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The French Photographer kindle Þ eBook 9781538764893 Free Ç Natasha Lester » ❰Epub❯ ❧ The French Photographer Author Natasha Lester – An American soldier and an enterprising photographer brave occupied France during World War II to help giveN Dan Hallworth keeps her safe in dangerous places so she can capture the stories that truly matter And most important of all the love of a little orphan named Victorine gives Jess strength to do the impossible But her success will come at a price France 2005 Decades after World War II D'Arcy Hallworth arrives at a beautiful chateau to curate a collection of famous wartime photos by a reclusive artist It's the opportunity of a lifetime but D'Arcy has no idea that this job will uncover decades of secrets that onc Two and a half starsIn Paris 1942 Jessica May’s successful modelling career is high jacked and abruptly stopped by someone she once cared for and trusted Jessica is also an excellent photographer Assigned to the war in Europe as a photojournalist she is thwarted by certain army men who seek to make her life as difficult as possible With her new friend Martha Gellhorn wife of Ernest Hemingway Jessica manages to bend the rules and is taken to the front by paratrooper Dan Hallworth to take pictures and write about the war Jessica also meets Victorine a child the victim of the war In France 2005 Australian D’Arcy Hallworth arrives at a chateau to manage a famous collection of phots Mystery surrounds the photographer There D’Arcy meets Josh and finds there are certain connections between the photographer and her life and that of D’Arcy’s mother VictorineHaving had a number of people whose opinions I value rate this book highly I was keen to read it The author certainly portrays the horrors of war As Jessica discovers it’s not only the losing side that are the perpetrators of horrific crimes especially against women It is obvious a lot of research had gone into the historical aspects of this story This book has some likable and some decidedly nasty characters With strong determined women the historical background and than one romance which occurs it had all the ingredients of what should have a great read So why didn’t I give it five stars or at least four? And why did it take me so long to read it once I started? Not really sure but for whatever reason it never totally engaged me It felt at time like I was never getting any further with my reading of it It felt like a slog And then later in the book it got to a point where as far as I was concerned it denigrated to melodrama Without giving spoilers I simply could not accept some of the reasons or the events that occurred and so my rating plummeted Let me just say here other readers obviously had no problem with these events and didn’t see them the same way I did They just didn’t work for this reader So maybe this is one of those books where you just have to dive in and make up your own mind It could be you will love it This is the second book I have read by this author and I suspect that we are just not a good match despite the stunning covers on both books

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E revealed will change everything she thought she knew about her mother Victorine and alter D'Arcy's life forever Includes a reading group guide An emotional and sweeping tale set against the backdrop of World War IIRich detail compelling characters and an interwoven dual timeline make this an engrossing read for historical fiction fans Chanel Cleeton USA Today bestselling author of Next Year in HavanaA splendid breathtaking novel full of mystery and passiona must read Jeanne Mackin author of The Last Collection writing star on the rise’ we are just so lucky here in Western Australia to call Natasha Lester one of our very own She is truly a megastar in the historical fiction world cementing her place as one of the leading specialists in the field of dual timeline and historical narratives The French Photographer exudes Natasha Lester’s style grace commitment to history and her ability to place the focus on our female trailblazers of yesteryearThe French Photographer takes the reader far and wide to some of the world’s most cosmopolitan destinations From London to Italy France New York and our very own Sydney We follow the inspiring journey of two women who are inexplicably linked by the bonds of war survival sacrifice love and commitment The story begins in Paris in the year 1942 We meet Jessica May a stunning young woman with a modelling contract that takes a nosedive when her images are splashed across a Kotex advertisement This turn of events leads Jessica to the offices of Vogue working as a photojournalist in the war Life on the front is gruelling Jessica faces an uphill battle to perform her job in the face of the men who dominate the field But the friendship of a fellow journalist a paratrooper and a young girl changes Jessica’s life forever Linked to Jessica’s compelling story is that of D’Arcy Hallworth an art curator from Australia who is assigned to a job involving a mysterious photograph collection based at a French chateau in 2005 D’Arcy is determined to learn about the identity of the photographer but it comes at a price striking right at the heart of her own family origins The French Photographer is a story rich in family connections the bonds of love and the strength of the human spiritNatasha Lester has burst back into our reading lives with her latest and I dare say her greatest historical fiction showpiece The French Photographer A beautifully composed dual timeline narrative this highly absorbing narrative follows a former model turned photojournalist Jessica May in the midst of World War II along with an art curator in the year 2005Those who know my reading preferences will be aware that my favourite style of books are dual timeline historical fiction novels So I knew I was going to be in a clear win win situation with The French Photographer However what I did not expect was to be so taken aback by the strength of Natasha Lester’s story and her prose as well as the sheer brevity of this novel I felt a little winded The French Photographer is one of those special one of kind books They don’t come around too often but when they do it is best to hold on tight and not let goSo why am I singing the praises of The French Photographer? The historical footing is second to none Just one glance through the extended Author’s Note contained at the back of the book provides the reader with an excellent insight into the history behind the story It also gives the reader a great deal of insight into the extensive research process undertaken by Lester and the fascinating real life figures this book was based upon What I loved about The French Photographer was the connection to famous figure Lee Miller I also came to look forward to the various well known artists writers and journalists that populated the novel There is just no faulting Natasha Lester’s research in any shape or formWhat I came to appreciate greatly after reading The French Photographer and reflecting on my experience of reading the novel was the importance placed on the role of a war photojournalist and their vital place in the war The experiences of war journalists especially females are rarely shared discussed or acknowledged Lester’s prose gives us an excellent snapshot of the vital work of a war photographer‘In every photograph Jess had held both horror and beauty in her hands – a thing as precious and rare as an asymmetrical butterfly It was her duty to transmit that to the world no matter what it did to

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The French PhotographerAn American soldier and an enterprising photographer brave occupied France during World War II to help give a little girl her dream a family in this gripping novel from the bestselling author of The Paris Seamstress New York CityParis 1942 When American model Jessica May arrives in Europe to cover the war as a photojournalist for Vogue most of the soldiers are determined to make her life as difficult as possible But three friendships change that Journalist Martha Gellhorn encourages Jess to bend the rules Captai Jessica May’s modelling career stalled when she headed for Europe as a photojournalist in 1942 She was only allowed to the hospital camps – women couldn’t go near the front line – and while the male journalists had their own areas to send copy from Jess and her friend Martha Gellhorn had to do the best they could It would be the meeting by Jess of Dan Hallworth paratrooper in charge of many men and well respected by those same men that would change Jess’ ability within those pages of war and the stories and pictures that would make a differenceWhen Jess first met Victorine a sweet little girl who was being cared for at one of the field hospitals she soon grew to love her The daily horrors and cruelty that surrounded them all were eased just slightly as she held Victorine in her arms Other women photojournalists joined Jess and Martha among them Lee Miller – their work essential and what the censors didn’t cut out made it to publication When Australian curator D’Arcy Hallworth arrived at the chateau in France in 2005 to collate the photographs of an unknown photographer she had no idea the shattering changes which were about to overtake her life Her disbelief when she saw a photo of her own mother in among the relics of the past had her doubting everything she’d known of her life D’Arcy couldn’t understand the connection of her mother to this long ago past – and she wasn’t sure if she was brave enough to pursue it either The French Photographer is the latest by Aussie author Natasha Lester and it’s absolutely heartbreakingly brilliant I can’t believe this author can continue to improve her books time and again – but this one in my opinion is her best yet Based on fact the descriptions of the war years the different characters which grew on me – Jennings was a sweetheart; Victorine a delight – and the others who were despicable but so well drawn But the three main characters – Jess Dan and Victorine – were so very special The French Photographer is a wonderful historical fiction novel by an author who is right on top of her game – and I highly recommend itWith thanks to Hachette AU for my copy to read in exchange for an honest review