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Mobi á The Line of Beauty ✓ 438 pages í Alan hollinghurst í ❮EPUB❯ ❄ The Line of Beauty ✿ Author Alan Hollinghurst – In the summer of 1983 twenty year old Nick Guest moves into an attic room in the Notting Hill home of the Feddens conservaS assumptions and ambitions As the boom years of the eighties unfold Nick an innocent in the world of politics and money finds his life altered by the rising fortunes of this glamorous family His two vividly contrasting love affairs one with a young black clerk and one with a Lebanes Sometimes one has to admit that one's preconceptions about a book are entirely wrong Despite having read most of the Booker winners I had been oddly reluctant to tackle this one partly because I had heard about its graphic descriptions of gay sex and that is just not a subject that interests me This book confounded such baseless expectations and the final part in particular is very moving I can't really do justice to the book in a short review for which I apologiseThis story of Nick Guest a young man whose position as a lodger in the house of a Tory MP in Kensington puts him at the periphery of various powerful circles at the height of the Thatcher government in the 80s works on many different levels On the surface it is a study of these elites how they operate and how ruthlessly they ditch those who no longer serve them on another it is a gay coming of age story in which the shadow of AIDS inevitabily looms and a third is as a tribute to Henry James I was struck by a paragraph where Nick is trying to justify his vision of an artistic film of a James book The Spoils of Poynton to a rich but philistine potential backer who has just told him that the story kinda sucks 'Does it?' said Nick; and trying to be charming 'It's just like life though isn't it maybe too like life for a conventional movie It's about someone who loves things than people And who ends up with nothing of course I know it's bleak but then I think it's probably a very bleak book even though it's essentially a comedy Nick could eually be talking about the book in which he is the central character which does contain some brilliant satire but is ultimately rather tragic

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E millionaire dramatize the dangers and rewards of his own private pursuit of beauty a pursuit as compelling to Nick as the desire for power and riches among his friendsRichly textured emotionally charged disarmingly comic this UK bestseller is a major work by one of our finest write This wasn’t my introduction to Hollinghurst’s writing Some years ago I read his ultra boring but brilliantly well written tome “The Stranger’s Child” Because of that first reading experience my expectations were not exceptionally high for this one which we all know can only be a good thing And it was a good thing indeed I finished this book feeling totally smashed by the power and beauty of Hollinghurst’s writing skills I’m not going to go round and round in circles with this review trying to convince you to read this I know I don’t have the words in me to do this book justice I just don’t And perhaps no one does The writing the characters the stunning imagery the eighties sex love money power betrayal loss and hope Yes there’s definitely a line of beauty running through these pages and beauty is not something that can be described it has to be experienced A strong four star read all along boosted up to five stars because of that unforgettable ending Stunning I don’t usually wear a hat but if I did I’d definitely take it off to you Mr Hollinghurst

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The Line of BeautyIn the summer of 1983 twenty year old Nick Guest moves into an attic room in the Notting Hill home of the Feddens conservative Member of Parliament Gerald his wealthy wife Rachel and their two children Toby whom Nick had idolized at Oxford and Catherine highly critical of her family' It makes me angry that I don't know much about US history modern US history British history? Fuggedaboutit I wish I knew about the Thatcher administration since the novel is coupled with those years as efficiently as THE HUMAN STAIN goes hand in hand with the Lewinski scandal One must know how much pathos is ingrained in these particular events from not too long agosince it adds the reuisite magic to elevate them these modern classicsIt's about gay sex drugs the 1980's financial power The politics do take second stage with grace What's not to love? Insanely sexy and exuisitely old fashioned it has the clout of Henry James too it's somewhat difficult to read but that's why it's all the exuisite THE LINE OF BEAUTY has all the best of what American Bret Easton Ellis has to offer in the world of risue lit plus a distinguished intelligent language of its own a master's effortlessness with prose form I must say that politics aside the story is BRIDESHEAD REVISITED 20 What was never shown in that particular work of British manners bourgeois life is found nestled here Thank god for the Modern Age