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read The Language Instinct How the Mind Creates Language doc ì Paperback ´ steven pinker æ ➸ The Language Instinct How the Mind Creates Language Download ➿ Author Steven Pinker – The classic book on the development of human language by Ow it changes how the brain computes it and how it evolved With deft use of examples of humor and wordplay Steven Pinker weaves our vast knowledge of language into a compelling story language is a human instinct wired into our brains by evolution The Language Instinct  A friend a diplomat’s daughter when asked how she had managed to master Dutch when she went to a school in Suriname shrugged“I don’t know I remember being so confused during the first day not understanding a single word But not so long after that I was able to speak in Dutch I just spoke I don’t know how”That had happened years ago when she was still very young We have always wondered how come children are able to learn language easily while many if not most adults find the task of learning a new language bewildering bordering with the impossible Plus children are not just great imitators If they were we would only be repeating things our parents had told us when we were small But we don’t We don’t just mimic our parents’ words Something in our neural circuitry does than just copying; it analyses grammar it finds for pattern it composes new combination of words frighteningly complex processes that so far cannot even be matched by the most advanced of AI C3PO is still a long way to goThe ability of learning language is one of the many subjects covered by the book The Language Instinct written by Steven Pinker a psycholinguist in Harvard No he’s not some crazy linguist who enjoys slaying peopleLanguage is probably the hallmark of human race We boast our ability to communicate in words a feature of our culture that no other living forms have But Pinker shows us that far from being a cultural invention language is actually an instinct And because it is then despite the doubts of the likes of Chomsky it must be built gradually in the lineages one of which led to us thanks to natural selection Aiming towards the goal of convincing us about that main point of language being an instinct Pinker wove an abundance of evidence into this clear mostly easy to swallow book I said most because to be frank at times I was lost among a wealth of linguistic terms that I had to crawl through trying to just grab the general point of some partsNevertheless I like Pinker’s book for dissecting language thoroughly My favourite part is of course about the language mavens – people who think they have the task to safeguard the purity of language and grammar Pinker showed us that many instances of ‘ungrammatical’ words or sentences according to those mavens are actually grammatical according to how our brain works Very enlightening especially for someone like me who has for uite some time lost her faith in the tyranny of KBBI and EYD of the Indonesian language Our own language mavens for instance would waste their sweat telling us that the correct spelling for ‘lembab’ is ‘lembap’ though you understand that both mean the same anyway and that you may not speak of ‘jam delapan’ but ‘pukul delapan’ insteadBut hey if this sounds like telling us to ditch our dictionaries and standard spellings and pronunciation altogether what am I doing writing something in what I hope is a neat piece of review instead 0f sumth1n l1k3 d33s? You might even notice that I even care to hit the spacebar twice after a period but only once after a commaWell when I talk with my sister and brother or with my bestfriends sometimes we use words and phrases only we understand I wager none of you know what an ‘exedol’ is Sometimes we don’t even have to finish our sentences Our experience together has created specific

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Received the William James Book Prize from the American Psychological Association and the Public Interest Award from the Linguistics Society of America This edition includes an update on advances in the science of language since The Language Instinct was first publishe A highly interesting book about how language came about in the human mind It gets uite technical at times but that's an added bonus for anyone who is truly interested in the subject

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The Language Instinct How the Mind Creates LanguageThe classic book on the development of human language by the world’s leading expert on language and the mindIn this classic the world's expert on language and mind lucidly explains everything you always wanted to know about language how it works how children learn it h I have this incredible mental block about reviewing nonfiction My formal linguistics experience is limited to exactly one History of the English Language class as a college junior and it remains one of the most fascinating satisfying and illuminating classroom experiences I've ever had university level or otherwise which was about when I realized that the study of language was up there with the school paper and my creative writing courses in terms of the all over fulfillment I found in it It helped that I had an enthusiastic professor whose wealth of knowledge and general zeal turned my disappointment in the English department's lack of additional linguistic offerings into a fervent hunt for extracurricular reading material regarding the topic though I can't help but feel that my self guided tour through the field isn't yielding the same benefits I'd've received from exploring the same terrain with an expert leading the way Hence my concern that I'll sound like I'm trying to pretend that I know what I'm talking about on some deeper level when my background in the roots of language is far recreational than academic All's I can say for sure is that The Language Instinct was great fun beautifully written and an absolute whirlwind of information that covers a dizzying array of unexpected but thought provokingly relevant subjectsOh and that Steven Pinker has the most admirably disheveled hair since Georges Perec Their locks are not to be trifled with nor clearly are their minds The last language centric book I read argued in favor of a point that had been laughed into noncredibility for years thanks to the implied racism it still carried from the Sapir Whorf hypothesis days which is that the world actually looks different based on one's view of the world based on his or her culture and language Through the Language Glass written by Guy Deutscher and published in 2010 and which I must admit to having read long enough ago that I have shamefully forgotten many of its finer details but do recall as having made a rather convincing argument as it delved into stuff such as how a language can reflect a culture's attitude toward its women an hypothesis that Pinker decried within the first 50 pages of this 1994 bestseller as wrong all wrong as it is his view that discussions that assume that language determines thought carry on only by a collective suspension of disbelief My copy of The Language Instinct includes Pinker's chapter by chapter asides about updates in the many areas he explored in a book he published than two decades ago including the neo Whorfism that has sprung up in recent years a revival that allowed works such as Through the Language Glass to be taken seriously because the misguided blinders and red herrings of the linguistic avenue of contemplation have finally fallen away and its points can be made in such a way to sidestep the unfortunate pitfalls of the pastSeeing the inverse of an argument made just as successfully as my initial exposure to it was what sucked me in for good with this book The overlapping of an argument's two sides and seeing familiar names familiar backgrounds familiar failings and completely different conclusions were all strangely rewarding payoffs for my own curious solitary explorations And that spark of recognition just kept cropping up in myriad forms as I read on and