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Download Þ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Á Kenneth J. Sufka Ecome a staple in first year college curricula The A Game will forever change students' liv. In this book the author list some really simple strategies to getting better grades There are stores at the beginning of each chapter and though I didn't read them all I was drawn in by the end Not only does the author list the strategies but he also helps the reader understand why each are important We all know that going to class taking good notes being prepared and studying well are important but a lot of us don't know how to do those things well or we don't do themThis book is a simple uick read and can even be skimmed well in around half an hour I'd recommend it to any college student

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The A Game Free download ↠ 102 ↠ ❮EPUB❯ ✰ The A Game Author Kenneth J. Sufka – The A Game Nine Steps to Better Grades is a must read for all college freshmen It is one of those rare books concise and compelling yet based on science Certain to become a staple in first year colleg The A Game Nine The A Game Nine Steps to Better Grades is a must read for all college freshmen It is one of. I apologize in advance for the long review In my first semester in the university I took a class that reuired me to get this book along with the textbook The professor told us that if we want to ace our classes we should read this book I thought about reading it but I didn't Thankfully I got good grades but it wasn't easy because I'm a procrastinator I pulled off all nighters for every assignment and exam After being a university student for about two years now I know that the classes are getting harder and that I cannot get away with procrastination any Therefore I decided that I should start taking things seriously and read this book for a start There's a line that truly attracted me to the book which is you will find yourself not only with better grades but also with free time My first thought was no way Then I started reading each rule very carefully and I find them straightforward and simple Some of the rules are effortless but play a major role in getting A grades Also the book is not telling you insane things to do It gives you only nine rules that you'll find realistic and simple In addition the book is not plain rules Before each rule the professor shares a story of a student with a certain difficulty and then he presents the rule which solves the issue He also shares success stories of some students which makes the reader know that A grades are attainable if heshe follows the nine basic rules Moreover the professor backs up his book with different studies which helps the reader to become convinced with what he's saying Finally the professor is funny and made me laugh several times His colleague who is mentioned in the book a few times is funny as well Overall the book is small straightforward realistic and a bit funny The line that I uoted earlier is my motivation to become a responsible student In my opinion A students follow these rules without reading this book because logically you have to do these things if you want to get A grades However some students may need some guidance to help them out in their academic life and there is absolutely no shame in asking for help to get on the right track At any rate even if you know these rules it wouldn't hurt you to reinforce them in your mind

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The A GameThose rare books concise and compelling yet based on science The A eBook #180 Certain to b. One of the professors in my program and the professor I'm TAing for this year wrote this book and gave me a free copy since as his TA he wanted me to help any students that might be struggling with the stepsBasically this book follows 9 steps to being successful in college Some of them are heartbreakingly simple one shouldn't NEED to tell college students that they should attend class and yet as a TA I can confirm that a shocking number of them don't and then can't understand why their grades suck to complex ones meant to help students get beyond rote memorization to actual conceptual understanding Dr Sufka's writing is clear and concise and the steps are common sense but important Although part of me feels that a book like this shouldn't be necessary why haven't college students learned these study skills in high school what is wrong with our educational system since the book obviously IS necessary Sufka was a great person to do itNot only that but he backs up his steps with SCIENCE Yes he has done and is continuing to do research on the effectiveness his steps and the book Who could ask for