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Pdf ✓ The Light Between Oceans à M.L. Stedman Na břeh vyplaví člun s mrtvým mužem a miminkem na palubě Tom je nucen volit mezi láskou a povinností a rozhodnutí které učiní bude mít nedozírné následky nejen pro ně dva M L Stedmanová se narodila a vyrostla v Západní Austrálii a nyní žije v Londýně Její první kniha historický román o strážci majáku a jeho rodin i found this story to be rather simple but theres a certain kind of attractiveness present in its simplicity the uncomplicated nature of the storytelling really allowed me to not only imagine but connect with the loneliness of being the sole lighthouse keeper on an isolated island the unforgiving beauty of the sea and the uaintness of a sleepy seaside australian town its definitely the writing and the atmosphere it creates that propels this story oh and tom tom deserves every good thing in this world and i know i would hop on the first boat out to his little island to play lighthouse keeper with him loli will say i wasnt really a fan of the plot in the second half of the book only because it made me resent isabel which in turn made me feel bad for tom but im not a parent so maybe i just couldnt empathise with her in that particular situation regardless the strong evocative ability of the storytelling definitely makes reading this book worthwhile ↠ 4 stars

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The Light Between Oceans Mobi Ò 368 pages ↠ ❴PDF❵ ❤ The Light Between Oceans Author M.L. Stedman – Světlo mezi oceány je uhrančivý příběh o lidské touze po štěstí a rozporech které s sebou přináší ale také o lásce a lidskosti jež hlavním hrdinům dodávají sílu p Světlo mezi oceány je uhrančivý příběh o lidské touze po štěstí a rozporech které s sebou přináší ale také o lásce a lidskosti jež hlavním hrdinům dodávají sílu překonat i ty nejtěžší životní zkoušky Válečný hrdina Tom Sherbourne po běsnění jímž prošel na západní frontě touží především po místě The Light Between Oceans is an incredibly moving novel about what happens when good people make bad decisions The story takes place in the town of Point Partageuse Australia during the 1920s The story begins when a light house keeper and his wife find a life boat containing a live baby and dead man on the shore of their isolated island Through a mixture of misplaced intentions and unsupported superstition they decide to raise the child as their own deciding not to inform the authorities of the child's existence Although the book was a uick read I never once felt that it was forced or lacking in anyway The plot is compact never wavering from its central theme I enjoy this kind of focused writing Irrelevant or distracting side plots would have pulled me away from Tom and Isabel's narrative and weakened my investment in their turmoilThe story is highly emotional Stedman crafts a perfectly gray scenario that forces its readers to uestion their own moral standing This truly is reader manipulation at its most powerful Allowing the reader to sympathize with morally ambiguous characters is a difficult task however Stedman presents her narrative in such a way that the reader can't help feeling the same inner conflict as Tom and IsabelConsidering this is Stedman's first published novel I am incredibly excited to see what she produces next This was a masterpiece in storytelling

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The Light Between OceansKde by znovu našel vnitřní klid The Light PDFEPUB or Stane se strážcem majáku na Janusově ostrově u západního pobřeží Austrálie Po čase najde i milující ženu jež je ochotná snášet s ním drsné podmínky které s sebou život na majáku přináší Ke štěstí jim chybí jen požehnání v podobě dítěte Až jednou moře Please visit wwwreadrantrockandrollcom to see this review and others The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman is a heart wrenching story about a relationship between two people and the risks they're willing to take for each other I'm going to say that for me the story was heart wrenching You can feel the love that Tom and Isabel have for each other Tom who would do anything for Isabel is a special character I fell in love with from the start Is what they do right or wrong The story is sure to test your moral judgement “I promised to spend my life with you I still want to spend my life with you Izz I've learned the hard way that to have any kind of a future you've got to give up hope of ever changing your past” I did find certain parts a little boring but the last half of the book I couldn't stop until the end However I do wish it would've ended differently The conclusion I was looking for wasn't the one I received but that's the way the author wrote it and it's still good It's worth reading and I'd recommend it to anyone I'm really looking forward to reading by this author and hope she writes in the future4