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Download Tales from the Couch: A Clinical Psychologist's True Stories of Psychopathology · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Tales from the Couch: A Clinical Psychologist's True Stories of Psychopathology By Join or create book clubs – EyltransferserRe and symptoms are described and explained then brought to life by case examples taken from the author's practice Dr Wendorf presents the cases as a series of narratives some dramatic some humorous most uite poignant Along the way the author offers his own reactions to the people and events described here and application to the general human condition as well. I found this an excellent read As a british person centred counsellor myself as opposed to Dr Bob being an American Clinical Psychologist i didn't expect to recognise so many incidents from similar ones I have experienced with my own clients I found some of Dr Bob's observations absolutely hilarious Showing that even therapists are only human He writes in a very down to earth manner no psychobabble I would say the second half of the book is less amusing and in depth as the subject matter became serious but in no ways less interestingI have come away from this book with a clear understanding of certain psychiatric illnesses for which I have struggled in the past to get my head around I would definitely recommend this book to fellow therapists or trainees

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Rom the Couch A Clinical MOBI #190 aims to both educate and fascinate the listener Clinical syndromes are described and dramatized by real life case examples altered only as necessary to protect patient confidentiality Each of the chapters focuses on a particular psychiatric diagnosis including multiple personality disorder Asperger's and ADDThe clinical pictu. I am an old student of Dr Wendorf and waited nearly ten years to see this book hit the shelves In that time I went from student to professional The knowledge from his classes helped to prepare me for the real world in treating clients You have to be creative and think outside the box in treatment A manual does not properly prepare you for most real world client issues This book is a collection of many of his lessons told through examples of real people he treated during his career Each section focuses on a different mental illness and how Dr Bob treated that client The chapters are thought provoking hilarious and even tear jerking as you take a ride through a man's career and the lessons he learned This is not a text book with boring non human descriptions The clients are real and their personas are perfectly described and molded in the book You really get the feel of the personalities of each client as you read about them A connection is made to that person and I often found myself smiling as I read about their journey through treatment as their lives changed before my eyes I actually kept my notes from those classes years ago and used them as a guide to creative treatment This book serves that same purpose If you want a road map to treatment and a humanistic grasp on mental illness how it effects real people and how to treat them then read this book

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Tales from the Couch A Clinical Psychologist's True Stories of PsychopathologyTales from the Couch is collection of actual the Couch ePUB #8608 case studies and a primer on psychopathology as well Tales from Epubas a captivating reflection on the human condition Drawn from Dr Bob Wendorf's year career as a from the Couch Epub #220 clinical psychologist the book examines the lives of some of his most troubled patients in a project that f. It's very disillusioning and actually shocking to see how much contempt this man has for his patients He even admits to mocking them as a family sport I found this so upsetting that I stopped reading 23 of the way through