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Territory eBook Ï Hardcover Read Ü [PDF / Epub] ✅ Territory By Emma Bull – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Wyatt Earp Doc Holliday Ike Clanton You think you know the story You don't Tombstone Arizona in 1881 is the site of one of the richest mineral strikes in American history where veins of silver run l Wyatt Earp Doc Holliday Ike Clanto's made some decidedly odd friends like the physician Chow Lung who insists that Jesse has a talent for magic In Tombstone Jesse meets the tubercular Doc Holliday whose inner magic is as suppressed as his own but whose power is enough to attract the sorcerous attention of Wyatt Earp Mildred Benjamin is a young widow making her living as a newspaper typesetter and unbeknownst to the other ladies of Tombstone selling tales of Western derring do to the magazines back East Like Jesse Mildred has episodes of seeing things that can't possibly be there When a failed stage holdup result 2 12Awhile back I had mentioned in a group that I liked things like alt history with magic and this book offers a nice combination of secret history with weird west I've always uite liked the idea of the wild west though I haven't read much about it and this book was recommended to meWhat I'll say is that while it was ok I could've lived without having read it and still been happyLet's see so it's about Tombstone in 1881 and everyone knows some variation of the story Admittedly most of my knowledge comes from the movie Tombstone and Wikipedia articles This book puts a different spin on things which is interesting but the writing never lives up to the potentialFor one thing while all the known names are mentioned and involved in some way or another the main protagonists are fictional additions and sort of tropes at that Now I love the mysterious stranger and the plucky heroine I do but I had a hard time really getting into these twoA third point of view comes from my favorite 'character' of the story Doc Holliday and his parts add an interesting tidbitI think the biggest thing is that while reading the story I felt that characters like Wyatt Earp where so almost cursory that there wasn't really any reason why it had to be him I never felt like the time the people the place the history was really vital to the story it was just backdropI also didn't really feel ever caught up in the romance of the wild west Granted much of the romance is well romantic unrealistic notions of the way that it was But if the history isn't going to be vital then I at least want the romance of it but both were lackingAs for the story itself it started a bit slow but picked up pretty uickly But then there were some weird interludes which slowed everything down again and then it picked up again but then it sort of went off the rails The writing was sort of all over the place People would do and say things that didn't make much sense in the context of the moment More than once I would turn a page read something and go back to see if I'd missed something or pages were stuck together I don't know I just kept feeling like I ought to like it than I did but it just felt thinI read that at one point there was a planned seuel but that was back n 2007 and there's been no development that I've heard of since then It would make sense if this were the first book of a set that would certainly help explain why it sort of dangled there at the end Perhaps this story could blossom into something but as a stand alone it's nothing past ok

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Wyatt Earp Doc Holliday Ike Clanton You think you know the story You don't Tombstone Arizona in 1881 is the site of one of the richest mineral strikes in American history where veins of silver run like ley lines under the earth a network of power that belongs to anyone who knows how to claim and defend itAbove the ground power is also about allegiances A magician can drain his friends' strength to strengthen himself and can place them between him and danger The one with the most friends stands to win the territoryJesse Fox left his Eastern college education to travel West where he I am a big fan of Emma Bull's books which have various settings One thing they all share is the magical prose Bull is a pretty good stylist and she writes well This book is an unconventional take on the events prior to the Gunfight at the OK Corral The story opens with a stage coach robbery in which 2 men are killed The robbers are 4 men one of whom is secretly Morgan Earp Wyatt Earp's brother Wyatt Earp who is a lynchpin of the story turns out to be a black sorcerer who is using any means that he can to hunt down the men who can identify his brother as one of the robbers in order to protect his brother but also to maintain his power in the town Another main character is Jesse Fox a man with magical skills who comes to Tombstone to meet a Chinese Mystic who is a friend and wants Fox to use his magic A third major character is Mildred Benjamin a widow and newspaper writer who Fox is attracted to Bull uses all of these characters and many historical figures to spin a light airy story about murder and the protection of ones family Doc Holiday is there and John Ringo Ike Clanton Bull brings in many characters as she fills her stage with great imagination prior to the ultimate confrontation between Fox and Earp Its a period piece Its a detective story Its a fantasy Its a western Its the story of a man Fox who learns how to use his magic for good and a woman Benjamin who ventures out of her widow pastIts very good

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TerritoryS in two dead Tombstone explodes with speculation about who attempted the robbery The truth could destroy Earp's plans for wealth and glory and he'll do anything to bury it Meanwhile outlaw leader John Ringo wants the same turf as Earp Each courts Jesse as an ally and tries to isolate him by endangering his friends as they struggle for magical dominance of the territoryEvents are building toward the shootout of which you may have heard But you haven't heard the whole secret story until you've read Emma Bull's uniue take on an American legend in which absolutely nothing is as it seem Territory is a slice of life western set in the small town of Tombstone Arizona It follows three characters Jesse Fox the mysterious newcomer Mildred Benjamin a newspaper typesetter widow and aspiring writer and Doc Holliday the town dentist suffering from tuberculosis The main plot is supposed to be about the mystery surrounding a failed robbery but there's a good deal ofbasically everything else instead Far daily life than gunslingingWhich would suit me just fine but unfortunately it all ends up as a bitbland There could be multiple reasons For one within the first few chapters the author seemingly drops the name of every single inhabitant of the town on the hapless reader It's all done fairly naturally in conversation between townspeople but that's far too many names in far too few pages My head was reeling Characters as well as plot threads are also picked up and dropped without ceremony and combined with a plot that's aimless and never really goes or arrives anywhere the overall impression is rather underwhelming It should have been interesting and I liked the romance subplot but otherwise it's the definition of just okay Pick it up if you're in desperate need of a calmer western Otherwise don't botherEnjoyment 35Execution 35Recommended to fans of westerns and slice of lifeNot recommended to people with a bad memory for names those who expectany sort of excitement More reviews on my blog To Other Worlds