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A compelling biography of the legendary king rebel and poisoner who defied the Roman EmpireMachiavelli praised his military genius European royalty sought out his secret elixir against poison His life inspired Mozart's first opera while for centuries poets and playwrights recited bloody romantic tales of his victories defeats intrigues concubines and mysterious death But until now no modern historian has recounted the full story of Mithradates the ruthless king and visionary rebel who challenged the power of Rome in the first century BC In this richly illustrated book―the first biography of Mi This is a well researched book about a fascinating character In many way Mithrodates' story is the stuff of legends but at the same time he was a complex character with many rather unattractive traitsAs is often the case many of the ancient sources about Mithrodates have been lost so the author is forced to rely on the rather fragmentary remaining sources as well as relevant archeological finds Where neither of these suffice the author often veers into historical fiction about what Mithrodates' might have done based on known facts This is not my favorite approach but at least this author makes clear when she is deviating from historical fact into historical fictionOther than the author's penchant for historical fiction noted above my main criticism is that the author is not particularly objective about Mithrodates and portrays him in a very favorable light While Mithrodates was certainly a fascinating character he had many unattractive to me traits a bloodthirsty murderer of tens of thousands of civilians and many family members an obsessive preoccupation with poisons a cruel paranoid mind set and a disastrous military record against his Roman enemies In fact other than for his sheer dogged resistance to Rome it is hard to appreciate many of his heroic ualities praised by the authorNonetheless a well researched book on a fascinating topic definitely worth a read for anyone interested in the era

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The Poison King The Life and Legend of Mithradates Rome's Deadliest EnemyThradates in fifty years―Adrienne Mayor combines a storyteller's gifts with the most recent archaeological and scientific discoveries to tell the tale of Mithradates as it has never been told before The Poison King describes a life brimming with spectacle and excitement Claiming Alexander the Great and Darius of Persia as ancestors Mithradates inherited a wealthy Black Sea kingdom at age fourteen after his mother poisoned his father He fled into exile and returned in triumph to become a ruler of superb intelligence and fierce ambition Hailed as a savior by his followers and feared as a second Mass murderer freedom fighter opportunist comeback kid serial escapee poison mixerThe Romans and their taxmen the publicani’s weren’t well known for a gentile approach in their conuered territories This set the stage for Mithradates rise that eventually reuired the involvement of Rome’s most brilliant generals Sulla and Pompey to contain the drawn out conflictI simply love it when an ancient history expert digs out a not so obvious specific area person in great detail And that is what happened in this book while it lifts the veil of fiction and propaganda around Mithradates’ character While covering Mithradates' boyhood until his dramatic last stand in his 70s the book narrative takes you through the intrigue of Hellenistic kingdoms of Asian Minor the court mechanics and perhaps most of all the splendourObviously the book is based on sparse and incomplete records and there are large parts of Mithradates life that have remained undocumented As such there is a level of subjective interpretation by the author I have no doubt this angers academics But to me it works well the author is not presenting her narrative as fact And it is very refreshing to magnify this late Roman Republican period from the Asian Minor point of view rather than the umpteenth book modern scholar based on interpretations of Livy and CiceroSo I really enjoyed this fascinating account of the period and conflict The narrative is simply engaging and it reads very wellI would however point to the limited amount of illustrations The is a relatively large amount of illustrations even scattered through the book The coloured centrefold photos and geographic maps are a helpful visual aid but it remains pretty limited in my view Books like these would massively benefit from timeline graphs dress examples schematics of cities buildings and art just to bring the imagination to life even Pictures and graphs often say than a 1000 words Yet this appears to remain a taboo in academic circles even in this digital age where digital books defy costly and complex printing restrictions

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The Poison King Epub ì Rome's Deadliest Enemy ô Eyltransferservices µ ❴Read❵ ➲ The Poison King: The Life and Legend of Mithradates, Rome's Deadliest Enemy Author Join or create book clubs – A compelling biography of the legendary king rebel and poisoHannibal by his enemies he envisioned a grand Eastern empire to rival Rome After massacring eighty thousand Roman citizens in 88 BC he seized Greece and modern day Turkey Fighting some of the most spectacular battles in ancient history he dragged Rome into a long round of wars and threatened to invade Italy itself His uncanny ability to elude capture and surge back after devastating losses unnerved the Romans while his mastery of poisons allowed him to foil assassination attempts and eliminate rivals The Poison King is a gripping account of one of Rome's most relentless but least understood foes This is a marvellous bookNot only is it excellently researched history but uses deep and sensitive imagination in the very best sense of the wordto convey the character of Mithridates and those around himOf course the word 'imagination' scares people but if history is to be understood and not to be just a few scraps pieced together from records and artefactsthen 'Imagination' in the way used here is an essential toolI mean Niall Fergusson would understand that statementSo the book presents a full character of flesh blood and feeling ;certaily not the kind of person you would want to meet coming down the road but a hero and man of charisma daring hate and loveNot only that the book is superbly written and very excitingWhat a shame Shakespeare didn't make a play about himmany others didOne would like to imagine what sort of person Mithridates would be if he were born into our timesA sort of Thodore Roosvelt maybe?Or maybe his revolutionary ideas would rebel against the worlds of academic orthodoxies and scientific materialism the inheritance of the Roman mind and become the discoverer of something like a spiritual form of medecine?So you see the book also succeeds by being a great stimulus which is the very best one can ask for