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kindle Ç The Train to Crystal City Ù 416 pages Download ↠ eyltransferservices Å ❰Reading❯ ➽ The Train to Crystal City Author Jan Jarboe Russell – The dramatic and never before told story of a secret FDR approved American internmMed from incarcerated enemies to American loyalists Their stories of day to day life at the camp from the ten foot high security fence to the armed guards daily roll call and censored mail have never been toldCombining big picture World War II history with a little known event in American history that has long been kept uiet The Train to Crystal City reveals the war time hysteria against the Japanese and Germans in America the secrets of FDR's tactics to rescue high profile POWs in Germany and Japan and how the definition of American citizenship changed under the pressure of w Wow This book should be a must read for students It opened my eyes to the harsh treatment of Japanese German and Italian peoples living in the United States during WWII I had no idea that there had been a family internment facility in Crystal City Texas before reading this book I also had no idea the great number of Germans that were interred in the confinement facilities around the US Having ancestors who immigrated to the US from Germany in the mid 1800's it is frightening to think that my ancestors could have been part of this little known group As others have mentioned the writing style is different in that the author jumps and skips around uite a bit And yes the author repeats herself But those did not take away from my enjoyment of the book and the fact that I learned about a subject I really knew nothing about and I feel compassion for the individuals whose lives were changed forever by actions of our government

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The dramatic and never before told story of a secret FDR approved American internment camp in Texas during World War II; where thousands of families many US citizens were incarceratedFrom 1942 to 1948 trains delivered thousands of civilians from the United States and Latin America to Crystal City Texas a small desert town at the southern tip of Texas The trains carried Japanese German Italian immigrants and their American born children The only family internment camp during World War II Crystal City was the center of a government prisoner exchange program called uiet passage D My Only ambition was to work hard to live an honest life a decent life to be among my family and give my children happiness and security War is war is WarAn American right to freedom and Justice was destroyed by a vast illegal national campaign of targeting hundreds and thousands of politically defenseless immigrants War is war is War Busloads of men woman and children were torn away from their homes they arrived tired and confused with tags around their necks for identificationWar is war is WarJapanese Germans and Italians immigrants and their American born children were held without charges or trials their homes seized with no warningsWar is war is WarTeenagers were pulled out of their schools handcuffs no understanding of where they were being taken War is war is WarThe Only family Internment Camp during the war Crystal City was the center of government prisoner exchange program called uiet passage Government Secrecy American born children were exchanged for 'important'haAmerican diplomats soldiers businessman missionaries behind enemy lines in Japan and GermanyWar is war is Warliving spaces barely tolerablefacilities were starkcots for beds outdoor privies no soap for laundry etc120 degrees during the day so hot that children would scorch their hands if they touched the metal part on their beds Guards every fifty feet with gunsBarbed wired High fences Censors incoming mail comic books etcWar is War is WarA Popeye Statue in Crystal City was made of shiny fiberglass and dedicated to The Children of The World Kinda ironicA Popeye Statue who represents 'strength' in the center of a prison camp with woman and children The heartfelt true story of the families whom Jan Jarboe Russell wrote to tell us is so powerful at times I was weeping Other times I was reading parts to my husband having discussions I was stuck in a car for 12 hours 6 hours each day while my husband was driving us home from visiting our daughter when I read a large bulk of this AMAZING MASSIVE EXCEPTIONAL EMOTIONAL book I'm grateful for things I learned in The Train To Crystal City I liked my personal involvement fully invested with my entire being When a book does this to me I GROW I found myself looking up other information on the internet and still want to read I HIGHLY recommend this book Its a history book a true story which often read like a FICTION BOOK I wish it WERE a fiction book It was said by Ingrid in this story There is no word to describe physical hunger True Hunger is a painful ever present feeling that it is impossible to comprehend Its a gnawing hollow feeling I'm left with two things1 How would I endure extreme ongoing suffering without losing my sense of identity dignity and sense of purpose? Could I do that? and2 This was a uote by Eleanor Roosevelt A democracy which does not serve all people could not survive longTHANK YOU VERY MUCH to Jan Jarboe Russell if Jan is speaking in the Bay Area on this book I sure want to meet her and THANK YOU to NETGALLEY

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The Train to Crystal CityUring the course of the war hundreds of prisoners in Crystal City including their American born children were exchanged for other important American diplomats businessmen soldiers physicians and missionaries behind enemy lines in Japan and GermanyFocusing her story on two American born teenage girls who were interned author Jan Jarboe Russell uncovers the details of their years spent in the camp; the struggles of their fathers; their families subseuent journeys to war devastated Germany and Japan; and their years long attempt to survive and return to the United States transfor Being threatened by war never brings out the best in humankind whoever and wherever they might be Unfortunately for some citizens in North America they felt the brunt of paranoia and the less than thoughtful actions which came as a result of WWII Those of Japanese German and Italian extraction were all under close scrutiny during the war years; suspected subversives were incarcerated at times simply because a duplicitous neighbour bore a grudge or wanted the abandoned property for himself After Pearl Harbour was attacked in 1941 President Roosevelt authorized the War Department's blanket order which reuired the forced removal of all people of Japanese descent from California western Washington and Oregon and southern Arizona J Edgar Hoover of FBI renown began to amass the immense personal power of his career during this time by zealously conducting thousands of searches and interviews of people in numbers far greater than Roosevelt had remotely considered The government had other plans which the general population knew nothing about In hot dry and remote Texas an abandoned farmworkers' camp would be transformed into an internment camp for Japanese and German families For the duration of WWII and beyond Crystal City would be home to thousands of Japanese and German families most of whom had children who were American citizens The Train to Crystal City is a compassionate recount of the experiences of some of those families affected by this practice as well those who tried their best to follow government orders and make the living conditions as decent as their authority would allow It is shocking to consider that these individuals many American by birth were housed as family groups with the intent to use in exchange for American POWs or stranded civilians Those who were unwillingly repatriated suffered twice rejected and imprisoned by a country they loved and then greeted with hostility by the country where they had ethic yet no real connected roots The history in this book is highly detailed and most of it is extremely interesting I got a bit bogged down at times with the extensive personal minutiae of each individual but otherwise these stories were compelling and at times uite heartbreaking I don't know how Japanese people are treated today in Texas; in 1941 Texas adhered to a strict Jim Crowe policy and the Japanese were segregated as coloured I'm still shaking my head over that tidbit of information A strong 4 stars