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The Curious Case of Lady Latimer's Shoes kindle õ eBook Free Ø eyltransferservices ô [Reading] ➾ The Curious Case of Lady Latimer's Shoes By Stephanie Laurens – With her husband amateur sleuth the Honorable Barnaby Adair decidedly eccentric fashioN Penelope assists by learning all she can about the victim’s family and uncovers a feud between them and the Latimers over the fabulous shoes known as Lady Latimer’s shoes currently exclusive to the LatimersThe deeper Penelope delves the convinced she becomes that the murder is somehow connected to the shoes She conscripts Griselda Stokes’s wife and Violet Montague now Penelope’s secretary and the trio set out to learn all they can about the people involved I didn't realize my library had this on their shelves until I was browsing before the Christmas holidays I've been wanting to read this for about 2 years but the price for this short story is just ridiculous so I've never bought it Now that I've read it though I think I'm going to try and find a secondhand edition to add to my collection as I really enjoyed this Regency whodunitIt's always a pleasure to read about Barnaby and Penelope and the cases they help Inspector Stokes of Scotland Yard investigate and this one was intriguing and the twist at the end was very out of the blue and well done

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And most importantly the shoes a direction vindicated when unexpected witnesses report seeing a lady fleeing the scene wearing Lady Latimer’s shoesBut nothing is as it seems and the Penelope and her friends learn about the shoes conundrums abound compounded by a Romeo and Juliet romance and escalating social pressureuntil at last the pieces fall into place and finally understanding what has occurred the six intrepid investigators race to prevent an even worse trage Good plot Loved to see the crew together to solve this one

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The Curious Case of Lady Latimer's ShoesWith her husband amateur sleuth the Honorable Barnaby Adair decidedly eccentric fashionable matron Penelope Adair is attending the premier event opening the haut ton’s Season when a body is discovered in the gardens A lady has been struck down with a finial from the terrace balustrade Her family is present as are the cream of the haut ton the shocked hosts turn to Barnaby and Penelope for helpBarnaby calls in Inspector Basil Stokes and they begin their investigatio Reading buddies on the loose again ;35 Stars I was rather hoping that this one would be like The Peculiar Case of Lord Finsbury's Diamonds in that it'd be heavy on mystery with the romance on the side though that may be odd Seriously though I enjoy the big mystery aspect of this series I think it's fun and this one did not disappoint me In this case the mystery was not easy to figure out There are clues that lead to the suspect but the motive is a big uestion mark and it kept me in suspense waiting to get to the finish and the explanation This time the villain is not so much a villain and the murder turns out to be not so nefarious after all I thought the plot dealing with the shoes was interesting and unusual I liked how because of the nature of the clues and the people involved the three ladies Penelope Griselda and Violet had to play a bit of a bigger role in the investigating They took charge and made observations and found leads and such that the guys overlooked or had not thought of The way the pieces fell together kept me reading at a good clip eager for the conclusion This one was a pretty darn good addition to the series and I'm really liking the continued growth between the couples their families and how they all come together as a team Really looking forward to our next buddy read Malcolm's story