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Onflight In times past druids have entered the Dream to monitor the ebb and flow of life on Azeroth in their never ending uest to maintain the delicate balance of natureHowever not all dreams are pleasant ones Recently the Emerald Nightmare an area of corruption within the Emerald Dream began growing in size transforming the Dream into a realm of unimaginable horror Green dragons have been unexpectedly caught up in the Nightmare emerging from it with shattered minds and twisted Loved it I have always been a fan of the author although so many readers seem to look down on him for what characters he has chosen from the Warcraft universe to write a history for something I have never understood as an author has to pick characaters they can't not have characters nor can they choose allAnyway I have read his previous Warcraft books and especially loved this one for being up to date and set in the WoW universe that players are currently actually experiencing in game So it's set after the fall of Arthas and relates to that in some ways What I am interested in seeing is whether the events of this will be a part of the pre Cataclysm events in game as Blizzard have mentioned there will be several different ones Not to mention this would explain how Malfurion Stormrage was rescued from the Emerald Dream and is back in the game in CataclysmOne of the things I especially love about this author and this book is that he captures the beauty power and intensity of the actual spells used by druids and priests and transforms them into words I especially thought the end was well written beautiful and a long time coming You'll have to read the book to understand what I mean by that ;

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Stormrage World of Warcraft #7Bodies Druids who have entered the darkening Dream lately have found it difficult sometimes even impossible to escapeNor are these the Nightmare's only victims and people are being affected Even Malfurion Stormrage first and foremost of the druids on Azeroth may have fallen victim to this growing threat As uncontrollable nightmares spread across the world a desperate uest begins to find and free the archdruidSoon nature's enemies will learn the true meaning of the name STORMRAGE This is not a preuel to the next Expansion in the World of Warcraft but is a story that bring Malfurion Stormrage back into the current story line What I love the most about these books is the abilities that are not currently in the game and just thinking about how cool they would be if Blizzard added them The story is great and conseuences seem very real Malfurion especially has many things he has to work through in his mind and heart as he makes the effort to overcome his foe Fun read and I imagine I would love the book if my main was a Druid

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Stormrage World of Warcraft #7 reader ó doc 9781416550877 ã [EPUB] ✼ Stormrage World of Warcraft #7 ✿ Richard A. Knaak – When the world of Azeroth was young the god like titans brought order to it by reshaping its lands and seas Throughout their great work they followed a magnWhen the world of Azeroth was young the god like titans brought order to it by reshaping its lands and seas Throughout their great work they followed a magnificent design for what they envisioned Azeroth would become Although the titans departed Azeroth long ago that design endures to this day It is known as the Emerald Dream a lush and savagely primal version of the WORLD OF WARCRAFT Many are the mysteries surrounding the Emerald Dream and its reclusive guardians the green drag This was my least favorite book set in the World of Warcraft universe even worse than Arthas by Christie Golden The reasons are many these are the three I had the most issues with The characters are boring and uninspiring The story doesn't radiate WoW as other books do The suspense goes up and down One minute everything is lost then everything is won Over and overIt's sad because I really enjoyed the Well of Eternity trilogy by Knaak and I was looking forward to the return of Malfurion All in all a bland story which I've already started to forget about