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reader Î Stalingrad The Fateful Siege 1942–1943 Paperback Ì antony beevor Ì [EPUB] ✻ Stalingrad The Fateful Siege 1942–1943 By Antony Beevor – The Battle of Stalingrad was not only the psychological turning point of World War II it also changed the facY reached the city that bore Stalin's name In the five month siege that followed the Russians fought to hold Stalingrad at any cost then in an astonishing reversal encircled and trapped their Nazi enemy This battle for the The Fateful Siege Epub #181 ruins of a city cost than a million lives Stalingrad conveys the experience of soldiers on both sides fighting in So I'm watching a movie in German about the siege of Stalingrad last night while I'm knitting and my first thought was 'but I won't have a clue what is going on' and my second is 'fair enoughwhy should I have an unfair advantage over the poor fuckers who were there in the thick of it' Just because I'm watching the movie it shouldn't give me an edgeAfterwards explaining this to my mother she asked so did you get it And I'm like 'nope but neither did they' Bunches of people being confused in the snow and doing horrible things to each otherThis I greatly regret I have a friend Josek who was in that siege as one of many idealistic Polish volunteers who made the incredible trip there survived despite getting TB and was given a loaf of bread to set him on his way back to Poland if you ask me it's than a one loaf walk but anyway His story is as amazing as you'd expect and a few years ago I decided to start interviewing him properly in order to tell it And then in that way life is fucking unfair to people who deserve better he fell over and diedJosek was tiny so small and frail that a strong breeze was his natural enemy He died falling over on a trip to the bathroom that doesn't surprise me but to have survived some of the worst of all the history of the world first and then die that way is ridiculous Still He would have shrugged if he could He would have said that's life

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Fateful Siege ePUB #8608 The Battle of Stalingrad was not only the psychological turning point of World War II it also changed the face of modern warfare Historians and reviewers worldwide have hailed Antony Beevor's magisterial Stalingrad as the definitive account of World War II's most harrowing battle Stalingrad The ePUB #241 In August Hitler's huge Sixth Arm List of IllustrationsList of MapsPreface to the New EditionPreface Stalingrad Appendix A German and Soviet Orders of Battle 19 November 1942Appendix B The Statistical Debate Sixth Army Strength in the KesselReferencesSource NotesSelect BibliographyIndex

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Stalingrad The Fateful Siege 1942–1943Inhuman conditions and of civilians trapped on an urban battlefield Antony Beevor has interviewed survivors and discovered completely new material in a wide range of German and Soviet archives including prisoner interrogations and reports of desertions and executions As a story of cruelty courage and human suffering Stalingrad is unprecedented and unforgettable Stunning account of perseverance deprivation and stupidity surrounding one of the most pivotal battles of WW II In the summer of 1942 German axis forces descended on the small city of Stalingrad Russia pollution 400000 The city was of no real significance other than it carried Joesph Stalin's name Germany thought it would be an easy win for their propaganda machine It proved otherwise Over the next 9 months the Axis threw roughly 1 MM well armed expertly trained soldiers supported by the famed Luftwaffe at the city Russia countered with over 1 MM poorly trained poorly armed mostly forcibly drafted farm boys as cannon fodder Toward the end many Russian soldiers were not even issued weapons They were told to pair up and pick up the weapon of a comrade when the comrade was killed The Luftwaffe mercilessly bombed and cannons shelled city for months The sSoldiers prowled the streets engaging close uarters fighting and sniping They turned the city to rubble Both armies were decimated An estimated 850000 Axis soldiers were killed or wounded Over 1 MM Russians were killed or wounded Germany lost and retreated in its first major defeat of WW II Beevor's account is highly readable well researched and astounding It is considered one of the seminal works on the battle and deservedly soAs a companion piece I recommend the movie Enemy at the Gates starring Jude Law and Ed Harris Law plays Vassili Zaitsev who became a Hero of Russia for killing 225 Axis soldiers including 11 opposing snipers during the battle Harris plays a fictional German sniper While they are pitted against each other in a fanciful cat and mouse Hollywood contest the visuals the devastation of the city and deprivation of citizens unable to escape bring Beevor's account to lifeOne of my favorite historical reads Highly recommended