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Eight generations of the greatest and worst kings and ueens that this country has ever seen from the White Ship to the Lionheart bad King John to the Black Prince and John of Gaunt this is the dynasty that invented England as we still know it today great history to appeal to readers of Ken Follet Bernard Cornwell Tom HollandEngl Okay so far I’ve just gotten into the first chapter so I can’t claim to have read the whole book yet but in almost every paragraph so far I seem to encounter red flags For instance he refers to the amazing English mounted archers there was never any such thing and he describes the White Ship as a “longship” Twice and counting I’m struck with the uncomfortable possibility that this author does not know what a longship actually is and that no such thing existed in 1120He says that Richard the Lion Heart was a staunch defender of Plantagenet power how so? The author himself noted in the same sentence that Richard spent virtually no time in England but rather spent most of his time on crusade are imprisoned and held for ransomFinally how come he declares the dynasty dead with the overthrow of Richard II? Most historians I think would argue that the two branches of the family that stars in his next book War of the Roses are Plantagenets and both trace a direct line through the male to old Plantagenet himselfOkay so you may say that I’m nitpicking here because I’ve called out some particulars but when I read history I want to feel that I am being educated Instead even at this early stage I’m left feeling that what I’m reading is consistently superficial and careless I purchased both this and Wars of the Roses but after barely a few pages I think I’ll take a pass on the series and move on to serious historians

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The Plantagenets The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made EnglandCh survive to this day and continue to speak of their sophistication brutality and secretsDan Jones brings you a new vision of this battle scarred history From the Crusades to King Johns humbling over Magna Carta and the tragic reign of the last Plantagenet Richard II this is a blow by blow account of Englands most thrilling age Dan Jones tells the story of the first 8 Plantagenet monarchs that ruled England between 1154 and 1399 beginning with Henry I and ending at the fall of Richard II Each monarch in turn has his story told; which wars he fought in the land he gained and lost who he married and who his children were Throughout the book it became apparent in the tone of the author’s writing that there were monarchs he disliked and liked In fighting jealousy resentment and hunger for were uneasy bed fellows within the royal household than once for example Dan Jones highlights that in Henry II reign as 3 of his oldest sons gained maturity and his wife began to resent the erosion of her power led to betrayal and heartache for a father and king We all know families can be sites of joy and potent loyalty but they can also be the site of friction and the most severe betrayals and when that family rules over land and people the ripples of that frictionbetrayal are felt far and wideI would have loved to learn about the powerful spouses and confidants behind each reign but this book has done well in whetting my appetite for This book is not academically referenced although the author does utilise historical records and extracts from lettersdiaries I have to say I would have liked it if the author had provided references simply because it would have made it easier for me to look up what books I may like to readI also would have liked the layout of the chapters and paragraphs to be a little different as a personal preference when it comes to eBooks I’m not overly keen on a stream of writing on a page and prefer clearly visible and reasonably sized paragraphs now this doesn’t happen throughout but earlier in the book it does that being said this doesn’t take away from the fact that the writing is overall engaging99p on 10th August 2019

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Epub ß The Plantagenets ò The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England Download × [Read] ➱ The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England Author Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Eight generations of the greatest and worst kings and ueens Ands greatest royal dynasty the Plantagenets ruled over England through eight generations of kings Their remarkable reign saw England emerge from the Dark Ages to become a highly organised kingdom that spanned a vast expanse of Europe Plantagenet rule saw the establishment of laws and creation of artworks monuments and tombs whi This book is a fascinating gestation on the history not only of Plantagenet England in the Late Middle Ages but also of the many places and key world events that were directly influenced by Plantagenet Kings these include Richard the Lionheart's riveting adventures in Jerusalem during the Second Crusade when the Princes of Europe fought against the brilliant and infamous Muslim warrior king Saladin; the epic struggles between the kings of England and of France which this book explores and explains uite vividly especially the beginning of the Hundred Years' War and England's incredible early victories at Crecy and Poitiers under Edward III and his son the Black Prince which helps to illuminate the difficult and often hostile relationship between the two kingdoms that shaped the foreign policies of each all the way through the Napoleonic Wars and beyond; England's final subjugation of Wales under Llewellyn the Last; the great and terrible wars with Scotland which include legendary Scottish national heroes like Robert the Bruce and William Wallace which will be appreciated by fans of the movie Braveheart which bends the historical record to imply that Edward III was actually the son of Wallace and Edward II's wife Isabella played by the beautiful Sophie Marceau All of which takes place against the dramatic backdrop of the shifting and incredibly tumultuous geopolitics of Medieval Europe; from the Western Schism of the Catholic Church when the Holy See was moved from Rome to Avignon; to the diplomatic battles between English kings and the Vatican which prefigure Henry VIII's final split with Rome; to the Holy Roman Emperors; the early bankers of Florence most interestingly the financial ruin of the Bardi family by Edward III's defaulted loans which laid the way for the rise of the Medici in later years To pack so much history into a single volume and to do it with both granular detail and compulsive readability is truly an amazing feat and a tribute to the literary prowess and deep historical knowledge of Dan Jones