the hospital when Simone was visiting Nikki–it killed meLissa also created lovable and realistic characters Nikki was hilarious Hayley was so courageous Stan was a flighty bastard that tried to redeem himself in the end Simone's parents reminded me of people in my own life especially because the dad was very meticulous about his lawn Emmett is a gamer with a gold sense of humor And of course Connor the perfect guy that only exists in books I could talk about The Speed of Light for hours There were so many things that I loved about this book and I cannot wait to see it on the bestseller list next spring 3

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The Speed of LightA compelling and provocative debut novel told in intersecting timelines over a tumultuous defining year in one woman’s lifeSimone is trying her best not to think of what she’s lost Diagnosed with MS she awaits the results of another anxiety inducing MRI She’s just walked away from Connor “a fixer” but possibly the love of her life And nearing the h The Speed of Light was a wonderful layered story that is eual parts gripping and heartfelt I was completely riveted and invested in the events of both timelines an unfolding dangerous situation in the now as well as the MC's year up to that moment a burgeoning romance while coping with the life altering multiple sclerosis diagnosis As a chronic illness sufferer the MC's internal struggle to process her diagnosis and the implications of that on her future as well as her relationship really resonated with me I found it nuanced and authentic as well as very moving The characters were well drawn and interesting and I enjoyed spending time with them I loved the female relationships in this book and found the different family dynamics interesting and relatable The love story was sweet and had a warmth to it that made you want to root for this couple I was completely entertained and swept away I read the book in a single sitting and enjoyed every word Overall it was a fantastic read