SUMMARY À Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice

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SUMMARY À Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice ¼ ❮Read❯ ➱ Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice ➵ Author Bill Fletcher Jr. – ThThe US trade union movement The Crisis PDFEPUB #231 finds itself today on a global battlefield filled with landmines and littered with the bodies of various social movements and struggles Candid incisive and accessible Solidarity Divided is a critical examination of labor s current crisis and a plan for a bold new way forward into the twenty first century Solidari. When Fletcher and Gapasin wrote Solidarity Divided the worldwide financial panic was just on the horizon but not yet visible to working people With the panic and the now increasing unemployment homelessness cutbacks in hours home foreclosures dwindling savings and bankruptcies is this book outdated No Exactly the opposite We need than ever to debate the ideas in this truth telling book about the labor movement because we need than ever a reinvigorated worker s movement that can challenge the injustices of our political and economic system here and around the world A few honest economists are telling us that until millions of working people have economic security and actual not borrowed money in their pockets in their words until economic demand increases recovery is impossible If we want a recovery we need to work for justice Despite what the new President has been told and the corporate media echo it is going to take than confidence to start a robust recovery Confidence as in confidence game is what got us to where we areFletcher and Gapasin have between them several lifetimes of experience in the labor movement They wrote Solidarity Divided after the split in 2005 when the Change to Win federation formed after several unions walked away from the AFL CIO This split came after the AFL CIO elected John Sweeney and other reformers to leadership in 1995 At that time their election was greeted with great hope However organized labor has continued to decline in numbers and political relevance There have been a few bright spots like our King County Labor Council s role in the WTO in 1999 but too many of the stories in the book are of missed opportunities The problem is bigger than failed leadership and loss of union membership The structure and the culture of the unions is the problem While financial capital is driving a reorganization of the world economy the labor movement has been slow to react Taking the initiative which is needed for real change has been out of the uestion Fletcher and Gapasin have many ideas about how to trigger the change workers need and they are asking for the help of union leaders union members and others on the left The financial panic and the deepening economic crisis should give their proposals traction

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Ty Divided ePUB #182 Bill Fletcher and Fernando Gapasin two longtime union insiders whose experiences as activists of color grant them a uniue vantage on the problems now facing US labor offer a remarkable mix of vivid history and probing analysis They chart changes in US manufacturing examine the onslaught of globalization consider the influence of the environmen. What is the purpose of a union How should unions respond to the oppression of Blacks women immigrants and gays How should unions relate to the rest of the working class the employer and the State Should existing unions be reformed or is fundamental change reuired Solidarity Divided insists that we need new answers to these uestions if we hope to reverse the crisis facing organized labor indeed the crisis facing the entire US working class This crisis is marked by declining unionization inter union conflict falling living standards rising unemployment growing poverty and deepening oppressionSolidarity Divided calls for a return to the class struggle politics that originally built the unions This call could not be timely as today s unions lack the political clarity reuired to advance their own limited demands let alone to champion the rights of workers and the oppressed The uestions raised by the authors deserve serious consideration widespread discussion and further developmentThis book is essential readingTo read my detailed response to this book see


Solidarity Divided The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social JusticeT on labor Divided The Crisis PDFEPUB #188 and provide the first broad analysis of the fallout from the and elections on the US labor movement Ultimately calling for a wide ranging reexamination of the ideological and structural underpinnings of today s labor movement this is essential reading for understanding how the battle for social justice can be fought and w. Great book It outlines a clear and reachable path for saving the labor movement