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Download ´ The Game ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Å [PDF] ✑ The Game ✓ Ken Dryden – Widely acknowledged as the best hockey book ever written and lauded by Sports Illustrated as one of the Top 10 Sports Books of All Time The Game is a reflective and thought provoking lookEring up a rare inside look at the game of hockey and an incredible personal memoir This commemorative edition marks the th anniversary of The Game's original publication It includes black and white photography from the Hockey Hall of Fame and a new chapter from the author Take a journey to the heart and soul of the game with this timeless hockey classi. A time capsule buried at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1931 and revealed on Thursday January 26 2012 contains an NHL rule book a municipal code financial information on the team and a tiny carved ivory elephant of mysterious origin1Hockey in all its forms in all its lore never fails to captivate many Canadians But do we listen carefully to those voices from the distant 1931 NHL rule book and recent pastThe Game by Ken Dryden first published in 1983 offers enduring contributions to sport literature non fiction and Canadian literature Considering it comes straight from one of the most accomplished players of the sport written by him not mediated through an interviewer or ghost writer the book intrigues and challenges because it's not entirely a celebration of the sport of hockey but a reverential and at times very troubled examination of it The Game is neither a light nor uick read but it's an absorbing and thoughtful reflection on the game of hockey and the experience of being part of a team The book will fascinate fans and students of the sport as well as those interested in the history psychology and national resonances and significance of this particular sportRead my complete review here

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Widely acknowledged as the best hockey book ever written and lauded by Sports Illustrated as one of the Top Sports Books of All Time The Game is a reflective and thought provoking look at a life in hockey Intelligent and insightful former Montreal Canadiens goalie and former President of the Toronto Maple Leafs Ken Dryden captures the essence of the spo. This book by former Montréal Canadiens Goalie Ken Dryden is nothing short of brilliant It is certainly the best sports related biography I have ever read to this point in my life As much as I enjoy Baseball biographies of former players of years gone by; this book by far outdoes them all As a young lad growing up in Ontario Canada and prior to moving as a kid to Southern California – Ken Dryden was for me at the time a person I liked to despise – this of course due to my allegiance to the Toronto Maple Leafs I have of course grown softer with age and with life experiences that have brought a reality of “not so tough” mentality; I have over the recent decade and a half followed the Montréal Canadiens as I do occasionally the NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox even though my MLB teams are the Anaheim Angels and Washington Nationals A game of tradition history a rich past it is apparent the 1967 expansion changed the game forever Bob Dylan once said “Reality Has Many Heads” – so no wonder I came to see in print within this book the same feelings I held but didn’t want to accept that the “Maple LeafCanadiens rivalry is deadhas been since the late 1960’s” There goes my childhood LOL even though I became a Los Angeles Kings fan and later Anaheim Ducks fan in Southern California The Gretzky years in Los Angeles were both fun and invigorating – the loss of the 1993 Stanley Cup to Les Habitant de Montréal was the result of a game changer when Marty McSorley was tossed from a game by a referee for having too large a curve on his Hockey stick I was at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles the night Wayne Gretzky scored goal number “802”Mr Dryden is first and foremost not a boaster of his sports accomplishments; he prefers to draw attention in his book to those around him who played positively with a work ethic incumbent upon any profession He isn’t a “snob” either in that he references periodically through his books other great sports stars in a personal occasional comparison of the NBA MLB NFL and there is uite an interesting passage as well that reflects the personality of a goalie He uses this reference of reflection in the same manner that he considers a Soccer star from Europe – it is apparent that “good” goalies have rather introverted tendencies – the last line of defense in both Soccer and Hockey I have a personal opinion that Hockey Goalies in North America are acutely in tune with their MLB Catchers counterpart – the bending is freuent in Hockey than soccer and the position reuires a tighter space to operate within about the same space a catcher deals with only a bit higher and wider than the strike box Home plate or a Hockey net reuire control and precise ability Jonathan uick of the Los Angeles Kings was drafted by both the NHL and MLB for his abilities as a player on both the Hockey and Baseball Collegiate teams he played for while attending the University of Massachusetts Mr Dryden won 5 Stanley Cups was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1983 and took a year off of his NHL career to finish his law degree at McGill University in Toronto; but he earned a BA in History at Cornell University – he later became a Canadian Politician elected to office in the Liberal Party – the Party that currently holds the Prime Minister’s Office of Canada He won 76 of 81 collegiate starts while playing goalie for Cornell Big Red; in 1967 he helped the team win what we call today the “Frozen Four” for a Collegiate ChampionshipMr Dryden doesn’t brag about any of these personal accomplishments – he is most humble and is careful as to how he approaches his personal awards – his interest lay within the confines of his home and his family Was great to read a sports book where there was no wife beating no alcohol or steroid abuse no arrests and no need for intervention of any form at any part of his life A brilliant Sports Biography – plain and simple This is the 30th anniversary edition of the first edition printed in 1983; reprinted with an added chapter in 2013

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The GameRt and what it means to all hockey fans He gives us vivid and affectionate portraits of the characters Guy Lafleur Larry Robinson Guy Lapointe Serge Savard and coach Scotty Bowman among them that made the Canadiens of the s one of the greatest hockey teams in history But beyond that Dryden reflects on life on the road in the spotlight and on the ice off. Published in '83 this book assumes that I will have been part of the 70s part of the 2 channel television world part of the hockey world That is a fine assumption at the time However as I picked this up as a book that nearly won Canada Reads that's not good enough That assumption lay thickly between me and the words of the book So many passages are just words names descriptions references I don't get I wanted to like this book I wanted to learn to like hockey better I liked Ken Dryden better instead When he was talking about hockey I was lost for the most part It just drifted past me When he talked about The Game ie about teams and sports and being an athlete and fans and owners and aging and life then I was with himpg 218 on violence in hockeyThe NHL is wrongAnger and frustration can be released within the rules by skating faster by shooting harder by doing relentless dogged violence on an opponent's mind as Bjorn Borg Pete Rose and Bob Gainey do If Freud was right and anger released is anger spent then a right hook given is a body check missed and by permitting fighting the NHL discourages determined inspired play as retaliation