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read kindle Á The Buddhist Teaching of Totality ´ ➥ [Epub] ➟ The Buddhist Teaching of Totality: The Philosophy of Hwa Yen Buddhism By Garma C.C. Chang ➯ – The Hwa Yen school of Mahayana Buddhism bloomed in China in the 7th and 8th centuries AD Today many scholars regard its doctRistian and Buddhist philosophy Professor Chang provides an extensive expertly developed section on the philosophical foundations of Hwa Yen Buddhism dealing with the core concept of True Voidness the philosophy of Totality and the doctrine of Mind Only A concluding section includes selections of Hwa Yen readings and biographies of the patriarchs as well as a glossary and list of Chinese terms The Hwa Yen school which drew chiefly from the Avatamsaka Sutra translated by Cleary emphasizes Dharma from the perspective of realization or enlightened mind Like the Lotus Sutra The Avatamsaka Sutra is eually an evocation of a state of mind as a presentation of information The Hwa Yen thinkers of Sung China used this as their starting point to paint a dazzling portrait of our universe filled with mind blowing images and rich ideasThis is a pretty good introduction to Hwa Yen Buddhism although the reader will have to wade through a fair amount of unapologetic sectarianism Hwa Yen we learn is the highest and most advanced form of Buddhism and Chang clearly considers himself to have full knowledge of what Buddha really meant in his teachings Despite this sometimes tedious lack of modesty the book is a good overview of the history and doctrine of this school Given the unfortunate paucity of material on this intriguing movement that is a welcome addition

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The Hwa Yen school of Mahayana Buddhism bloomed in China in the 7th and 8th centuries AD Today many scholars regard its doctrines of Emptiness Totality and Mind Only as the crown of Buddhist thought and as a useful and uniue philosophical system and explanation of man world and life as intuitively experienced in Zen practice For the first time in any Western language Garma Chang explains and e The book is well written with very good and clear explanations and examplesparables to enhance the meanings However the ereader version has many typo errors

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The Buddhist Teaching of Totality The Philosophy of Hwa Yen BuddhismXemplifies these doctrines with references to both oriental masters and Western philosophers The Buddha's mystical experience of infinity and totality provides the framework for this objective revelation of the three pervasive and interlocking concepts upon which any study of Mahayana philosophy must depend Following an introductory section describing the essential differences between Judeo Ch For an easy ride visit Disneyland CC Chang's study of the Hua Yen is a demanding work because it presuposes that the reader wishes to find such insight through practice The Hua Yen Ching is said to have been expounded immediately after the Buddha's own enlightenment It is one of the few sutras that actually endeavour to hint about the enlightened state itself positively rather than obliuely by referring to it in relation to what it is not viz asrava klesa defilements trsna dualism the 'neither nor' aspect Hua Yen deals with the 'mutually inclusive' dimensions of totality Beware Too many Western writings on Hua Yen Kegon jump straight into shih shih wu ai the 'non obstruction between thing events' But actually without insight into li shih wu ai seeing 'form' as grounded in the kung or 'void' aspect nobody knows anything about shih shih wu ai CC Chang had the best Chinese and Tibetan teachers He writes with authority because he writes with eperiential insight into what the Hua Yen teaches I've savoured Chang's work for 25 years yet it remnains as inspiring and stimulating as the day I first saw it A lifelong study this Find the meaning in your own experience Candy is for the kids