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Me could be the difference between success and failureYou need information but you dont want to go to law school read a dry textbook or pay a patent attorney hundreds of dollars an hour to learn what you need to make smart decisions The Patent Game will give you this critical information efficiently and effectively The first half of the book covers the basics of patents often with game related analogies to help you define winning for your company or innovation The second half will help guide you to one of eighteen different patent strategies that might be the ideal approach for your innovation

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The Patent Game Basics & Strategies for Innovators Entrepreneurs and Business LeadersEach strategy has an introduction play by play with diagrams and a practical real world exampleThe author Vance VanDrake is a patent attorney law firm partner and co founder of multiple early stage and venture backed companies He has worked with hundreds of startups and technologists to add over a billion dollars in value to these ventures He created The Patent Game to serve as an easy to understand comprehensive guide to developing a patent strategy that fits your business needs Dont let someone else control the pieces on the board take control of your own destiny and make your vision a realit

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Book ↠ The Patent Game and Business Leaders Download é Vance v vandrake iii ´ [Reading] ➿ The Patent Game: Basics & Strategies for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Business Leaders Author Vance V Vandrake III – Revolutionary ideas are often just that ideRevolutionary ideas are often just that ideas To realize your vision of bringing an innovation to life youll need the knowledge and confidence to protect those ideas from infancy to realization This game has the highest of stakes and you need an unfair advantage to give you the best possible chance to winFrom Shark Tank to Fortune 500 companies patents play an integral role in value creation securing venture capital and acuisition If you are trying to bring something new into this world whether you are an entrepreneur or the CEO of a multi national corporation your ability to play the patent ga