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The Mysterious Affair at Castaway HouseStephanie Lam's stunning debut Affair at PDF #9734 novel The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House is a gripping read laced with mystery secrets and loveIt's and eighteen year old Rosie Churchill has run away to the beautiful but run down Castaway House in the seaside town of Helmstone But when sh. Note I received this copy of The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House by Stephanie Lam for free through Goodreads First Reads The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my ownI was delighted to receive this copy of The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House through the post as it was one which greatly appealed to me I was shocked to discover on it's arrival that it is an Advanced Reading Copy ARC so I am not allowed to post any uotes from it much as I may wish At a little over 500 pages this paperback book is rather thick but surprisingly lightweight with reasonably sized but not overly large text I especially enjoyed the floppiness of the pages it was a joy not to have to wrestle to open a book The cover is somewhat sedate and rather dignified but striking I adore itThe Mysterious Affair at Castaway House is a story set in two different time periods The scene is set in the seaside town of Helmstone a place with sharp cliffs holidaymakers day trippers a fairground and a hotel among other things Chapter one begins the story in 1965 with the main character of that period Rosie Churchill She is a young woman in her late teens and run away from home and sixth form to rent a bed in the rundown yet still beautiful Castaway House in Helmstone Castaway House though has its secrets Rosie is soon set on discovering who the mysterious 'RC' is; a drawing of a man with the initials 'RC' is found wedged behind some skirting boards a mysterious message is discovered carved and inked into the frame of a window and whispers of trouble years ago come to Rosie's earsIn 1924 a young and somewhat naïve nineteen year old Robert Carver makes his way to Helmstone to stay with his wealthier older and exciting cousin Alec at his beautiful home Castaway House He arrives to find that Alec has married walking straight into the lives of a damaged un loving couple with far reaching secrets Little does Robert know that his summer at Castaway House will change his life and the lives of all he comes in contact withAt 500 pages The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House rather intimidated me upon first glance Once I started reading however I was hooked The story is written in the first person from the viewpoint of either Robert or Rosie depending on which year the chapter was set in I think the span of time covered in both 1924 and 1965 was only a few months; the summer of 1924 and sometime from September in 1965 although there were links between the two The story was brought to life by the author's words The characters were wonderfully flawed and exuisitely human No one was perfect and each had characteristics and traits and got into situations that you could easily understand feel and relate toThis book was very much set in the UK Helmstone sounded to me like the seaside town of Brighton on the south coast of England There were also many mentions of the 1st and 2nd world wars In 1924 and 1965 both would still be very near memory to the population Many would have lost parents bothers cousins uncles or sweethearts in the fighting There would still be reminders especially on the coast shops previously used as lookout posts and maybe a pier destroyed so it couldn't be used to land enemy planesThe story of Castaway House and its inhabitants in both 1924 and 1965 were linked wonderfully with little tendrils of knowledge and hits at answers and even uestions coming throughout the story The way the author intertwined the characters throughout the book and between 1924 and 1965 was magnificently done and I am completely in awe I was kept guessing throughout the majority of the book until the full story was told and the characters truly unveiled I will admit to making a few guesses which ended up evenly split between right and wrongThe mystery of Castaway House and its inhabitants was one which touched many lives I was completely enchanted and thrilled with the story and characters and didn't want to finish reading Unfortunately I had to in order to find out what had really happenedThis book is one I will keep going back to and will loudly praise to all who will listen Why Because it's bldy brilliant

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Ch wealthier cousin Alec Bray But the Brays are a damaged family with damaging secrets And little does Robert know that his world is about to change for everAs Rosie begins to learn about Robert the further she is drawn into the mysterious history of the house and their stories old and new entwi. I do like it when a book lives up to its title so I pleased to report that there are a number of mysteries between the pages of this debut novel by Stephanie LamThis book uses the dual time line style of narrative with alternate chapters narrated by Rosie Churchill in 1965 and Robert Carver in 1924 Rosie is just 18 and has left home before finishing school to share a flat in Castaway House When Rosie is given a picture of Robert because they share the same initials her interest is piued and she determines to find out about him Due to the two are separated by a mere forty years she is able to meet people who were around at the same time and as expected the she finds out the deeper the mystery becomes This is not all though because Rosie has her own secrets as do other members of the householdIn 1924 Robert Carver spends his summer with his cousin Alec Bray and his wife Clara in the summer while convalescing from an illness in the seaside town of Helmstone; no small shared flat for Robert though at this time the house is at its best complete with servants but it soon becomes apparent that Alec and Clara are far from happily married and Robert begins to regret his decision but then he meets the next door neighbours who include the Doctor’s daughter Lizzie and Robert graduates from boy to manThis book is a whopping 500 plus pages but at no time did I feel that any parts of the book needed editing which illustrates the power of Stephanie Lam’s writing The period details aren’t uite as defined as I would have liked but the two time periods were defined enough to avoid any confusion between them but I felt it relied uite heavily on the readers own knowledge to pick up on some of the references The town of Helmstone although fictional felt like a real place and I was clearly able to visualise Castaway House from the description whilst wondering if the deterioration in the house over the forty years was a metaphor for the standards people were supposed to aspire to although the evidence of some of the characters we met weren’t uite aspirational enough Although we have two main protagonists the other characters have also had a lot of attention lavished on them including those on the periphery to the tale which meant that when I closed the last page I was sorry to say goodbyeI am very grateful to Penguin Books UK for giving me a copy of this book in return for this honest review and I can’t wait to see what Stephanie Lam delivers next clearly an author to keep an eye out for

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Free download Ó The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House 108 ´ ❮Read❯ ➳ The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House ➶ Author Stephanie Lam – Stephanie Lam's stunning debut novel The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House is a gripping read laced with mystery secrets and E uncovers a scandal locked away in the walls of the old house she soon comes to realise that neither her own troubled past nor that of the house will stay buried for The Mysterious PDFEPUBlongIn fresh faced Robert Carver comes to Castaway House to spend a languid summer in the company of his mu. A finely constructed highly atmospheric mystery from a truely gifted storyteller I was swept away by The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House It was hugely enjoyable surprising with a bit of romance and all done with a tongue in cheek humour I absolutely adored The book cleverly explores British cultural shifts between the 1920s and the 1960s through the eyes of contrasting yet eually intriguing characters all living in the same fictional seaside town of Helmstone The period details and contrasting literary styles of the 2 eras are staggering you really feel tottaly immersed in the Jazz age of the 1920s and the sexual revolution of the mid 1960s Yet we are allowed to make our own conclusions as to the impact of that rampant social change during those 40 years and how that time has affected our own contemporary culture today The excellent thought provoking social history and the gripping excitement of the writing all combine to make this a thinking womans juicy read I loved it and I would definitely recommend this great book