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Dødens Terning free read Ù 6 ↠ ❮PDF❯ ✪ Dødens Terning Author Kenneth B. Andersen – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Philip's adventures as the Devil's apprentice have changed him—in a good way Although he misses his friends in Hell he has made new friends in life But when the future of the underworld is threatene Philip's advN the future of the underworld is threatened once again Philip’s help is needed Death's Die has been stolen and immortality is spreading across the globe. The Die Of Death by Kenneth B Andersen is a fantastic and fun seuel to The Devil’s Apprentice This book is full of brilliant world building interesting characters and fun twists that keep you thoroughly entertainedSynopsis Philip’s days in Hell have changed him for the better he now has friends to spend his time with and no longer follows every single rule applied to him But Philip misses his friends in Hell though he may see them sooner than he thinks When Death discovers an important item of his has been stolen he realises the future of the underworld is in danger and Death needs Philip’s help to set things right again As Philip helps to save the underworld again he also comes across a shocking truth about his own life Can Philip save the future of the underworld again And can he cope with the newly revealed truths of his own lifeThis review may contain spoilers for the first book in the series review here The Devil’s Apprentice— Light Comical Direct But Balanced and Metaphorical —The Writing StyleNarrative Unsurprisingly Andersen manages to maintain his light comical direct but balanced and metaphorical writing style flawlessly in this fascinating seuel The language is relatively simple and direct meaning you can fly through the story but he effectively uses complex and vivid metaphors to draw attention to key details and to create a strong image of the world he has created – the balance is perfect and makes the book suitable for all age rangesMoreover Andersen’s writing style is incredibly engaging he masterfully creates pathos for characters and situations and easily makes you feel connected to the world and characters he has crafted from the moment you open the book you are hooked and that attention never wavers He cleverly weaves together comedy danger and suspense creating strong atmospheres that draw you in and have effective pay offs which keep you intrigued shocked and satisfied throughout the whole storyAgain the story is told from the third person perspective of Philip – and again it is still a very effective choice Philip is still a child but has developed a lot since the first book – he is still a good child but is flexible and has friends now This means that his perspective is even intrguing than before because now he is inclined to do ‘bad’ things so he is a little bit unpredictable Despite being a young child you can easily connect with his perspective in this book because the events he has to deal with are ones relevant to us allThe perspective gives us a lot of insight into Philip his thoughts emotions and motivations but also keeps us blind to the other characters motives This allows a sense of mystery and suspense to be created and the tension works very well alongside the story because it keeps you interested Much like with the first book I really enjoyed this perspective even so now with Philip being developed and thought it worked wonderfully— Brilliantly Uniue Story And Was Incredibly Fun —The StoryPlot Andersen is a fantastic story teller This series has a fresh perspective on Hellthe underworld and has a uniue storyline that never fails to entertain We follow Philip as he is returned to Hell in order to help Death recover a stolen item that if not returned can cause a lot of trouble for Hell an

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Philip throws himself into the search and discovers a horrible truth about his own life along the wayThe Die of Death is volume in The Great Devil War serie. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again I am loving these books If you’ve read my review of The Devil’s Apprentice you’ll know just how impressed I was with the characters and world building in the story It’s so uniue and fun Yes fun Sure it’s a little dark but it such a great reading experienceBook #2 in the series is no different Philip “dies” again but this time he is summoned back to Hell for Death himself After saving the “Great Devil” Death is convinced Philip is the only one who can help him find his die and save the entire UnderworldAll of our favourite and not so favourite characters are back and there are even a few new additions too Philip happily reunites with Satina and the rest of his friends whom he has been missing topsideTogether they go on an incredible journey through the Underworld meeting friend and foe and uncover a darker conspiracy then they originally thought even for HellGuys these books are so fun And like a good book series both characters and plot are developing nicely I can’t wait to read what happens next

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Dødens TerningPhilip's adventures as the Devil's apprentice have changed him in a good way Although he misses his friends in Hell he has made new friends in life But whe. Wow The mystery part of this story the main plot where Philip is summoned by Death to find and take back the stolen “Die of Death” kind of left me in two minds but other than that this book is as entertaining and phenomenal as the previous book Just like the previous book the veins of imagery and creativity marble throughout the pages and vividly create and delineate the world of Hell In this installment the creativity even spreads its wings to the realm of Death and fascinated me and regaled me with the ample and one of a kind depictions of the world that my poor imagination would never have even dared to delve into It was brilliantly ventured and executed the depiction is nothing but superb I felt a tad left out with regards to the mystery plot though Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed Philip’s adventure into finding the stolen Die as well as his reunion with the familiar characters such as Satina and Lucifer uite a lot but it felt lacking in conviction as to why it has to be Philip who finds the Die I personally found the reasoning a tad less convincing By the same token I couldn’t help but nurture a faint feeling of “left out” by the pace of development the way Philip and Satina especially Philip piece clues and dots together that leads to the thief moved rather uickly and subplots of Grumblebeard the gatekeeper left me astray while I must admit the particular subplot was entertaining and engaging Obviously the roads to the culprit cannot be plain sailing they must be meandering and confusing and I don’t know if it was due to me being scatterbrained or the lack of my focus but the entire mystery plot didn’t work as well as I would have liked Nevertheless the other parts the concept of mortality “the deal” that Philip made with Mortimer the Death and the dark ominous prospect of upcoming uprising to name a few thoroughly entertained me and thrilled me my kindle book is left with a copious amount of notes that I made while reading this book The story is absolutely engaging and gripping and I particularly adored that most of the characters from Hell those who are supposed to be downright evil and redoubtable are actually amiable and friendly Funny as I might sound when talking about a book depicting Hell and the Underworld there’s some uplifting and comforting even heart warming vibe running throughout the book which stops this book from being all dark and gloom Even faint hearted readers can surely handle this I bet And the development in the last 10% OMG it momentarily knocked the breath out of me which I didn’t even realize I was holding The resurgence of Philip’s nemesis the Prince of Darkness Holy crap It sent a chill running down my spine not from fear or scare but from excitement and thrills The malice and menace is spewing out of him and the execution is forget what I said a bit earlier this book being rather comforting As far as this seuence is concerned it’s macabre and absolutely frightening My blood ran cold Then just like the storm abates the peace is eventually restored and things get wrapped up in a very satisfying manner Not too rushed nor too slow Perfect conclusion although I wished it had been developed a teeny bit All in all my impression towards this book is as favorable and positive as the previous one Lucifer