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Download Ebook È The Portrait ë 75 pages Ñ Eyltransferservices á ❮Epub❯ ➥ The Portrait ➤ Author L.M. Somerton – Can shy submissive Tristan become dominant enough to rid himself of a malevolent ghostly rival and find his happily ever afterTo Tristan’s presence in Garrick’s life As the spectre’s malevolence increases the young lovers must search for clues to the haunting and find a way to exorcise the jealous ghost What they find leads them down a path that challenges the dynamics of their relationship Will their love be strong enough to overcome its supernatural opposition or will there be no happily ever after I love LM Somerton and though 'The Portrait' had a mystical vibe to it I couldn't put it down once I started it I can't wait to get into the next book While I wait on Stroke Rate of course ;

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N as an unwilling model shamelessly manipulating the shy boy’s emotions to draw out his submissive tendenciesDrawn into the enigmatic artist’s world Tristan discovers a side of himself that he didn’t realise existed Although afraid of his own feelings he learns to trust Garrick and falls deeply in loveBut Garrick has a secret that could tear them apart A ghostly rival objects “What do I have to do to convince you that I love you The real you”This novella completely absorbed me the chemistry between Tristan and Garrick is heavily charged both inside the bedroom and out and the added paranormal element kept me entertained throughout I found it easier to get to know Tristan who wears his heart on his sleeve as he struggles with his own desire to submit to his employer’s son as opposed to Garrick who seemed to be harder for me to get a handle on There’s something compelling about him as he struggled to balance what has always been expected of his persona as an artist with his desire to truly be seen by Tristan These two men seem to instinctively balance each other with Tristan’s uiet submissiveness complementing Garrick’s bold demands and possessiveness I loved seeing Tristan’s confidence flourish as they settled into their relationship he has a feisty streak guaranteed to keep things interesting for this couple Garrick seems so strong that seeing him made vulnerable to an increasingly malevolent threat made me suirm but seeing Tristan’s willingness to sacrifice himself to protect Garrick than soothed my anxiety as we find out if love really can conuer all for this sexy duoPlease note that I voluntarily reviewed a reader’s copy of this book

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The PortraitCan shy submissive Tristan become dominant enough to rid himself of a malevolent ghostly rival and find his happily ever afterWhen Tristan Lindsay takes a job cataloguing the library at Faversham Park home of rock star Marcus Balen he also accepts a role as companion to Balen’s artist son GarrickGarrick is beautiful and talented He’s also demanding and infuriating He uses Trista 35 stars from me for this one not as good as 'Stroke Rate' but still an interesting storyFirst of all I have to point out the cover is complete crap Cover Art by 'Posh Gosh' hah Why do authors let their publishers get away with it Even Amy Lane's books are not immuneSpooky ghost mm story of Garrick and Tristan set in Somerset The ghost of Gabriel Blackwood haunts Faversham Park Garrick Balen artist and son of ageing rock star Marcus Balen lives and works in the house and Tristan Lindsay is employed by his father to catalogue the library and be a companion to Garrick as Marcus and his wife Arianne are going to California for 6 months yep Led Zeppelin chords in the background thereWe learn that Garrick was the victim of a gay bashing but nothing is mentioned of it which I found rather strange and that is why he is staying in Somerset We discover that Garrick is a Dom and wants Tristan for his bed well what a surprise colour me shocked and to be his muse Tristan is rather keen on that idea well the bed anyway not so much the muse So yet again dear readers we have a mild case of 'insta love' amazing isn't it Gabriel Blackwood starts to make his ghostly presence known and freuently and the two guys have to discover what it is that makes Blackwood haunt the house and hurt them This they do but I'm not going to reveal the secret here or what happens afterwards you'll have to read the bookThe book ends with Garrick's successful exhibition of paintings featuring Tristan in all his glory the knowledge that Faversham Park now belongs to Garrick because his parents are staying in the USA and the fact that Tristan will be living with Garrick at Faversham Ah bless